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Posted: February 20th, 2013
Prepping for Pittsburgh, er Cleveland

We received an application for the Prep For Pittsburgh half marathon in the last ERC newsletter. The race is held at Goddard State Park in Sandy Lake, a place Dan drives by regularly when he goes to his company’s office in Greenville.

“We should do this,” he said. “Would be nice to do something different and that lake is nice.”

He’s training for Cleveland which is just a couple weeks before Pittsburgh (um…I should note here for any newbies that when runners talk about cities…as in “training for Cleveland” the word marathon is implied, but omitted).

After checking the date to be sure we didn’t have any conflicts and it wasn’t Trout season (laugh, but I check these things now because I have paid for MANY races Dan doesn’t do thanks to hunting seasons), I sent in the application and posted on Facebook that we were going in case any of our Erie peeps wanted to join in the fun.

The first response came in minutes and it wasn’t good (in my book):


So, hills here we come.  At least it will make Cleveland look easy, eh?

Anyone else ever done this race? Thoughts….opinions….advice…anything we should know?


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