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Posted: March 27th, 2013
A girl with a plan

training plan

So here it is…the piece of paper that will be the boss of me until the PA Grand Canyon Marathon on July 28.

You may notice there are only three runs a week on that calendar, not the usual piles-and-piles of miles most marathon training plans recommend.

I can’t handle a high-mileage marathon training plan because:

1.) I’m old and my body is breaking down,

2.) I don’t have time for that shit,

3.) I know from experience that I end up resenting running because it’s something I “have” to do.

So my friend, Rachel, who talked me into doing the marathon, is quite fast (she’s running Boston in a couple weeks) told me that she never runs more than three days a week.  “The only problem with a three-a-day plan is defending yourself to all your marathon running friends who think you’re not running enough,” she said.

I’m married to a high-mileage marathoner who believes that running lots and lots of long runs makes him a better marathoner.

I think it just wears a body out. Been there, done that.  Not going there again. So when I found this Less-Is-More article and training plan, I knew it was the right one for me.

It means I’ll have to do actual speed work, something I’ve never really done or cared to do or wanted to do, but I work at a college with a brand-spanking new track and I intend to make use of it in….OMG…. this plan starts in  just 13 days.





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