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Posted: March 29th, 2013
Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

What’s the best or most memorable spectator sign you have seen at a race?

* “My mother’s faster than your dad.” — Mike Vieyra

* “At the Richmond Marathon, little kid was holding a sign that said ‘This is the worst parade ever!’” — Tom Grant

* “Run like you stole something,” — Amy Cronk

* “‘Hurry Up Mom! Daddy didn’t give up breakfast and we’re hungry!’ Full disclosure- this one was designed and held by my own children.” :) — Rhonda Berlin

* “‘Run like you stole something’ …that one gave me a chuckle” — Amy Davis

* “‘It could be worse, you could be giving birth!’ When I saw that I was like yeah that probably hurts worse ill keep going.” — Jessie Zahner

* “The sign read: ‘Tracy! Don’t poop!’” — Tracy Jenks

* “At the Forget the PR25K, going up this gigantic hill, there was a sign half way up that said ‘Big ass hill, don’t hate the race director.’ Finally got to the top & there’s another gigantic hill with another sign saying, “Oops another big ass hill.” — Linda Young

* “It’s OK! You aren’t last!” — Lisa Shade

* “Way to go James Monroe!” — Eloise Hawking

* “The WORST race sign in a marathon is ‘Almost there.”” — Dan Cass

Here are a couple of my favorites from last year’s Cleveland marathon.

This guy below made me laugh out loud at the 12th mile:


And, this sign is awesome because of the girl holding it:


AND….some fun ones I found on the Internets at this whole blog dedicated to race signs:





sign8 sign9 grumpycat


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