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Posted: April 5th, 2013
Question of the week: In lieu of T-shirts….

Question: We’ve all got 1,000 t-shirts right? So….which article of clothing or running gear/item would you most like to receive for participating in a race?

* Water bottles. I go through a ton of them.  — Ginny Sackett

* Under Armour gear…especially socks! — Gina Klofft

* Perhaps I am in the minority here, but I love me a plain old cotton t-shirt. Nothing fancy, just soft without a terribly obnoxious picture on it. I’ll wear it til it falls apart. — Rhonda Berlin

* A couple different things I’ve received have been arm warmers and buffs (like you see on Survivor). I use the buffs a lot. — Karen Manganaro

* Well, fewer technical t-shirts, that’s for sure. I really liked the socks given out at the Erie Marathon this past fall – they are among my favorites. — Al Warner

* Those socks we get at the Erie Marathon are really nice! — Tom Toale

* I have two favorites. A thermal cup from the Snowflake race. Used that cup a ton for a few years before it wore out. Also a flat stone from The Race Between The Sun Ultra. It was handpainted then custom painted with your mileage of the day.
I’ll never win any awards so premiums are my race memorable.  —Christine Vassen

* I would be nice to get race/event “singlets” instead of t-shirts at a few of the warmer weather races. — Leo Fohl

* How about a choice… like a hat or maybe those running sleeves for your arms.   The socks are nice, too, though now I have as many socks as I do t-shirts. — Kim

* Turkey trot hoodies are the best. — Chuck Orton

* I love the shirts but I have gotten socks and shorts at a race. That was cool. — Jameel Gavin

* Got some great socks at a race here in Pgh once too – and shorts!  But the socks were better!  :-)   I like the travel mug idea too! — Mary Herbert

* Mylar Jackets. — Dale Werner

* My wife and I did a race in Pittsburgh called the skirt chaser. The woman started before the men…and they all got running skirts. I thought that was a neat idea.  — Benjamin Reitz

*I still have, and use constantly, a small gym bag from the Lord Corp. 5K run that was held back in the ’90s. It’s just big enough to carry an extra shirt, hand towel, GU, phone, wallet, etc. Stuff you need for before and after a run.  Most premiums are seasonal. It’s nice to have something to use all year. — Greg Wigham

* I Like Greg’s idea (above). I also got a nice bottle and a towel here at a race once in Pittsburgh. — Jameel Gavin


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