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Posted: May 10th, 2013
Friday Question: What’s the best city you’ve run in?


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Here, according to Outside Magazine, are the best cities for runners.

I can vouch for Minneapolis. One glaring omission, in my opinion, is Chicago, which is an awesome city for a runner to visit — you can run the Magnificent Mile …and then head toward the lake where you’ll find a paved jogging trail that runs along the lake for 18 miles or something.

I also really enjoyed running in New Orleans, particularly down Bourbon Street and through the French Quarter early in the morning (but.. this is one city you want a running partner to go with because parts of New Orleans are not safe and you can run into one of those areas very, very quickly).

I asked other area runners to tell me the best city they’ve ever run in and, um…well…y’all were uncharacteristically quiet on this one. If you want to add on to this little list, feel free to post a comment or send me an email and I’ll add your favorites, too.

With out a doubt Maui, running along the ocean with the breeze from the ocean, there is no comparison." — Amy Cronk

"San Francisco! They have a place called Lands End you can run there on the trails and you have great views of the Golden Gate Bridge! — Jessie Zahner

“Austin and Houston, Texas,” — Tom Toale

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  1. Mark Richmond says:

    I used to love to run in Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. Great, wooded trails in the middle of the city.

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