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Posted: May 3rd, 2013
Join the ERC misfit Beast team


Dan and I are all registered for the Barber Center Beast on the Bay Adventure run on September 7 at Presque Isle State Park.

I decided, on a whim, to create an Erie Runners Club team and you are all welcome to join us.  So if you’ve been thinking about taking on the Beast, but you don’t really have anyone to do it with or haven’t been able to cajole bribe threaten enough people to form your own team, join our team of misfits.

When you register, just chose to “join a team” and scroll down & choose “Erie Runners Club” (real creative name, I know).

Three important points:

1. We’re not in it to win it. We will not be racing. We will have fun though (and I’m bringing my water camera).

2. Heed my warnings about this not being a race for novices. It’s going to be very challenging.

3. I’m not opposed to matching shirts/gear, but…I’m really lazy about making stuff like that happen, so if you are joining the team and you have a passion for making us all match…by all means, contact me (zipdang22 at aol) and I’ll help organize/distribute messages to the others.

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