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Posted: June 27th, 2013

Worth Reading

* How to Overcome Common Mental Running Blocks.

* Duct tape: The runners new best friend?

* 10 workouts you can do with an IKEA table. (So get thee to IKEA!)

* Marathon Everyman “Yuki Kawauchi is a world-class athlete, a full-time government clerk, and a Japanese national hero. Could he change the way we think about running?”

* Could you cut it in Washington, D.C. as an intern? Check out the Running of the Interns. (LOL…I would kick some a@# in D.C.).




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Posted: June 20th, 2013

Worth Reading

* Are you big on post-recovery aids, such as ice baths and ibuprofen? You may want to rethink that.

* 5 good reasons to add some speed to your  life (and…a few easy ways to do so).

* Peak Performance and the Selfish Brain. This is fascinating insight into what’s going on with your brain and body in an endurance event.  Your brain will have the last word as its job is to regulate everything to keep itself..and your body alive, but there are a few ways you can trick it to avoid having it pull the plug on your efforts at the 20th mile (or 40th mile or 60th mile).

Funny stuff

* Runner’s World’s Mark Remy has revealed the scientific reason that some runners are total jackwads don’t wave. Read all about it.

Group runs — for safety

In America, we gather in large running groups for fun, but in Venezuala, they run in large groups for safety.
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Posted: June 13th, 2013

Worth Reading

* Thinking of moving to more minimalist shoe? Here’s advice on how to do it without getting injured.

*8 things runners should know about coffee.

* Planning to try a triathlon? A complete how-to with great tips & info here.

* Check out these Night Runner LED lights that clip onto your running shoes. I think I might just find them terribly distracting when running in the dark, but some of you might find them really useful. If so…you may want to get in on the ground floor (pun intended) and support the Night Runner’s Kickstarter campaign.

Funny stuff

* Runner’s World’s new greeting card line: Sympathy cards for runners


Of course….eCards is not to be outdone in the humor department:


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Posted: June 6th, 2013

Worth Reading

* Planning to run your first 6.2?  Here are 10 Tips for Running a 10K.

* Runners, Yeah, we’re different. (I think I’ve done every one of these…you?)

* 4 ways to stop side stitches (from

* Tsk, tsk, NY Times, I think we all know the answer to this question: Is it Better to Walk or Run?

* Headed out of town? Tips for traveling runners


Video of the Week

Your new cross-training routine? (I thought this was a joke, but…um….no, this is for real. And, if I see you doing it, I will absolutely laugh at you) “We’re going to really cut the noose, and let it loose with the Prancercise Gallop!”


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Posted: May 30th, 2013


Posted in: Funny stuff
Posted: May 30th, 2013

Worth Reading

* Build a better core with these 5 Workouts for Stronger Running

* And….once you work on your core, you can maximize your mobility with these 6 exercises. (Um..seriously, don’t discount mobility, the lack of it causes many injuries because we compensate with crappy form).

* Yes, You Can Run an Ultramarathon (Tips, guides, advice here…see links to more info at the bottom of this intro article).

* Long run on a hot day? Suck down a slushie first.   “A new study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that runners who drank a ten-ounce slushie (made of blended ice and sugar water) were able to run 19 percent longer before exhaustion in 93-degree heat than a control group drinking the same ice-cold beverage in liquid form.”

P.S. I’ll have More hot weather running tips posted tomorrow!


running funny

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Posted: May 29th, 2013


Posted in: Funny stuff
Posted: May 23rd, 2013

Worth Reading

* Dogs get high, too, but ferrets don’t.

* 10 biggest running mistakes

* Does it seem like it takes longer to recover the older you get? Um, it does. Here’s why.

* For the ladies: Jezebel: If You Must Think About your Weight, Here Are 10 Things to Think About  Warning: there are plenty of f-bombs in this article, but this is probably the greatest thing I’ve read in…well, ever. I’m at that stage where I’m pissed off about this situation we’ve all bought into. I’m sick of women’s magazines and fitness magazines and women’s expos that are full of ways for us to fix ourselves — lose weight, fix your hair, get the whitest teeth, cook better….f@#$ you, I’m fine the way I am.  READ THIS. PRINT IT OUT. GET MAD.

Video of the Week

Hmmm….now this treadmill workout could possibly hold my interest:

Ultra funny

For all my ultra-running friends.  (This is a JOKE…though, you have to admit….it’s funny because most of it is true, right?). LOL.



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Posted: May 22nd, 2013

As seen along the streets of Cleveland on Sunday morning:

Funny T-shirt:


Happy calves:


(Yes, most of these are blurry….I was RUNNING!)


Simple works, too:


These people love the Indians:


Two oldies, but goodies:




Cute parent signs:


This woman was getting a LOT of laughs and high-fives from the women in the race:


Maybe not the most inspiring sign, but….damn was I glad to see this cardboard “GU” sign:


Beer stop (no, I didn’t stop):


This photo just about says it all. Note the “Runners rock” sign on the sign post near the mailbox:


For me… of the greatest signs in Cleveland are those lights from Jacob’s Field (or whatever the proper name is now) up ahead. Once I see that stadium, I know it’s almost over (the half is anyway):




I wonder if I could talk this girl into coming to the PA Grand Canyon Marathon for me:


Another classic…only his mileage was OFF:


And, the best signs on the course (in my biased opinion, of course):

girls with signs

I love his expression….that’s pretty much what it feels like after you run 26.2 miles in 80-degree weather.

girls with signs2

me and dan











Posted: May 17th, 2013

What is the weirdest/strangest/most shocking thing you ever saw laying in the road/trail on a run?

A fat raccoon ….. the biggest that I’ve ever seen. I was running on the multi-purpose trail on the bay side @ Presque Isle and it was sitting there just off of the trail, and showed absolutely no fear of a human running so close to him. — Ramon Patron, Jr.

You asked, so…. the weirdest/strangest/most shocking thing I saw was a (presumably) used condom. — Mike Lawrence

A raccoon with a helium balloon tied around it’s waist, earlier this week on Norcross Rd. — Patrick Dwyer

At the Cleveland Marathon, I saw a woman just off the side of the road, peeing standing up. It was just weird. — Dan Cass

A giant man o’war swimming along side while running on seven mile bridge in the Keys. We maintained the same pace for more than a mile. — Paul Bressen

Dead red fox next to sidewalk at PI before ranger station pond, looked healthy, told ranger. Never saw one before. — Tom Twohig

A lynx, right in the middle of the trail a couple miles from the house…beautiful animal! — Michael Morris (who lives in Alaska)

I once found 17 pairs of bras and panties spread along RT 97 between Waterford and Pennbriar. They were obviously tossed out by someone trying to make a point as they were pretty evenly spread out. Also, when laying a hash trail one time, we found a dead guy in a car. — Chuck O. (OK, you win with the dead guy, Chuck!)

I’ve seen plenty of disgusting things, but the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen was a porcupine on U.S. Route 62 in Warren. It was dead, so I spent plenty of time looking at it….and then felt really weird about examining roadkill.


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