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Posted: April 7th, 2014

Ah…spring…when you never know what the heck Mother Nature is going to give you. Signing up for a race this time of year is always a leap of faith — you could get snow…ice…rain…wind…warmth…just never know.

Saturday brought wind and some rain, but nearly 80 still completed the 5K for Parkinson’s. Top honors went to Adam Rowe with an 18:35 and Katie Joseph with a 21:57.

Complete 5K for Parkinson’s results can be found here.

Sunday was a much better day for racing with cool, but clear conditions for the Miles for Mercy 5K. Complete results for Miles of Mercy can be found here.

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Posted: March 23rd, 2014

More than 70 participated in this weekend’s Slush Run 5K in North East.

Top finishers (male & female) were: Dan Dygert, 37, Linesville, 17:57  & Rosie Cooper, 25, Jamestown, N.Y., 25:52

Complete results at


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Posted: March 16th, 2014


More than 700 participated in the ERC’s St. Patrick’s Day Distance Festival this weekend — 452 in the 5K, 256 in the 10K and 10 in the 2 mile walk. It was cold, but the roads were clear (some puddle-dodging required) and there was no precipitation falling…that’s about as good as it gets in Erie in March.

Top honors go to:



1. Andrew Holland,  35, 17:09

2. John Lacy, 18, 17:14

3. Michael Williamson, 21, 17:19


1. Lori Beth Nunemaker, 22, 21:04

2. Kelly Latimer, 30, 21:08

3. Andrea Patmore, 32, 21:15



1. Justin Allen, 25, 35:21

2. Eric Walsh, 45, 35:27

3. Andrew Holland, 35, 35:42


1. Brittany Kaltenbaugh, 22, 41:44

2. Emily Ahrens, 20, 41:49

3. Kelli Proctor, 36, 42:22

There was some complaining about the new awards structure that race director Jim Lang instituted. Here’s what he said about it. AND…he’s welcoming comments):

It was my decision to change to 10% depth (1 minimum) instead of 3 in each age group. I feel about awards the same as I feel about finishers medals – they should mean something. 3rd (of 3) is not the accomplishment that 3rd of 30 is. Awards should reflect that.

In addition, last year’s awards resulted in nearly half of the awards purchased being wasted. Incomplete age groups and folks leaving without them left 2 boxes of plaques with nothing to do with them. That’s wasteful, and a real pain to deal with.

The 10% awards was NOT an attempt to be cheap. It was an attempt to make the awards meaningful and less wasteful.

I would consider 20%, min 1, up to 5 deep. If we were to go back to 3 in each age groups, I would restrict it to pre-reg, so if there are only 2 registered by 1 week out (when awards are ordered), there would only be 2 awards. If there is nobody in the age group, we would get no awards. Or something else.

IMHO – awards/plaques/medals are just clutter. It’s the accomplishment that matters…not the token. As a race director, I know how expensive medals are (that’s why I don’t give medals at my race) and I know that the majority are never picked up.


Complete results for the 5K, 10K, 2 Mile Walk and the St. Pat’s combined 15K (those runners who took the challenge and did BOTH the 5K & the 10K) and the Winter Series results (Turkey Trot, New Year’s Day 5-Miler and St. Patrick’s Day) can be found at

Photos, photos, photos

Photos from GoErie’s Street View here.

My photos are below.

Groooovy beach towels

Speaking of the ERC Winter Series….this year’s series premium was a very cool tie-dye beach towel in your choice of five colors. Missed out on the series prize? Don’t fret, I have it on good authority the club will be selling leftovers at the ERC merchandise table at future races. No word on the price yet.


Also…if you missed out on the ERC flipflops (premium from the Valentine’s Day race), you can now purchase those for $10.


Posted: January 1st, 2014

Nearly 300 runners kicked their 2014 racing season off on Wednesday at the Erie Runners Club’s New Year’s Day 5-Miler. Thanks to a generous dumping by the lake effect snow machine all day Tuesday, there were several inches of snow along the course. Say what you want about snow, but at least it’s easier to run on than ice!

Top three men:

1. Andrew Holland, 35, 29:08

2. Mathew McClellan, 28, 29:24

3. John Lacy, 18, 29:47

Top three women:

1. Rebecca Easly, 19, 35:04

2. Andrea Patmore, 32, 36:24

3. Gabby Kennelley, 20, 36:31

Complete race results can be found at Big White Trailer timing.



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Posted: December 29th, 2013

More than 160 braved the cold and ice on Saturday night to complete the Race to Remember 5K in Girard.

Top finishers were:


1. George Drushel, 15, 18:49

2. David Le Van, 39, 20:14

3. Cody Gilbert, 24, 20:37,


1. Andrea Patmore, 31, 20:55

2. Shannon Henley, 19, 22:18

3. Katie Peterson, 31, 24:07

Complete race results at the Big White Trailer.


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Posted: December 15th, 2013

More than 230 brave souls (or 460 soles) took on Mother Nature at the ERCs Snowflake 5K Saturday morning.  Unlike the past few years, there were plenty of snowflakes at this year’s race!

Top three men:

1. Mike Williamson, 21, Erie — 18:11

2. Morgan Schenberg, 18, Meadville  — 18:46

3. Mathew McClellan, 28, Meadville — 18:58

Top three women:

1. Pamela Wassell, 49, Erie — 23:03

2. Vanessa Niemayer, 22, Waterford — 23:53

3. Morgan Perkins, 15, Erie — 24:20

Top masters

Male — John DeMarco, 43, Erie — 21:22

Female — LeAnn Parmenter, 47, North East — 26:33



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Posted: October 20th, 2013


Rain….age…..double-digit miles won’t stop Fran Albaugh.  I stole this photo (above) from Big White Trailer’s Jim Lang. It is Erie’s Fran Albaugh completing his 31st mile at the Presque Isle Endurance Classic on Saturday (in the rain). He’s 91 years young!

The Endurance run started out nice, dry, and cool, but rain moved into the area in the early afternoon and make for a soggy ending for the die-hards in the 12-hour endurance festival.

Top mileage

Male – Pat Krott, 68 miles; Jonathan Diprinzio, 55 miles & Tom Twohig, 54 miles.

Female – Mary Siegel, 52 miles; Amanda Byers, 49 miles; and Christine Kalie, 39 miles.

Complete results here.

Photos here.

King & Queen of the Hill

Saturday was also the Peak Mountain Challenge — a race to the top at the Peek ‘n Peak Ski Resort in which the top male & female took home a season-long ski pass.

The winners were: Travis Prejean, 26, of Jamestown, N.Y. who made it up in 2 minutes and 40 seconds and..on the women’s side, Donnelle Super, 39, who ran a 3: 23, edging out Pamela McCormick by less than 1 second.

Complete results here.


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Posted: October 15th, 2013


Better late than never, right? Here’s your weekend race results roundup:

* Zombie Run 5K results here. Photos here.

* Pink Warrior 5K results here

* Columbus Day 5K results here

* Lucy Town 5K results here

* Lucy Town 1/2 marathon results here

* Warren Super Kwik 1/2 marathon results here (when available)




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Posted: October 7th, 2013

Wow…what a great weekend to race and there were plenty of opportunities.

Here’s a round-up of weekend race results.

Her Times 5K  at PISP on Saturday. 725+ women!

Results here.

Photos here.

Muddy Viking adventure run on Saturday in nearby western N.Y.

Age results here.

Team results here.

Pump Kin Run at Gannon University on Sunday — 200 runners.

Results here.

Photos here.

OC100 Trail runs (Oil Creek, Pa.) — 50K, 50 Miles, 100 Miles.  Kudos to all the local runners who went the distance on one hot race weekend in the woods of Titusville!

Results here.


Posted: September 30th, 2013

What a fantastic weekend for running and racing! And, there were plenty of races to choose from this weekend:

*  Allegheny College Swim & Dive 5-mile Run (Meadville) — Results here.

* Stride ‘n Stomp 5K (North East ) Results here (when available).

* Race for Recovery 15K (PISP) – Results here (when available).

* Bemus Point 15K (Bemus Point, N.Y.) – Results here

Coming up this weekend — the Her Times 5K! (Saturday at 8 a.m. at Rotary Pavilion) & the Pump Kin Run at Gannon (Sunday at 8:30 a.m. at Gannon’s Carnival Athletic Pavilion)








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