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Posted: September 16th, 2013

One day after posting a solid effort in a 5-2 preseason win against Mississauga, goaltender Devin Williams (sports hernia surgery) said he’s ready to play in Friday night’s regular-season opener in Guelph. Yet head coach Kris Knoblauch will wait until Thursday, and possibly even Friday, before naming his starter.
No. 1 goaltender Oscar Dansk remains in NHL training camp with the Columbus Blue Jackets. If he returns to Erie by Thursday, Knoblauch said, Dansk should start against the Storm. But if Dansk doesn’t return until Friday, Knoblauch said Williams could get the start.
Knoblauch hasn’t received an update on Dansk or rookie winger Andre Burakovsky, who’s set to make his NHL debut tonight in the Washington Capitals’ preseason game against the Philadelphia Flyers.
Meanwhile, rookie Daniel Dekoning remains with the club.
*** In other news, the roster stands at 28 players after the club cut forward prospect Blake Jones. Club officials plan to make one or two more cuts, most likely on defense.
Nine defensemen remain on the roster. Knoblauch also wants to keep extra players up front, since three forwards are out of the lineup to start the season – Jake Evans (knee), Hayden Hodgson (final 3 games of a 10-game suspension incurred late last season) and Joel Wigle (shoulders).
Given the makeup of the blue line (see the updated roster below), it would seem that 2013 draft picks Jesse Saban and Cole Mayo are on the bubble. Ultimately, the roster will shrink to 22 or 23 players at some point into the season.
*** Here’s a few more tidbits…Patrick Murphy has permanently made the move to forward from defense. Knoblauch said that gives Murphy the best shot to stick with the team.

Goaltenders (3): Oscar Dansk (at Columbus camp), Devin Williams, Daniel Dekoning
Defensemen (9): Spencer Abraham, Travis Dermott, Troy Donnay, Justin Felker, Cory Genovese, Cole Mayo, Adam Pelech, Darren Raddysh, Jesse Saban
Forwards (16): Andre Burakovsky (at Washington camp), Nick Betz, Connor Brown, Michael Curtis, Jake Evans (injured), Dane Fox, Stephen Harper, Hayden Hodgson, Quentin Maksimovich, Connor McDavid, Patrick Murphy, Kyle Pettit, Fabrizio Ricci, Dylan Strome, Joel Wigle (injured), Travis Wood (also has seen time on D)

- Victor Fernandes

Posted: August 29th, 2013

2 Travis Dermott – D
4 Jimmy McDowell – D
5 Jesse Saban – D
6 Troy Donnay – D
7 Gregory Allen – D
8 Andre Burakovsky – LW
10 Connor McDavid – C
11 Connor Crisp – C
12 Kyle Pettit – C
13 Nick Betz – RW
14 Travis Wood – LW/D
15 Blake Jones – C
16 Matt Marsden – C
17 Jordan Dunin – C
18 Trent Fox – C
19 Cameron Etherington – RW
20 Connor Brown – RW
21 Justin Felker – D
30 Cosimo Lazzarino – G

2 Adam Pelech – D
3 Darren Raddysh – D
4 Spencer Abraham – D
5 Cole Mayo – D
6 Khadyn Butterfly – D
7 Patrick Murphy – D
8 Dane Fox – LW
9 Michael Curtis – LW/C
10 Jake Evans – C
11 Stephen Harper – LW
12 Dylan Strome – C
13 Hayden Hodgson – RW
14 Quentin Maksimovich – C
15 Fabrizio Ricci – LW
16 Thomas Lattavo – RW
17 Jeff St. Pierre – RW
18 Cristiano DiGiacinto – RW
19 Nolan Dunn – LW

31 Daniel Dekoning – G
32 Oscar Dansk – G

Posted: August 23rd, 2013

(subject to change)

No. Name (status)

30 Cosimo Lazzarino (9th round, 2013)
2 T.J. Fergus (8th round, 2013)
4 Darren Raddysh (Veteran)
7 Teilen Celentano (Free agent)
15 Adam Pelech (Veteran) – may not participate (wrist)
16 Riley Robertson (3rd round, 2012)
17 Jimmy McDowell (Veteran)
Left wing
14 Adam Bomberry (Free agent)
20 Nolan Dunn (Free agent)
22 Dane Fox (Veteran)
6 Jake Evans (Veteran)
11 Quentin Maksimovich (11th round, 2012)
19 Trayvon Henry (15th round, 2013)
21 Dylan Strome (1st round, 2013)
23 Jordan Dunin (7th round, 2011)
Right wing
5 Cameron Etherington (Free agent)
8 Alexander Row (Free agent)
10 Jack Scanlan (13th round, 2013)
18 Nick Betz (Veteran)

No. Name (status)

32 Arun Kumar (Free agent)
3 Gregory Allen (6th round, 2011)
5 Cole Mayo (3rd round, 2013)
8 Travis Dermott (9th round, 2012)
9 Spencer Abraham (Veteran)
10 Anton Bura (Free agent)
11 Patrick Murphy (5th round, 2011)
Left wing
4 Brady Allen (Free agent)
6 Fabrizio Ricci (Free agent)
14 Travis Wood (Veteran) – also plays defense
22 Stephen Harper (Veteran)
15 Blake Jones (14th round, 2011)
16 Connor Crisp (Veteran)
19 Kyle Pettit (Veteran)
20 Trent Fox (5th round, 2013)
Right wing
7 Hayden Hodgson (Veteran)
17 Brett Dykstra (Free agent)
18 Jeff St. Pierre (Free agent)
21 Joel Wigle (Veteran) – won’t participate (surgery on both shoulders – out until October)

No. Name (status)

33 Daniel Dekoning (8th round, 2012)
34 Oscar Dansk (Veteran)
3 Troy Donnay (Veteran)
4 Justin Felker (Veteran)
6 Owen Headrick (14th round, 2013)
7 Jesse Saban (2nd round, 2013)
9 Matthew Bell (Free agent)
11 Khadyn Butterfly (Free agent)
Left wing
5 Andre Burakovsky (1st round, 2013)
18 Patrick Fellows (7th round, 2013)
19 Oakley Thomas (Free agent)
20 Sean Kohler (6th round, 2013)
8 Frank Pucci (12th round, 2013)
14 Matt Marsden (Free agent)
17 Michael Curtis (Veteran) – also plays left wing
21 Connor McDavid (Veteran)
Right wing
10 Thomas Lattavo (6th round, 2012)
12 Cristiano DiGiacinto (Free agent)
15 Connor Brown (Veteran)
23 Sean Darroch (8th round, 2011)
* More online: Check out the rosters for the Prospect Game on the Shootout hockey blog at and Twitter at

TEAM RED – Coach:
Chris Hartsburg
No. Name (status)

30 Cosimo Lazzarino
2 T.J Fergus
4 Patrick Murphy
6 Owen Headrick
7 Teilen Celentano
16 Riley Robertson
5 Cameron Etherington
8 Alexander Row
10 Sean Darroch
11 Quentin Maksimovich
14 Adam Bomberry
15 Jordan Dunin
17 Trent Fox
18 Patrick Fellows
19 Trayvon Henry
20 Nolan Dunn

TEAM BLUE – Coach: Vince Laise
No. Name (status)

32 Arun Kumar
3 Gregory Allen
9 Matthew Bell
10 Anton Bura
11 Khadyn Butterfly
4 Brady Allen
5 Jack Scanlan
6 Fabrizio Ricci
7 Cristiano DiGiacinto
8 Frank Pucci
12 Sean Kohler
14 Matt Marsden
15 Blake Jones
17 Brett Dykstra
18 Jeff St. Pierre
19 Oakley Thomas

Posted: August 31st, 2012

The Erie Otters cut 5 more players from training camp today, leaving the roster at 28 heading into tonight’s preseason opener against Niagara at Morgan Firestone Arena in Ancaster, Ontario.
The latest cuts included 2011 draft picks Sean Darroch and Justin Maiolino, who had brief stints with the Otters last season, and free agents Aidan Muir, Sebastian Stangherlin and Lucas Venuto.
Here’s a list of the remaining players in camp:

Veterans: RW Nick Betz, RW Connor Brown, G Keinan Brown, C Luke Cairns, LW Anthony Cortellessa, C Connor Crisp, D Troy Donnay, C Mitch Eisenberg, C Jake Evans, C Dane Fox (injured), D Nathan Glass, LW Stephen Harper, D Liam Maaskant, LW Mac McDonnell, D Jimmy McDowell, RW Johnny McGuire, RW Sondre Olden (expected to join the team Monday), D Adam Pelech, G Devin Williams, D/LW Travis Wood

Prospects: G Oscar Dansk (signed), D Justin Felker (agreed to terms), RW Hayden Hodgson (agreed to terms), C Blake Jones, D Artem Kuleshov (unsigned, expected to join the team Monday), C Connor McDavid (signed), D Patrick Murphy (signed), C Kyle Pettit (signed)

Posted: August 25th, 2012

(subject to change)
Goaltenders (5)

Oscar Dansk – 2012 CHL Import Draft (1st round), 2012 NHL Entry Draft (Columbus, 2nd round)
Daniel DeKoning – 2012 OHL Priority Selection
Jake Ireland – 2012 OHL Priority Selection
Nate Miller – 2011 OHL Priority Selection (9th round; Millcreek Township native)
Devin Williams – Veteran

Left defense (9)
Kyle Allan – 2011 OHL Priority Selection (15th round)
Greg Allen – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (6th round)
Travis Dermott – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (9th round)
Justin Felker – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (2nd round)
Kris Grant – Veteran
Artem Kuleshov – 2012 CHL Import Draft (2nd round)
Adam Pelech – Veteran
Sebastian Stangherlin – Free-agent invite
Travis Wood – Veteran

Right defense (10)
Troy Donnay – Veteran
Nathan Glass – Veteran
Nathan Kohler – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (14th round)
Liam Maaskant – Veteran
Jimmy McDowell – Veteran
Patrick Murphy – 2011 OHL Priority Selection (5th round; played 9 games with Erie in 2011-12)
Darren Raddysh – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (5th round)
Riley Robertson – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (3rd round)
Troy Saunders – 2011 OHL Priority Selection (12th round)
Francesco Tolfa – Free-agent invite

Centers (9)
Luke Cairns – Veteran
Jake Evans – Veteran
Blake Jones – 2011 OHL Priority Selection (14th round)
Justin Maiolino – 2011 OHL Priority Selection (13th round; played 2 games with Erie in 2011-12)
Connor McDavid – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (No. 1 overall)
Mac McDonnell – Veteran
Aidan Muir – Free-agent invite
Kyle Petit – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (2nd round)
Bryan Sienerth – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (13th round; Millcreek Township native)

Left wing (10)
Anthony Cortellessa – Veteran
Connor Crisp – Veteran
Jordan Dunin – 2011 OHL Priority Selection (7th round)
Mitch Eisenberg – Veteran
Nathan Feric – Free-agent invite
Dane Fox – Veteran (fractured foot; not expected to participate in camp)
Stephen Harper – Veteran
Quentin Maksimovich – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (11th round)
Lucas Venuto – Free-agent invite
Kurt Wolff – Free-agent invite

Right wing (7)
Nick Betz – Veteran
Connor Brown – Veteran, 2012 NHL Entry Draft (Toronto, 6th round)
Sean Darroch – 2011 OHL Priority Selection (8th round; played 7 games with Erie in 2011-12)
Hayden Hodgson – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (3rd round)
Thomas Lattavo – 2012 OHL Priority Selection (6th round)
Johnny McGuire – Veteran
Sondre Olden – Veteran

Posted: April 26th, 2012

No. 1 overall pick Connor McDavid headlines a group of 26 rookies and prospects invited to the Erie Otters’ rookie camp Friday and Saturday at Mercyhurst. Players report Friday morning before starting off-ice workouts on the soccer field at 10 a.m. They head to Mercyhurst Ice Center at 2 p.m. for a two-hour practice and a scrimmage On Saturday, they will have on-ice sessions from 9-11 a.m. and 2:45-4:45 p.m.

The players invited are as follows:
2012 draft picks
Gregory Allen
Daniel Dekoning
Travis Dermott
Justin Felker
Hayden Hodgson
Jake Ireland
Nathan Kohler
Dylan Larkin
Thomas Lattavo
Quentin Maksimovich
Connor McDavid
Kyle Pettit
Darren Raddysh
Riley Robertson
Bryan Sienerth (Millcreek Township native)

2011 draft picks
Sean Darroch
Jordan Dunin
Blake Jones
Justin Maiolino
Nate Miller (Millcreek Township native)
Patrick Murphy
Sean Power
Troy Saunders
Jordan Schneider

2010 draft picks
Brent Hambly
Eric Kimmerly

Posted: August 31st, 2011

Erie native Nick Jenkins, a free-agent invite who plays hockey for Fort LeBoeuf, survived the Otters’ opening round of cuts Wednesday night.

“He earned the right to stay. He had a (great) camp,” said Sherry Bassin, Otters managing partner and general manager. “He’s a smart player and he works hard.”

But Bassin was unsure if Jenkins would return to camp Thursday.

“He’s concerned about his schooling,” Bassin said of Jenkins, 17, a senior at Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy. “We left the decision up to him.”

According to OHL rules, unsigned prospects are allowed to participate in camps after the initial 48-hour period if they pay for all expenses. The 48-hour period ended Wednesday.

Millcreek Township native Nate Miller, a 2011 ninth-round pick, wasn’t as fortunate.

The 16-year-old goaltender was among 12 prospects on the cut list, which reduced the roster to 41 players. Five other 2011 picks – goaltender Corey Foster (fourth round), right wing Brandon Johnston (sixth round), defenseman Jordan Schneider (10th round), center Blake Jones (14th round) and center Liam Walker (15th round) – also were cut.

The others were defenseman Kevin Zugec from Pittsburgh (ninth round in 2009), left wing Mark Jones (fourth round in 2008) and four free agents – center Chris Chiste, defenseman Elias Haziprodromu, defenseman Jordan Furlane and McDowell senior winger Zachary Poe. Jones didn’t practice this week because he was sick. Poe left camp after Monday’s workouts.

Zugec’s career might have ended Wednesday. On Tuesday, he said “this could be my last big thing” in hockey, since he hadn’t received interest from any other clubs. Zugec, 18, who graduated from high school last spring, said he would consider enrolling in college.

The next cuts are expected Friday.

- Victor Fernandes



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