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Trojans advance all 14 to D-10 AAA semis

Wrestling results from Friday’s District 10 Class AAA tournament at Central Tech’s Al Calabrese Gymnasium. The top three wrestlers in each division will advance to the Northwest Region AAA tournament, scheduled March 2-3 at Altoona.

Saturday’s competition will start at 9:30 a.m., followed by the third-place finals at 2:30 p.m. and the championship duals at 4.

– Mike Copper

Team standings: 1. McDowell 63 1/2, 2. Cathedral Prep (CP) 46, 3. General McLane (GM) 35, 4. Titusville (T) 30, 5. Central Tech (CT) and Corry (Cy) 27, 7. Strong Vincent (SV) 25 1/2, 8. Meadville (Mv) 23, 9. Warren (W) 20, 10. Franklin (R) and East 18.

Championship bracket

First round

126 pounds – Dalton Burns (T) p Tyvarius Lomax (E) 1:05.

132 – Derrick Bish (T) bye; James Carr (E) d Jimmy Nuhfer (GM) 9-2; Kris Nottingham (Mv) md Devin Eakin (F) 14-2.

138 – Josh Silka (Cy) d Cameron Silvis (CT) 4-3 TB; Brandon Owens (Mv) md Kevin Cabeza (E) 10-2.

145 – Kyler Jolley (F) d Garrett Smead (W) 8-7; Louis Crawford (Mv) d Cody Baily (Cy) 4-2.

160 – Cody Gunn (W) p Gavon Guanzon (Mv) 1:28.

170 – Tishos Moss (E) d Dan Henry (W) 10-8; Cacio Marriero (SV) tf Justin Daugherty (T) 17-2 6:00.

182 – Alex Thayer (GM) p Tyler Nicol (T) 1:05.

195 – Jared Williams (CP) p Alex Streich (W) 1:02; Youssif Almusawi (E) p Brad Hanna (T) 4:44.

220 – Mike Crone (W) md James Trucilla (CP) 12-4; Pat Williamson (E) d Jamie Szymanowski (GM) 12-5.

285 – Bill Brittain (T) p Joseph Gates (Mv) 1:59.


106 pounds – Joe Wheeling (GM) bye; Benji Yates (Mc) md Aaron Ehrgott (Mv) 10-2; Kaleb Chase (T) d Norberto Lopez (CT) 5-0; Jake Gromacki (CP) tf Seth Johnson (W) 20-0 3:35.

113 – Coleman Cousins (Mc) bye; Jason Peterson (W) d JaQuai Boyd (Mv) 14-10; John Ciotti (CP) md Curtis Royeck (Cy) 9-0; Keller Watkins (GM) bye.

120 – D.J. Fehlman (W) bye; Paul Mancuso (CT) d Deane Twitchell (GM) 12-7; Alex Root (CP) md Zach Donovan (T) 9-1; Paul Deitz (Mc) d Zach Luben (Mv) 2-1.

126 – Nick Gibson (Mc) p Burns 1:12; Ken Stoll (GM) md Collin Delattre (W) 10-2; Nick Karnes (CT) p Hunter Cook (F) 5:22; Beau Coletta (CP) p Brock Ridgeway (Mv) 1:06.

132 – Levi Catalfu (Cy) md Bish 12-0; Noah Burkhart (Mc) md Jonah Hordusky (W) 15-5; Ernesto Laureano (CT) d Carr 5-2; Dan Yori (CP) tf Nottingham 18-2 3:18.

138 – Steve Spearman (Mc) p Silka :34; Drew Williams (W) p Easton Hogue (T) 1:27; Jared Carlson (SV) d Teagan O’Sullivan (CP) 6-2; Tim Wheeling (GM) p Owens :52.

145 – Cody Nolan (Mc) d Jolley 5-1; Parker McDermott (GM) d Dijon Deboe (SV) 9-2; Dan Krysiak (CP) p David Markiewicz (CT) 5:21; Ehrin Lee (T) md Louis Crawford (Mv) 11-2.

152 – D.J. Myers (GM) p Logan Schwartz (Cy) 1:47; Aaron Mowrey (T) p Ben Gressler (SV) 1:09; Tyree Spearman (Mc) p Tony Molinaro (W) 1:26; Garrett Chase (CP) p Cameron DeMaison (Mv) 1:35.

160 – Cody Brunst (T) p Gunn 1:34; Chris Matthews (F) d Ryan Morris (Cy) 2-1; Jimmy Paulson (Mc) p Jordan Perkowski (CP) 3:36; Tyler Hendricks (GM) p Brandon Jurkiewicz (SV) 1:56.

170 – Zach Towers (Mv) p Moss :32; Chris Laird (GM) d Shane Taubert (Cy) 3-1; Anthony Forne (Mc) p Chris Smith (CP) 5:26; Cody Dunmire (F) p Marriero 1:02.

182 – Khlique Harris (Mc) tf Thayer 18-3 3:58; Roger Rood (SV) d Chris McNeal (W) by injury default; Alex Suydan (Cy) d Dan Geer (F) 4-1; Santos Guerra (CT) p Chris Starocci (CP) 5:37.

195 – Zac Morris (Cy) d Williams 7-2; Andrew Bradley (Mc) d Nick Soboleski (GM) 9-3; Devin Dolan (F) p Josh Jones (SV) 3:26; James Shields (Mv) p Almusawi 3:44.

220 – Andrew Welton (CT) p Crone 1:43; Tim Suydan (Cy) p Caleb Prater (Mv) 1:09; Luke DeHart (Mc) p David Beach (F) 2:46; Pat Williamson (E) d Nate Warner 5-4.

285 – Scott Augustine (Mc) p Brittain 1:25; Nate Carlin (CP) p Jeff Rial (F) 3:08; Deiontre Plott (E) p Ethan Strobel (GM) 5:38; Maxx Swoger (SV) p Garrett Scheitzer (Cy) 4:56.

Consolation bracket

First round

106 pounds — No matches.

113 — No matches.

120 — No matches.

126 pounds – Ridgeway p Lomax :48; Cook bye; Delattre bye; Burns bye.

132 – Nottingham bye; Carr bye; Nuhfer d Hordusky 11-4; Bish d Eakin 9-2.

138 – Silvis p Owens 4:56; O’Sullivan bye; Hogue bye; Silka p Cabeza 2:59.

145 – Smead md Crawford 11-1; Markiewicz bye; Deboe bye; Jolley d Baily 3-2.

152 – No matches.

160 – Jurkiewicz p Guanzon :54; Perkowski bye; Morris bye; Gunn bye.

170 – Marriero p Henry 4:45; Smith bye; Taubert bye; Daugherty d Moss 5-2.

182 – Starocci md Nicol 9-1; Geer bye; McNeal bye; Thayer bye.

195 – Streich p Almusawi 4:55; Jones bye; Soboleski bye; Williams p Hanna 4:30.

220 – Warner p Trucilla 2:15; Beach bye; Prater bye; Szymanowski d Crone 5-2.

285 – Scheitzer p Gates 3:33; Strobel bye; Rial bye; Brittain bye.


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