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PIAA swimming meet updates

LEWISBURG — The overall leaders and District 10 results from Wednesday’s PIAA Class AAA swimming meet at Bucknell University’s Kinney Natatorium. The top eight relay teams and individuals in each event will receive medals.

– Mike Copper

Class AAA girls

200-yard medley relay: 1. Wilson (Alexandra Rockett, Kylie Reiter, Erin Timochenko, Amber Cortazzo), 1:44.29; 22. McDowell (Danielle Snyder, Emma Swabb, Kristin Owens, Shanen Lazenby), 1:55.62 (Were seeded 23rd at 1:54.37).

200 freestyle: 1. Meaghan Raab, Hershey, 1:45.10 (PIAA record); 30. Mia Izzo, McDowell, 2:02.67 (Was seeded 32nd at 2:01.52).

200 individual medley: 1. Christina Leander, West Chester East, 2:00.61; 13. Emma Swabb, McDowell, 2:09.48 (Was seeded 15th at 2:10.41).

50 freestyle: 1. Emily Cameron, Warwick, 22.75 (PIAA record); 26. Julia Rahner, McDowell, 24.67 (Was seeded 30th at 24.63).

100 butterfly: 1. Katie Diller, Manheim Township, 55.40; 31. Heather Sternby, Meadville, 1:02.24 (Was seeded 32nd at 1:02.99).

200 freestyle relay: 1. North Allegheny (Katerina Borisov, Allie Pennetti, Arielle Krigger, Kally Vanderbilt), 1:33.78 (PIAA record); 21. McDowell (Julia Rahner, Emma Swabb, Mia Izzo, Shanen Lazenby), 1:40.72 (Were seeded 21st at 1:40.45).

1-meter diving: 1. Lauren Lamendola, Pine-Richland, 447.75; 23. Kristen Overholt, McDowell, 122.90 (Was seeded eighth at 432.20).

Team: 1. Wilson 134; 45. (tie) McDowell and Susquehanna Township 4.

Class AAA boys

200-yard medley relay: 1. La Salle College (Joseph Maginnis, Michael McBryan, Luke Maguire, Gregory Rogers), 1:31.83 (PIAA record); 5. McDowell (Jonathan Ekas, Andrew Steehler, Zach Snyder, Kevin Intrieri), 1:34.89 (Were seeded eighth at 1:35.76); 12. Cathedral Prep (Luke Merski, Joe Marin, Richard Rahner, Mike Squeglia), 1:35.95 (Were seeded sixth at 1:35.50).

200 freestyle: 1. Lucas Bureau, Greater Latrobe, 1:38.33; 31. Anthony Squeglia, Cathedral Prep, 1:48.88 (Was seeded 30th at 1:48.80).

200 individual medley: 1. Matthew Buerger, North Allegheny, 1:48.22; 29. Luke Merski, Cathedral Prep, 2:00.05 (Was seeded 31st at 1:59.12).

50 freestyle: 1. Shane Ryan, Haverford, 19.91; 6. Zach Snyder, McDowell, 20.96 (Was seeded fourth at 21.01); 8. Kevin Intrieri, McDowell, 21.15 (Was seeded second at 20.77); 31. Mike Squeglia, Cathedral Prep, 22.35 (Was seeded 28th at 21.85).

100 butterfly: 1. Christian McCurdy, Penn Trafford, 48.80; 7. Richard Rahner, Cathedral Prep, 50.48 (Was seeded fourth at 50.15).

200 freestyle relay: 1. La Salle College (Eric Schultz, Christopher Szekely, Gregory Rogers, Sean Regan), 1:22.91; 9. McDowell (Kevin Intrieri, Jonathan Ekas, Andrew Steehler, Zach Snyder), 1:25.40 (Were seeded first at 1:24.66); 10. Cathedral Prep (Zach Miller, Mike Piotrowski, Mike Squeglia, Richard Rahner), 1:262.52 (Were seeded sixth at 1:26.68).

Team: 1. La Salle College 182 1/2; 4. McDowell 70; 13. Cathedral Prep 36.

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