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Here are the latest playoff projections for baseball and softball. Just a reminder, these are based on opinion and are not official. Fans are welcome to post predictions as well.

Class A
(3) Cochranton vs. (6) Kennedy Catholic
(4) Mercyhurst Prep vs. (5) Conneaut Lake
Byes: (1) West Middlesex, (2) Eisenhower

Class AA
(1) Saegertown vs. (8) Wilmington
(2) Sharpsville vs. (7) Commodore Perry
(3) Titusville vs. (6) Union City
(4) Fairview vs. (5) Sharon

Class AAA
(3) Grove City vs. (6) Harbor Creek
(4) General McLane vs. (5) Meadville
Byes: (1) Cathedral Prep, (2) Warren

Class AAAA
(1) McDowell vs. (2) Strong Vincent

Class A
(3) Saegertown vs. (6) Sharpsville
(4) Rocky Grove vs. (5) Youngsville
Byes: (1) Cochranton, (2) West Middlesex

Class AA
(3) Wilmington vs. (6) Iroquois
(4) Maplewood vs. (5) Jamestown
Byes: (1) Fairview, (2) Titusville

Class AAA
(4) Harbor Creek vs. (5) Corry
Byes: (1) Fort LeBoeuf, (2) Hickory, (3) Warren

Class AAAA
(1) McDowell vs. (2) Strong Vincent

– Tom Reisenweber

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15 Responses to Bracketology

  1. Tyler says:

    How is Cochranton ranked 1st over Saegertown even though Saegertown beat Cochranton twice and have a better over all record?

  2. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Bracketology is based off the standings if the season ended today. Right now, Cochranton is 13-2 in the region and Saegertown is 12-2. Therefore, D-10 would give Cochranton the higher seed with a better region record.

    Obviously, this will change when Saegertown catches up in region games but these projections are based off if the playoffs started today.

    Thank you,
    Tom Reisenweber

  3. Brian says:

    Do you know why there are only 6 AA teams for girls that make the post season and 8 AA boy’s teams? Boys have 17 teams with AA and girls have 16.

  4. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Most of it is up to the discretion of District 10. Softball sets its fields before the season to figure out sites and dates. If there are more than six deserving teams, there could be play-in games. Last year Class AAA had a field of five by D-10 added two play-in games.

    D-10 decided for baseball to leave it open-ended from six to eight as sites are a little easier to lock down late in the game.

    Those are just my opinions and I can’t really speak for D-10.


  5. mark says:

    commodore perry is a AAA team not a AA team?

  6. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Commodore Perry is Class AA this year. It was discovered earlier this season when the new PIAA co-op rules went into effect. Teams only have to count half of the students from the co-op school. Therefore, when Commodore Perry cuts that number in half, their enrollment drops down into AA.

    Tom Reisenweber

  7. TPM says:

    How could Commodore Perry be included in the 2012 AA playoff bracket when they competed in the AAA Region 5 all year and did not play any or few AA teams.

  8. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Mixed classifications in regions happens in most other sports. District 10 couldn’t change Commodore Perry’s region because regions are approved on a two-year basis by District 10. Also, D-10 did not discover they should be AA until recently.

    The reason for the change is the change in co-op rules by the PIAA. Commodore Perry will be placed into a Class AA region next cycle.


  9. drew says:

    Is there a chance that baseball class AA only takes 6 teams instead of 8?

  10. Tom Reisenweber says:

    No, I believe it is set at 8.


  11. Robin says:

    How big of a threat is Sharon this season? They have a solid hitting team and a good pitching staff. Could they have the heart to take it all?

  12. mark says:

    thanks tom. do you know when the official brackets come out?

  13. Tom Reisenweber says:

    It should be this weekend Mark.


  14. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Sharon is very good and they have a solid lineup. Class AA is pretty loaded from top to bottom.


  15. Carl says:

    Commodore Perry boys have 1 win against teams with a winning record and they are projected to keep North East out who has 6. Something the D-10 committee should look at.

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