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Final moments of Warren-McDowell thriller

Fans can click here to check out the final minutes of the 77-75 win by Warren over McDowell in boys basketball, including a college-range 3-pointer by Matt Sandberg in the final seconds to secure the upset.

–Tom Reisenweber

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7 Responses to Final moments of Warren-McDowell thriller

  1. Warren says:

    Great game between two pretty good teams. Just curious as to why it would be called an “upset.”

  2. Tom Reisenweber says:

    McDowell is a Class AAAA team that was averaging about 70 points per game at 5-0 coming in. McDowell has a new coach and a new system and was red-hot to start the season. Warren is AAA and hadn’t beaten McDowell in almost a decade. I’d classify that as an upset lol.


  3. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Also, the way the students celebrated by rushing the court, I think they felt it was an upset as well.


  4. Warren Fan says:

    Who would you say is the favorite in AAA boys this year?

  5. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Warren Fan,
    I’d say General McLane, Warren and Hickory are the front runners right now. Meadville without Foster is still in the hunt and Strong Vincent is kind of a wild card right now. SV always gets better as the season goes on but do they have enough to contend this year?

    It wouldn’t shock me to see a GM-Warren rematch or any combination of matchups between GM, Warren and Hickory.


  6. Warren says:

    Warren people actually like the underdog role. Not pointing a finger at you, but we generally do not get a lot of respect out here in the wilderness. I believe most people in the gym that night expected Warren to win a very close game. The Dragons had also played well and can score a lot of points. While the coach and system may be new at McDowell, I believe Warren had great success against him in his prior location. The Warren student section is the best in D-10 and its reaction was typical. We all invite you to get out of the big city for a night and come to Warren for a game. I get the feeling you have a passion for high school sports. If that is true, then you’d really enjoy an evening in Warren.

  7. Tom Reisenweber says:

    I like your post but I’m confused a little bit. You guys love the underdog role but expected to win? lol Anyway, I love the Flannel Panel – for the most part – and I’d love to see them matched up with Prep’s student section in a playoff basketball game. Maybe one day they’ll be in the same class AAA or AAAA. I think those are the two loudest student sections I’ve seen in the past few years. I love the Warren fanbase’s passion but I’ve also dealt with some less than cordial Warren fans this year lol. Either way, it’s a great fanbase and maybe one day I can make it out there for a game. I’d actually love to see the GM-Warren region boys game there this year.


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