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Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings

Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings


Class A

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Kennedy Catholic 4-3 1
2. Cochranton 4-4 2
3. Erie First 8-1 NR
4. Eisenhower 1-6 3
5. Commodore Perry 2-7 5
Dropped out: Rocky Grove

Class AA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. West Middlesex 4-3 1
2. Lakeview 7-1 2
3. Northwestern 6-1 3
4. Mercyhurst Prep 3-5 4
5. Fairview 4-4 5

Class AAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. General McLane 5-1 1
2. Hickory 4-2 2
3. Warren 5-1 3
4. Meadville 6-2 4
5. Farrell 4-3 NR
Dropped out: Strong Vincent
Class AAAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Cathedral Prep 8-1 1
2. McDowell 7-3 2
3. Central Tech 7-1 3

Class A

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Kennedy Catholic 6-1 1
2. Farrell 6-2 2
3. Cochranton 5-2 3
4. Eisenhower 3-3 4
5. Commodore Perry 3-4 5
Class AA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. North East 7-0 1
2. General McLane 6-1 2
3. Girard 5-1 3
4. Sharon 5-2 5
5. Seneca 6-1 NR
Dropped out: Sharpsville
Class AAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Franklin 6-0 1
2. Mercyhurst Prep 5-2 2
3. Villa Maria 4-1 3
4. Hickory 7-0 4
5. Slippery Rock 4-2 5
Class AAAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. McDowell 2-8 1
2. Central Tech 3-6 2
3. East 0-6 3

–Tom Reisenweber

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15 Responses to Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings

  1. Fachetti Fan says:

    Hey Tom,
    I admit I’m biased, but I think our HC Huskies should be ranked ahead of Slippery Rock in AAA girls. Our girls are playing good basketball right now and I think we can be at least competitive with Villa and Mercy Prep. Not saying we’re No.1, but I’m confident we’re Top 5. Keep up the great work and come watch our girls play.

  2. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Fachetti Fan,
    I did come to the Central game, which might not have been the best game to come to. I don’t think either team played exceptionally well but there is something to be said about pulling out a win while not playing well. Slippery Rock will probably drop out this week unless they can upset Franklin or Hopewell.


  3. Guest says:

    Why does Slippery Rock have to upset your #1 team to stay in the rankings?

  4. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Slippery Rock and Harbor Creek are very close for the No. 5 ranking. The two teams are very even right now. Two losses in one week could change the rankings, especially if Harbor Creek keeps winning.

    Having said that, it could change the week after if SR picks up a few wins and HC loses. That’s how close those teams are right now.


  5. Mike says:

    I am not saying HC should jump over Slippery Rock because I have not seen Slippery Rock play but I will say this is the best HC team I have seen in a long time.

  6. Fachetti Fan says:

    Thanks Tom,
    Hoping to see our Huskies crack the Top 5 soon. Can’t see Slippery Rock beating Franklin. That should open the door for us. Of course, we’ve got a tough one coming with Mercy Prep but I think we can hang with them this year. Prediction for you: Hickory will beat Franklin. I think Hickory has a real good chance to win the district this year.

  7. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Hickory is very good and even beat Franklin once last year but I think it’s a lot to ask of Hickory to beat either MP or Villa in the semifinals then beat either one of those or Franklin in the championship. D-10 is just loaded in AAA.


  8. Fachetti Fan says:

    The team that wins D-10 AAA will have to beat two very good teams to do it. That will be a tough task for MP, VM and Franklin, too. I’m not an expert like you (and I say that respectfully), but my current rankings would be 1. Hickory, 2. MP, 3. Villa, 4. Franklin, 5. HC.
    Question for you: What are the chances D-10 gives Conneaut an AAA playoff berth?
    Thanks for your great coverage.
    Go Huskies!

  9. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Fachetti Fan,
    I think you might be underrating Franklin a bit. The had a rotation of nine last year and graduated only three. During their playoff run, including wins over MP and Hickory, they had no point guard. She is back from injury and so is legendary coach Bill Hager, who was set to retire. It will take a huge effort to stop the Knights from repeating.

    As far as Conneaut goes, I can’t say for sure because I’m not on the committee, but i could see them needing like a 14-15 win season at least to get in. It also depends on how many teams go to the playoffs. With 14 AAA teams, they may reduce the field to six. That means you get the top 2 in Region 5 and 6 plus two more teams. Could that be HC and SR? Could it be Conneaut and one of those two? It all depends on how Conneaut plays. Their region record won’t carry as much weight because it is a Class A-AA region but I don’t think you can keep out a 14-8 or 15-7 Conneaut team for a third-place team from one of those regions.

    That’s the fun part about all of this, no one knows over the next six weeks. Every game counts!


  10. steve says:

    While not on the same level as the top 4, I think Warren will make a case for that #5 spot with HC and SR.
    Also, Conneaut could very well be undefeated in their region, it will be hard to keep them out of the playoffs with that record despite the lower classification of all the region opponents.

  11. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Good call on both points Steve.

  12. Fachetti Fan says:

    Tom & Steve,
    I confessed my bias earlier. but I still think our Huskies are better than Slippery Rock. And I’m quite sure Slippery Rock, Grove City and Conneaut are all better than Warren. We should have beat Warren both times last year. Played our worst games against them. We have most of our team back. I believe Warren graduated just about everybody. And Warren has played probably the weakest schedule in D-10 so far. Wait until region play starts and the better teams rise to the top. Maybe D-10 will have a play-in game between Conneaut and Warren to decide the eighth playoff spot. What do you think, Tom?

  13. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Fachetti Fan,
    I question D-10 even taking eight teams this year. If you take eight, that would be more than half of the field. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if D-10 took only six, which would be the top three in Region 5 and Region 6. Now, if those six are all strong and Conneaut has a very good record, D-10 could be forced into taking eight teams. That would put the fourth place teams in both regions in play for one spot.


  14. steve says:

    First of all, I’m just venting but Conneaut should be in Region 6. That makes way too much sense, 14 AAA teams, 2 7-team regions. Top 3 in each make the playoffs. Volleyball (fall sport) restructured their regions after the Conneaut merger so there’s no reason basketball couldn’t have done better. Also if they take 8 teams that will be a crime to have the majority make the playoffs when other sports (ahem, volleyball) only get 1/3 of the teams in. Yes Warren has had an easy schedule so far but I never buy the argument that we are better you because we should have beaten you before. Well bottom line you didn’t… twice. I just meant that Warren will not be an easy out for HC, should be some good games in my opinion.

  15. Tom Reisenweber says:

    As far as the Conneaut situation goes, they were going to be in the same region regardless of a merger or not. The problem with changing a region five months after the fact is most basketball schedules were made. That means you have to restructure everything. You might get teams in Region 6 that had full schedules and would have to drop two games to get Conneaut in. That might have meant Villa and Mercyhurst not making their holiday trips or Corry not being able to host a holiday tournament.

    Unfortunately the Conneaut situation will reflect next year as well. I guess we have to wait patiently for 2014 so everything is balanced out.


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