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Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings

Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings


Class A

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Kennedy Catholic 4-3 1
2. Cochranton 6-4 2
3. Erie First 10-1 3
4. Commodore Perry 2-7 5
5. Eisenhower 1-8 4
Class AA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. West Middlesex 5-3 1
2. Lakeview 9-1 2
3. Mercyhurst Prep 5-5 4
4. Fairview 6-4 5
5. Northwestern 6-3 3
Class AAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. General McLane 6-2 1
2. Hickory 6-2 2
3. Warren 6-1 3
4. Meadville 8-2 4
5. Franklin 7-2 NR
Dropped out: Farrell
Class AAAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Cathedral Prep 9-1 1
2. McDowell 8-3 2
3. Central Tech 7-2 3
Class A

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Kennedy Catholic 7-1 1
2. Farrell 6-3 2
3. Cochranton 7-2 3
4. Eisenhower 3-4 4
5. Commodore Perry 3-5 5
Class AA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. North East 8-0 1
2. General McLane 7-1 2
3. Girard 6-2 3
4. Sharon 5-3 4
5. Seneca 6-2 5
Class AAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Franklin 7-1 1
2. Mercyhurst Prep 6-2 2
3. Villa Maria 5-1 3
4. Hickory 8-0 4
5. Harbor Creek 7-2 NR
Dropped out: Slipppery Rock
Class AAAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. McDowell 4-8 1
2. Central Tech 4-8 2
3. East 1-7 3

–Tom Reisenweber

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11 Responses to Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings

  1. Dan says:

    Lets see McLane lost to McDowell. Warren beat McDowell. McLane has lost two games this year. Warren has lost one. McLane is ranked#1. Warren is ranked #3. Looks like some funny math to me???

  2. Tom Reisenweber says:

    What are you implying exactly with the “funny math” comment? All three losses GM and Warren have are to bigger schools. None of those are bad losses so why would you punish teams for them? Why move GM down after a loss to McDowell, who might win D-10 in AAAA?

    Warren has a perfect opportunity to prove itself this week. If Warren beats GM in Edinboro, of course they will move up.


  3. Fachetti Fan says:

    Commander Tom,
    Thank you for moving our HC girls into the girls AAA rankings. I hope we can stay there for the rest of the season. Looks like you were right on Franklin (they whipped Hickory tonight) and I was right on Warren (not rated, but still over-rated). We’re looking forward to playing Mercyhurst. I’m not predicting an upset, but I do think it will be a great game.

  4. Tom Reisenweber says:

    We will see. Hopefully it is a good game but it’ll tough for any team against the top four in AAA. And after seeing how good Hopewell and Blackhawk could be this year, it’ll be tough for any AAA team in the west lol.


  5. Bill says:


    What are your early opinions on the Northwestern boys? You got to see them up close and personal twice this week. I know they are inexperienced with only one varsity player returning from last year. Do you think they have a chance to make some noise in the playoffs?

  6. Tom Reisenweber says:

    I think Northwestern will be a tough out…..if they can get to the playoffs. The thing I’ve noticed with Class AA this year is after West Middlesex, there are a bunch of equal teams. NW needs to take care of several talented teams like Iroquois, Seneca and North East and their games with Titusville are crucial. Region 4 might only get three playoff spots and NW is in a hole right now.

    Having said that, if NW gets to the playoffs anything can happen. I think they have the right coach and the right system in place, they just need to get going quicker. In both games I saw, NW really turned it on in the fourth quarter to come back in both games. Waiting that long might be the inexperience shining through but I really think they will be competitive for years to come. As that team matures, they will be dangerous.


  7. chuck says:

    You saw how good hopewell and blackhawk could be? Or you read/were told how good they could be? Is this what is being passed off as sports journalism these days? I have heard that hopewell and blackhawk are pretty darn good, but i havent seen them play in the 2012-2013 season, so i cannot accurately tell anyone how good those two teams will be. It is impossible to accurately rank teams that you haven’t seen, and it is shoddy sports reporting.
    Though it must be nice to get paid to make assumptions from reading box scores and talking to peers. Did you guys hand pick the all state teams yet?

  8. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Hey chuck,
    I’ve seen both play actually. Blackhawk was up in Erie playing Mercyhurst Prep and I went to see Hopewell play over the holiday break in the Mars tournament. Also, I’ve seen them play every year over the past three years to see Shatori Walker-Kimborough dominate. By the way she is going to Maryland.

    Anything else you want to know?


  9. kirby says:

    How can you leave out the Rocky Grove Girls? They have a better record than Eisenhower or Commodore Perry. They are a team to watch this year.

  10. Tom Reisenweber says:

    They have plenty of time to prove it. Rankings aren’t based on just overall record as each team plays a different level of competition in non-region games.


  11. Tom Reisenweber says:

    I guess the math wasn’t so funny? lol all in good fun.


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