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Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings

Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings


Class A

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Kennedy Catholic 6-3 1
2. Erie First 12-1 3
3. Cochranton 7-5 2
4. Rocky Grove 3-8 NR
5. Eisenhower 2-9 5
Dropped out: Commodore Perry
Class AA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. West Middlesex 8-3 1
2. Mercyhurst Prep 7-5 3
3. Lakeview 10-2 2
4. Titusville 8-3 NR
5. Fairview 7-5 4
Dropped out: Northwestern
Class AAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. General McLane 8-3 1
2. Hickory 8-2 2
3. Strong Vincent 5-4 NR
4. Girard 8-3 NR
5. Warren 6-3 3
Dropped out: Franklin, Meadville
Class AAAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Cathedral Prep 11-1 1
2. Central Tech 9-2 3
3. McDowell 10-4 2

Class A

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Kennedy Catholic 10-1 1
2. Farrell 7-3 2
3. Cochranton 9-2 3
4. Eisenhower 6-4 4
5. Rocky Grove 6-6 NR
Dropped out: Commodore Perry
Class AA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. General McLane 9-1 2
2. North East 9-1 1
3. Girard 7-3 3
4. Mercer 9-3 NR
5. Seneca 9-2 5
Dropped out: Sharon
Class AAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Franklin 9-1 1
2. Villa Maria 8-1 3
3. Mercyhurst Prep 7-3 2
4. Hickory 9-1 4
5. Warren 9-1 NR
Dropped out: Harbor Creek
Class AAAA

Rank School Rec. Prv
1. McDowell 5-9 1
2. Central Tech 6-9 2
3. East 1-10 3

–Tom Reisenweber

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10 Responses to Erie Times-News District 10 basketball rankings

  1. Fachetti Fan says:

    I realize our Huskies did not have the best of weeks, but I still believe our girls deserve a spot in your Class AAA Top Five. If you take just a brief moment to compare the schedules, you would see HC has played at least five stronger opponents than anyone on Warren’s schedule. Our Huskies have a win over McDowell. Guess who Warren lost to. Records will mean more in a couple weeks. But at this point, you can’t judge teams by their records. It would be one thing if you dropped us for Grove City. It makes no sense to drop us in favor of Warren.

  2. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Fachetti Fan,
    You can’t go with the opponent comparison game, meaning HC beats McDowell and McDowell beats Warren so HC has to be better than Warren. That never works. Look at the NFL. The Rams beat the Cardinals who upset the Patriots. Are we really going to say the Rams are better than the Patriots?

    Harbor Creek had its shot but I think the 15-point loss to Seneca decided it for me. Warren, despite a close loss to McDowell, is playing great basketball this year and deserves to be in the rankings. I guess we will find out in 11 days but it makes perfect sense to give a 9-1 team, whose only loss is to a Class AAAA team that will win D-10, some recognition over a Class AAA team that has three losses to Class AA teams.


  3. Fachetti Fan says:

    You see most/all of the teams and you’re paid to do the rankings. I respect that and appreciate the work you do. I have not seen Warren, but I’ve talked to a couple fans who have and they agree with me. I just don’t believe you can play the AAAA likely champion card when the three AA teams that beat HC have or would all beat that AAAA team and your No. 5 AAA team. If you would take a moment to compare the schedules and the results, I think you would agree with my conclusions. Like you said, we’ll find out for sure in the next couple weeks. I promise not to say “I told you so.”

  4. Tom Reisenweber says:

    And I promise not to say I told you so about Hickory lol. There is no perfect way to do rankings but it is much more than just schedules and results.


  5. Bill says:


    It seems like Region 4 is real competive every night with the exception of one or two games here and there. Seems like there should be another good one this week with North East and Northwestern. Also the interesting story line of the new NW coach, coaching against his former team. Will you be covering the game?


  6. Tom Reisenweber says:

    While that is an interesting story with Mike going against his former team, both teams are at the bottom of the standings right now and three games behind the top three. There isn’t anything set in stone by Region 4 may only get three playoffs spots. The more important game that night might be Titusville at Fairview but I’m not sure what we are planning on yet.


  7. JOPA says:

    Tom,please put Harbor Creek girls in your top five ranking’s.Just so I don’t have to read Fachetti Fan’s bumbling nonsense. Thanks

  8. LV says:

    Mercyhurst boys over Lakeview? Interesting take…your thoughts?

  9. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Both teams are very talented and I viewed that as even the whole season. These past two weeks, Mercyhurst has really stepped forward and won big games, including a blowout of rival Fairview. Lakeview fell to West Middlesex. Now, if these teams stay on the same path, Mercyhurst is going to win the region and be the No. 2 seed, while Lakeview needs to upset Middlesex to share the region title. MP and Lakeview have played in some great games during the playoffs and I’d love to see it again but right now, I think Mercyhurst is the better team.


  10. Fachetti Fan says:

    Jeepers JoPa,
    That was cruel. Bumbling? Nonsense?
    I admit I have a slight bias. (I’ll even admit to Tom that I was wrong on Hickory.) However, I don’t believe I bumble and everything I have said makes pretty good sense. At least we agree HC should be number 5 in Tom’s rankings. Go Huskies.

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