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Bracketology: Playoff projections

Below are the latest District 10 basketball playoff projections. Please remember these are strictly opinion and nothing is official. Readers are welcome to post questions, comments or their own projections. Nothing will be official until the D-10 Committee releases the brackets. These projections also do not include possible play-in games although they are unlikely.

Class A
(3) Erie First vs. (6) VisionQuest
(4) Rocky Grove vs. (5) Eisenhower
Byes: (1) Kennedy Catholic, (2) Cochranton

Class AA
(1) Mercyhurst Prep vs. (8) Reynolds
(2) West Middlesex vs. (7) North East
(3) Saegertown vs. (6) Titusville
(4) Lakeview vs. (5) Fairview

Class AAA
(1) General McLane vs. (8) Farrell
(2) Hickory vs. (7) East
(3) Strong Vincent vs. (6) Meadville
(4) Franklin vs. (5) Girard

Class AAA
(2) Central Tech vs. (3) McDowell
Bye: (1) Cathedral Prep

Class A
(3) Farrell vs. (6) Rocky Grove
(4) Eisenhower vs. (5) Commodore Perry
Byes: (1) Kennedy Catholic, (2) Cochranton

Class AA
(1) Sharpsville vs. (8) Seneca
(2) General McLane vs. (7) Mercer
(3) Saegertown vs. (6) Girard
(4) North East vs. (5) Sharon

Class AAA
(1) Villa Maria vs. (8) Slippery Rock
(2) Franklin vs. (7) Warren
(3) Mercyhurst Prep vs. (6) Grove City
(4) Hickory vs. (5) Conneaut

Class AAAA
(1) McDowell vs. (2) Central Tech

–Tom Reisenweber

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