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Playoff basketball decisions won’t be easy

The District 10 basketball playoff brackets are due out Sunday. Here’s a look at all eight classes and the tough decisions D-10 will have to deal with.

Class A
D-10 website stated bracket: 6 teams
Teams that have clinched: Kennedy Catholic, Cochranton
At-large pool: VisionQuest, Rocky Grove, Eisenhower, Commodore Perry, Erie First
Breakdown: This bracket is one of the easiest for D-10 to develop. There are seven teams that have somewhat of a case. There has been talk about reducing to four teams but with three teams moving on to the PIAA playoffs, it’d be tough to only do a four-team bracket. Erie First is likely in at 9-11 despite forfeiting 11 games this year. The Eagles proved they can compete in D-10 with three D-10 wins before being made to give them up.

Class AA
D-10 website stated bracket: 8 teams
Teams that have clinched: West Middlesex, Saegertown, Mercyhurst Prep
At-large pool: Lakeview, Fairview, Titusville, Sharpsville, Wilmington, Reynolds, Cambridge Springs, North East, Iroquois
Breakdown: Good luck, D-10. Let’s say other than the three automatics that Lakeview, Fairview and Titusville are in giving D-10 six teams. If D-10 sticks to region representation, which kept Seneca out a few years ago, Cambridge has a case as the second AA team in Region 3 despite a 6-win season. Let’s say Cambridge is left out, Reynolds is 12-10 but will finish fifth in Region 2. They are probably out but for our purposes, we are including all teams above .500. Wilmington is playing West Middlesex tonight, that might eliminate the Greyhounds if Sharpsville takes care of Greenville. So, let’s add Sharpsville to the list of teams in if they beat Greenville. That gives D-10 seven teams. North East plays Fairview tonight and Iroquois plays Titusville. If NE and Iroquois each win or each lose, Iroquois has the tiebreaker with two head-to-head wins. Both could have a case if they finish tied for fourth place. However it shakes out, there might be a play-in game or two on the horizon.

Class AAA
D-10 website stated bracket: 8 teams
Teams that have clinched: Hickory, General McLane
At-large pool: Girard, Strong Vincent, Meadville, Farrell, Sharon, Franklin, East, Warren, Conneaut
Breakdown: Play-in games on the way? D-10 took 10 teams in AAA last year and might be in a similar situation. Let’s say Girard, Strong Vincent, Meadville and the winner of Farrell-Sharon are in to give D-10 6 teams. Conneaut is likely in with a winning record despite the objection of plenty of readers. So, we have seven teams with four left to sort out. East plays Harbor Creek tonight and a loss would drop the Warriors into a fourth-place tie with Warren. Warren beat East twice giving the Dragons the tiebreaker but would D-10 eliminate a team tied for fourth? Even an East win and Warren is likely 13-9 after all is said and done. Franklin needs to beat Slippery Rock tonight to guarantee a tie for fourth place with the Sharon-Farrell loser tonight. Franklin split with Sharon and Farrell, meaning no tiebreaker. That gives D-10 a total of 11 teams to deal with. A possible scenario is taking 10, including two play-in games. Only way to do that would be to eliminate Warren with an East win tonight or eliminate East if they lose tonight. This is the toughest bracket for D-10 to worry about.

Class AAAA
D-10 website stated bracket: 2 or 3 teams
Teams that have clinched: Cathedral Prep, Central Tech
At-large pool: McDowell
Breakdown: All indications point to a semifinal between Central Tech and McDowell despite the Trojans going 0-4 in region play. All three Class AAAA teams have a winning record and it would actually be a boost for D-10 to have an extra game aka a semifinal.

Class A
D-10 website stated bracket: 6 teams
Teams that have clinched: Kennedy Catholic, Cochranton
At-large pool: Farrell, Commodore Perry, Rocky Grove, Reynolds, Eisenhower
Breakdown: Everything became a mess Thursday night. Kennedy and Cochranton will get byes, that’s simple. Farrell, Commodore Perry, Rocky Grove and Reynolds have finished in a second-place tie. All but Farrell will have a losing overall record. Eisenhower is 10-12. D-10 might have to go to a 7-team bracket and give Kennedy the bye. Even Reynolds at 7-14 can make the case that they finished in second place in Region 1.

Class AA
D-10 website stated bracket: 8 teams
Teams that have clinched: Sharpsville, Saegertown, General McLane
At-large pool: Mercer, Sharon, Cambridge Springs, North East, Girard, Seneca
Breakdown: Most of the bracket is straight forward. Let’s say North East, Girard, Mercer and Sharon are in with the three automatics. Seven teams in with one spot left. Seneca finished fourth in Region 4 at 16-6 overall and 9-5 in the region. Cambridge Springs is 11-10 overall and 5-6 in Region 3 with a tough game against Conneaut left. Seneca has a stronger case but could region representation really keep Seneca out after it happened to the Seneca boys a few years ago? Logic could dictate a Seneca-Cambridge play-in game but that’ll be up to D-10.

Class AAA
D-10 website stated bracket: 8 teams
Teams that have clinched: Franklin, Villa Maria
At-large pool: Conneaut, Mercyhurst Prep, Hickory, Slippery Rock, Grove City, Warren, Harbor Creek
Breakdown: The “X” factor here is Conneaut. The Eagles are 18-3 and played mostly A and AA teams this season. The beat Class AAA Fort LeBoeuf 47-19 but lost to Grove City 49-35. Without Conneaut the bracket sets up perfectly but the Eagles will likely grab a spot. D-10 can either do a play-in game or eliminate Harbor Creek or Grove City. Leaving GC out for Conneaut wouldn’t make much sense after Grove City beat Conneaut this year head-to-head. That leaves Harbor Creek in a tough situation. The Huskies beat Warren Thursday to strengthen its playoff resume. Will D-10 have Harbor Creek and Conneaut play? Maybe Harbor Creek and Grove City?

Class AAAA
D-10 website stated bracket: 2 or 4 teams
Team that has clinched: McDowell
At-large pool: Central Tech, East
Breakdown: Despite the stated 2 or 4 team bracket, it appears we have a three-team playoff coming. Strong Vincent is 1-21 and its only case to get in is to fill out a four-team bracket. Central Tech and East split during the regular season and will likely get a semifinal game with the winner playing McDowell.

– Tom Reisenweber

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10 Responses to Playoff basketball decisions won’t be easy

  1. venangocountyhoops says:

    what abut Erie Fist in A? something happen to them?

  2. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Good call. Left them out accidentally.

  3. Hometown Hero says:


    In AAA Girls why not a play in game between Grove City vs. Conneaut? Harborcreek has a better overall record and they have the same region record!!

  4. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Hometown Hero,
    Grove City already earned its win over Conneaut. I can’t imagine D-10 making GC beat Conneaut again no matter what the records are.


  5. harborcreekFan101 says:

    conneaut should be left out. they beat a weak team in region 6 and couldn’t beat the 4 team in the other AAA region. they do deserve the chance but by the looks they aren’t good enough.

  6. prep92 says:

    Seems unfair to central to have them play McDowell again. This may be one time in my life I’m rooting for McDowell.

  7. bballman32 says:

    I dont know how they will work the brackets but i think the AA boys matchups will be West Middlesex vs North East (possible play in game winner if they let in Cambridge), Mercyhurst vs Sharpsville, Saegertown vs Fairview, Lakeview vs Titusville. To avoid region matchups that is the only way it could shake out unless They swap Saegertown and Lakeview which shouldnt happen. Bracket would have Mercyhurst and Lakeview on one side, West Middlesex and Saegertown on the other.

  8. Tom Reisenweber says:

    I believe NE was eliminated last night. Iroquois beat NE twice and finished in a tie. In fact. both might be out with losing records and region balance to fight off.


  9. ballfan says:

    Any idea what time the D10 committee was meeting and when the brackets will be released?

  10. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Meeting begins at 11 a.m. Sunday. I wouldn’t expect anything until mid-late afternoon.


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