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Friday’s District 10 playoff basketball scores

District 10 basketball playoffs
Class A quarterfinals
VisionQuest 54, Rocky Grove 48
Eisenhower 65, Commodore Perry 47
Class AA quarterfinals
Lakeview 48, Titusville 37
Mercyhurst Prep 65, Sharpsville 46
West Middlesex 82, Iroquois 44
Fairview 59, Saegertown 46

–Tom Reisenweber

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10 Responses to Friday’s District 10 playoff basketball scores

  1. Josey says:

    I sure hope the refs for the Sharpsville / Prep game aren’t as bad as the ones in the Fairview / Saegertown game. It’s very obvious that they are Erie Co Refs and helping Fairview with one sided calls. If Prep gets their own refs then Sharpsville will have a long night.

  2. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Prep plays in Class AAAA. I was at tonight’s game. I didn’t see anything wrong with the officiating. Great game played by two talented teams.


  3. Venangocountyhoops says:

    Isn’t safer town in Erie county?

  4. Venangocountyhoops says:


  5. Todd Battin says:

    That would never happen? Just ask Cambridge from couple yrs ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tom Reisenweber says:

    No, Crawford.

  7. Hammer says:

    I think Josey meant Mercyhurst Prep. Fairview was on fire with the 3s tonight. Hard to beat a team that shoots that well from behind the line! Saegertown just needed a guard or two. Good team but just needed a ball handler.

  8. Tom Reisenweber says:

    I know he meant Mercyhurst but my new mission is to shake non-Erie County people from calling Mercyhurst Prep, Prep.

    Simple formula everyone:
    Mercyhurst Prep = Mercyhurst
    Cathedral Prep = Prep


  9. josey says:

    the only way West Middlesex and Lakeview will have a chance is to play the games outside of Erie Co.

  10. Steve says:


    actually Fairview had more fouls called on them in the first half then Saegertown. To start the game it was 6 fouls to 2 in favor of Saegertown. Just face it that Fairview was better. They proved it. Also, the first time they played Fairview was better also without 2 of their better players. Do not take the strong effort away from both teams. Fairview was just better last night. By the way, I am a sharpsville fan.

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