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Erie Times-News District 10 playoff projections

This will be the final set of projections as the District 10 baseball and softball playoff brackets will be released at the end of the week. Remember, these are based on the current standings and could change daily. Nothing is official until D-10 releases the brackets. Fans are welcome to comment on the projections and post their own.

Class A
Rocky Grove (Region 1) vs. Iroquois (at-large)
Cochranton (at-large) vs. Kennedy Catholic (at-large)

Class AA
Saegertown (Region 3) vs. Fairview (at-large)
Titusville (Region 4) vs. Northwestern (at-large)
Sharpsville (Region 2) vs. Franklin (at-large)
Mercyhurst Prep (Region 5) vs. Wilmington (at-large)

Class AAA
Harbor Creek (Region 7) vs. General McLane (at-large)
Warren (at-large) vs. Slippery Rock (at-large)
Byes: Cathedral Prep (Region 8), Grove City (Region 6)

Cathedral Prep vs. Harbor Creek-General McLane winner
Grove City vs. Warren-Slippery Rock winner

Class AAAA
McDowell (Region 8 ) vs. Central Tech (at-large)

Class A
Reynolds (at-large) vs. Cochranton (at-large)
Byes: Sharpsville (Region 1), Saegertown (Region 2), Iroquois (Region 3)

Saegertown vs. Reynolds-Cochranton winner
Sharpsville vs. Iroquois

Class AA
Fairview (Region 4) vs. Sharon (at-large)
Maplewood (Region 3) vs. Harbor Creek (at-large)
Titusville (Region 5) vs. Mercer (at-large)
Wilmington (Region 2) vs. North East (at-large)

Class AAA
Warren (Region 7) vs. Hickory (at-large)
Corry (Region 6) vs. Fort LeBoeuf (at-large)

Class AAAA
McDowell (Region 7) vs. Strong Vincent (at-large)

–Tom Reisenweber

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10 Responses to Erie Times-News District 10 playoff projections

  1. bob says:

    Who wins iroquois vs eisenhower tuesday? Winner in,loser out?

  2. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Basically an elimination game on Tuesday.

  3. Brad says:

    Why, if West Middlesex is the #5 team, did you pick Cochranton over WM for Class A softball?

  4. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Rankings and projections are two different things. A team might be better than another but not get in over them. Right now West Middlesex is in third place in Region 1 and Cochranton is in second place among Class A teams. Just a feeling.

  5. JRo says:

    Tom, Franklin just beat Sharon 5-4 in AA softball, do you want to revise your projection for the 8 seed? Just kidding!

  6. SHANT1969 says:

    I sure hope D10 looks differently at Region 2 baseball. Three teams deserve in from that Region. Sorry but Fairview does not get in based on overall record.

  7. Bill C says:

    Why do you think Franklin was left out of the playoffs in softball. Werent they more “deserving” then Northwestern and Maplewood??

  8. Tom Reisenweber says:

    Maplewood is automatically in because they are the top AA team in that region. You’d have to ask the tournament director about Northwestern. My guess would be if you put Franklin in, you put in 100% of the AA teams in one region. If you go Northwestern you are only at 50% for that region.


  9. Bill C says:

    Thanks for your input. The thing with Franklin region is that they and Titusville were the only two “AA” schools in that region” .If you look at records I believe Franklin’s was better.

  10. Bill C says:

    Better record than Northwestern’s that is

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