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PIAA enrollment ranges released

Here’s a look at the ranges for each sport for the upcoming PIAA two-year cycle. The PIAA hasn’t released a list of what schools are what classifications, but here is an idea of where schools might fall. Schools have until Dec. 10 to decide if they want to play up in any sport. The finalized list of team classifications by district is due out late December or early January.

Baseball: Class A 146 and below, Class AA 147-257, Class AAA 258-450, Class AAAA 451 and above
Boys basketball: Class A 125 and below, Class AA 126-234, Class AAA 235-411, Class AAAA 412 and above
Girls basketball: Class A 125 and below, Class AA 126 to 229, Class AAA 230 to 403, Class AAAA 404 and above
Boys cross country: Class A 207 and below, Class AA 208-399, Class AAA 400 and above
Girls cross country: Class A 195 and below, Class AA 196-384, Class AAA 385 and above
Football: Class A 174 and below, Class AA 175-299, Class AAA 300-492, Class AAAA 493 and above
Boys golf: Class AA 297 and below, Class AAA 298 and above
Girls golf: Class AA 302 and below, Class AAA 303 and above
Boys soccer: Class A 213 and below, Class AA 214 to 401, Class AAA 402 and above
Girls soccer: Class A 213 and below, Class AA 214 to 393, Class AAA 394 and above
Softball: Class A 146 and below, Class AA 147 to 246, Class AAA 247 to 444, Class AAAA 445 and above
Boys swimming and diving: Class AA 409 and below, Class AAA 410 and above
Girls swimming and diving: Class AA 392 and below, Class AAA 393 and above
Boys tennis: Class AA 377 and below, Class AAA 378 and above
Girls tennis: Class AA 356 and below, Class AAA 357 and above
Boys track and field: Class AA 277 and below, Class AAA 278 and above
Girls track and field: Class AA 265 and below, Class AAA 266 and above
Boys volleyball: Class AA 467 and below, Class AAA 468 and above
Girls volleyball: Class A 173 and below, Class AA 174-376, Class AAA 377 and above
Wrestling: Class AA 336 and below, Class AAA 337 and above

–Tom Reisenweber

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