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Posted: July 14th, 2014

Harbor Creek student Jacob Van Slyke and recent Mercyhurst Prep graduate Georgia Capotis are the leading golfers in the boys and girls age 18-under divisions heading into Tuesday’s action for the 2014 Erie Sports Store Flagship Junior Tour.

The fifth stop is at Oakland Beach Golf Course in Conneaut Lake. Tee times will start at 8 a.m.

Van Slyke, a junior-to-be for the Huskies, leads his division with 170.70 points. McDowell senior-to-be Ryder Grignol is second with 136.50.

Capotis will join the Mercyhurst University women’s golf team this fall. She has 60 points so far in her final tour season, with Warren senior-to-be Megan Smoulder next at 46.

– Mike Copper

Posted: June 12th, 2014

The City-County Baseball All-Star Game is set for June 23 at Jerry Uht Park, and the rosters have been released.

Here’s a look:

- Rich Kolash and Mark Cosner, Central Tech
- McDowell: Anthony Achille, Matt Hansen, Lucas Bailey, Cody Ballay, Brandon Peebles, Nick Christensen, Anthony McGreevey
- Cathedral Prep: Billy Fessler, Joe Baltes, Ryan Becker, Ted DeSanti, Sam Riley, Vincent Schohn, Matt Viera
- Strong Vincent: Austan Trale, Mark Akerly
- Mercyhurst Prep: Erik Niedzwiecki, Kyle O’Connell, Ben Forcier, Aaron Haas
- Central Tech: Brian Kelly, Trent Heitzenrater, Jared Heitzenrater
- East: Zach Pellegrino
- John Light, Northwestern, and Tim Banks, General McLane
- North East: Chris Grow
- Union City: Drake Burgess, Shane Russell
- Northwestern: Nate Noe, Greg DePalma, Jay Clinger, Evan Bird, Sam Yochim, Dom Adamson, Dylan Bird
- General McLane: Zach Fox, Chris Laird, Trevor Cauvel
- Fairview: Hunter Jageman
- Fort LeBoeuf: Mike Steadman, Cy Carroll
- Corry: Bailey Patten, Joe Karpenko, Garrett Zajac
- Harbor Creek: Patrick Brennan, Mitchell Fife, Isaac Mattson
- Girard: Josh Schaaf
- Iroquois: Mike Yokoff
- Seneca: Seth Magee

Check out this link for more about the game and its festivities.

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Posted: April 26th, 2014

Track and field updates from Saturday’s 29th annual McDowell Invitational. Competition at Gus Anderson Field starts at 9 a.m.

Earlier updates will appear in the previous entry section.

– Mike Copper

* The McDowell girls easily won the team title with 111 poins. Villa Maria was second with 85.

* The Baldwin boys won the team title with 79 points. Cathedral Prep and McDowell tied for second at 70.

* The meet MVPs are Franklin Abby Jones (girls field), McDowell’s Sydney Sokol (girls track), Seneca’s Ben McGill (boys field) and Girard’s Bailey Moore (boys track).

Read the rest of this entry »

Posted: April 25th, 2014

Fort LeBoeuf’s Abby Rose, Seneca’s Ben McGill and Mercyhurst Prep’s Sebastian Curtin are three Erie County entrants expected to defend events when the 29th annual McDowell Invitational takes place Saturday. Track and field action in and around Gus Anderson Field will start at 9 a.m.

There are 16 teams scheduled to vie for the girls’ team title, with 14 of them from District 10. District 7 Baldwin and District 9 Brookville round out that list.

There are 15 teams expected to show for the boys’ competition. Baldwin is the only one not from District 10.

Rose seeks to repeat in the girls’ javelin. McGill will try to do the same in the boys’ shot put, as will Curtin in the 3,200-meter run.

– Mike Copper

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Posted: March 20th, 2014

---Parents, family members and friends of District 10 athletes are welcome to send their favorite student-athlete Birthday Wishes in the Varsity print edition.

Birthday Wishes is sponsored by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and any athlete whose name appears in the Birthday Wishes section of Varsity will receive a free doughnut after presenting the listing and identification to Krispy Kreme, 7501 Peach St.

Submit your student-athlete’s name, school and birthdate to the Erie Times-News sports department by e-mail at Type “Varsity Birthday Wishes” in the e-mail’s subject line.

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Posted: March 8th, 2014

Match updates of District 10 wrestlers in Saturday’s PIAA Class AA tournament at the Giant Center in Hershey. The medal session starts at 2 p.m.

The top eight wrestlers in each division will receive medals.

– Mike Copper
Posted: March 8th, 2014

Match updates of District 10 wrestlers in Saturday’s PIAA Class AAA tournament at the Giant Center in Hershey. The semifinal session starts at 9 a.m. and the championship session at 7 p.m.

The top eight wrestlers in each division will receive medals.

– Mike Copper
Posted: February 28th, 2014

Northwest Region Class AA wrestling updates from Sharon H.S.

Team standings (through quarterfinals): 1. Reynolds 45, 2. Brookville 35, 3. Fort LeBoeuf 30, 4. Greenville 23, 5. Redbank Valley 20, 6. Saegertown 18, 7. Kane 17.5, 8. Brockway 15, 9. Jamestown 11, 10. Conneaut 10, 12. Lakeview 10, 13. North East 9, 14. Sharon 8, 15. Clarion 7, 16. Cambridge Springs 6, 17. Corry 6, 18. Coudersport 6, 19. Franklin 6, 20. Maplewood 6.

Team key: Brockway (By), Brookville (Bv), Cambridge Springs (CS), Cameron County (CC), Clarion (Cl), Cochranton (Co), Commodore Perry (CP), Conneaut (Ct), Corry (Cy), Coudersport (Cp), Cranberry (Cr), Eisenhower (Ei), Fort LeBoeuf (FL), Franklin (Fr), Greenville (Gv), Grove City (GC), Harbor Creek (HC), Hickory (H), Jamestown (Ja), Kane (Ka), Keystone (Ke), Lakeview (La), Maplewood (Ma), North East (NE), Northwestern (NW), Oswayo Valley (OV), Port Allegany (PA), Redbank Valley (RV), Reynolds (Re), Ridgway (Ri), Saegertown (Sa), Seneca (Se), Sharon (Sh), Sharpsville (Sv), Sheffield (Sf), Smethport (Sm), Union City (UC).


106: Carlson (By) d Bayless (Re) 5-2.

113: Ortz (Bv) p Messai (Ja) 1:39.

120: Carter (FL) d Gruver (RV) 7-6.

126: Blankenship (Ka) d Bartolo (Re) 4-3.

132: Vath (Sa) d Lukowich (Ct) 2-0.

138: Zacherl (Bv) md McGuire (FL) 11-2.

145: Stoyer (Re) d Vroman (Bv) 7-0.

152: Zacherl (Bv) md Boozer (Co) 11-2.

160: Bova (Cp) p Miller (Bv) 1:28.

170: Delong (Ka) d Geer (Fr) 6-2.

182: Reynolds (Sa) inj. def. over Bruce (Cr) 4:32.

195: Morris (Cy) d Stafford (CS) 6-4.

220: Rickert (Re) d Overman (Ct) 8-5.

285: Breese (La) p Carillo (RV) 1:42.

Consolation finals

106: Lineman (Gv) d Hancock (Cr) 4-0.

113: Hogue (Re) d Vollmer (PA) 4-0.

120: Wheeler (NW) d Aaron (Bv) 5-1.

126: Altobelli (RV) p Alfreno (Sh) 4:54.

132: Zimmerman (Bv) d Brown (Ka) 5-1.

138: Monico (Sa) d Fish (Se) 5-1 OT.

145: Ellis (Ct) d Humes (Sa) 7-4.

152: Malinowski (FL) d McCollum (Re) 3-2.

160: Colebert (OV) d Gladysz (Gr) 2-1.

171: Millero (Re) d Benson (By) 4-3.

182: Messai (Ja) md Moffett (Re) 12-1.

195: Reinwald (FL) d Spence (La) 3-1 OT.

220: Phelps (NE) d Town (Bv) 11-5.

285: Ringer (Re) d Karsten (CC) 3-1.

Consolation semifinals

106: Lineman (Gv) d Guariello (FL) 3-0; Hancock (Cr) d Park (Bv) 5-2.

113: Hogue (Re) d Paxton (Gv) 7-5; Vollmer (PA) d Woolcock (Ka) 7-2.

120: Aaron (Bv) d Gray (NE) 3-2; Wheeler (NW) d Elizon (Sa) 4-3.

126: Alfreno (Sh) md Clever (Bv) 17-7; Altobelli (RV) d Kuzma (FL) 6-4.

132: Brown (Ka) p Lindenmuth (By) 1:40; Zimmerman (Bv) d Walter (GC) 1-0 OT.

138: Monico (Sa) p Shunk (Sm) 4:19; Fish (Se) d Wilkerson (Gv) 1-0.

145: Humes (Sa) d Blose (RV) 4-0; Ellis (Ct) d Duffy (Sm) 7-5.

152: Malinowski (FL) d Parsons (Ma) 3-2; McCollum (Re) md Zuver (Sa) 8-0.

160: Gladysz (Gv) d Newara (HC) 5-2; Colebert (OV) p Bable (GC) :25.

170: Millero (Re) d Parsons (Ma) 6-3; Benson (By) d Sheasley (Ri) 5-0.

182: Messai (Ja) d Reynolds (Gv) 3-2; Moffett (Re) d Delhunty (Ri) 4-2.

195: Spence (La) d Mueller (Sv) 1-0; Reinwald (FL) d Tuttle (Cp) 13-6.

220: Phelps (NE) p Sintobin (Cl) 2:12; Town (Bv) d Shappee (Ja) 6-3.

285: Ringer (Re) d Conti (FL) 4-1 TB; Karsten (CC) p Beal (Ke) :49.


106: Ryan Carlson (By) d Michael Lineman (Gv) 2-1; Gage Bayless (Re) p Gavin Park (Bv) 1:29.

113: Faris Messai (Ja) d Seth Hogue (Re) 6-2; Taylor Ortz (Bv) p Austin Woolcock (Ka) 5:45.

120: Jarrette Carter (FL) d Cole Aaron (Bv) 5-1; Willis Gruver (RV) md Bingbong Elizon (Sa) 8-0.

126: Cody Blankenship (Ka) p Austin Alfreno (Sh) 1:31; Michael Bartolo (Re) md Tyler Kuzma (FL) 10-0.

132: Tyler Vath (Sa) d Mason Lindenmuth (By) 3-1; Kyle Lukowich (Ct) d Dalton Zimmerman (Bv) 1-0.

138: Brock Zacherl (Bv) d Nick Monico (Sa) 7-1; George McGuire (FL) p Gavin Wilkerson (Gv) 5:05.

145: Zach Vroman (Bv) md Mitch Blose (RV) 9-1; Levi Stoyer (Re) p James Duffy (Sm) 4:37.

152: Robert Boozer (Co) p Brad Malinowski (FL) 5:45; Brodie Zacherl (Bv) d Mason McCollum (Re) 7-4.

160: Jimmy Miller (Bv) d Gage Gladysz (Gv) 3-1; Kyle Bova (Cp) tf Samuel Colebert (OV) 21-6 (4:53).

170: Evan Delong (Ka) tf Mike Millero (Re) 16-0 (4:19); Dakota Geer (Fr) d Anthony Benson (By) 6-4.

182: Dylan Reynolds (Sa) d Justin Reynolds (Gv) 4-2; Zachery Bruce (Cr) tf Austin Moffett (Re) 15-0 (4:14).

195: Ryan Morris (Cy) d Marquis Spence (La) 5-3; Zach Stafford (CS) d Garrett Reinwald (FL) 6-5.

220: Cole Rickert (Re) d Andrew Phelps (NE) 7-5; Connor Overman (Ct) d Jason Shappee (Ja) 7-3.

285: Sam Breese (La) d Nate Conti (FL) 5-2; Ben Carillo (RV) d Jack Karsten (CC) 5-3 OT.

First consolation round

106: Guariello (FL) md Dominic Vadala (Hi) 12-4; Hancock (Cr) md Ryan Kube (RV) 8-0.

113: Paxton (Gv) forfeit over Preston Hoover (Me); Casey Vollmer (PA) d Walter (Hi) 6-3.

120: Gray (NE) p Jon Gelsick (Ka) 2:49; Matt Wheeler (NW) d Hauck (Re) 7-5.

126: Cole Clever (Bv) d Glasl (By) 3-2; Tanner Altobelli (RV) p Mott (CP) :57.

132: Darren Brown (Ka) p Hibbler (Se) 5:42; Luke Walter (GC) p Leise (Re) 2:22.

138: Adam Shunk (Sm) p DiGregorio (Re) 1:53; Fish (Se) p Luke Gallo (RV) 2:37.

145: Matt Humes (Sa) d Sample (GC) 5-0; Taylor Ellis (Ct) md Grubbs (Sf) 12-2.

152: Parsons (Ma) d Zacherl (Cr) 10-5; Zuver (Sa) d Burdick (Sm) 7-2.

160: Matt Newara (HC) d Miller (Re) 4-3; Kenny Bable (GC) d Noble (CS) 2-0.

170: Parsons (Ma) p Zach Miller (Gv) 3:18; Dalton Sheasley (Ri) d Stiglitz (Ke) 4-2.

182: Messai (Ja) tf Kaven Hornberger (RV) 17-2 (4:15); Sam Delhunty (Ri) p Dignall (Sh) 1:57.

195: Mueller (Sv) by ind. def. over Brylee Shumaker (RV); Forest Tuttle (Cp) d Ethan Budd (PA) 6-0.

220: Sintobin (Cl) d Cal Haines (RV) 3-1; Town (Bv) d Keaton Rounsville (Ka) 9-2.

285: Gene Ringer (Re) d Lipps (Ct) 1-0; Beal (Ke) p Dylan Dinch (Sm) 4:39.

Consolation pigtails

106: Abe Guariello (FL) d Hunter Goodlin (Ja) 2-0; Joshua Hancock (Cr) d Nate Munsee (Cy) 5-0.

113: Jase Paxton (Gr) tf Harrison Keenan (Cr) 15-0 (3:27); Justin Walter (Hi) md Sam Svetz (NE) 15-1.

120: Logan Gray (NE) d Drew Baumgratz (Hi) 9-4; Chaise Hauck (Re) d Dustin Weilacher (UC) 4-2.

126: Jack Glasl (By) d Brandon Moss (Gv) 12-5; John Mott (CP) d Adam Ballew (NE) 6-1.

132: Chris Hibbler (Se) d Brandon Saline (CC) 4-2 OT; Joel Leise (Re) d Blake Reynolds (Gv) 2-1.

138: Alex DiGregorio (Re) d Dustin Tomcho (UC) 2-1 TB; Adam Fish (Se) tf Brian Fries (Sf) 17-2 (3:21).

145: Jared Sample (GC) d Derek Watt (Gv) 11-9; Doug Grubbs (Sf) med. default over Derek Steetle (Fr).

152: Jeremy Parsons (Ma) d Cody McClintick (By) 4-2; Garrett Zuver (Sa) d Louie Head (Ei) 5-3.

160: Kegan Miller (Re) d Lance Neuschler (Sa) 4-1 OT; Colton Noble (CS) p Keshon Truitt (RV) 1:43.

170: Jacob Parsons (Ma) p Brad Carlini (Co) 4:07; Zach Stiglitz (Ke) d Jordan Bryan (NE) 1-0.

182: Mohamed Messai (Ja) p Austin Hulings (Ka) 2:43; Beau Dignall (Sh) d Kyle Panko (NW) 4-2.

195: Chris Mueller (Sv) d Alexander Burkhart (Cl) 5-2; Forest Tuttle (Cp) p Isaiah Stearns (Ma) 4:24.

220: Zach Sintobin (Cl) d Tory Pusateri (Se) 4-0; Bryce Town (Bk) p Randall Peabody (Gv) 1:52.

285: Brian Lipps (Ct) d Mike McCool (Fr) 3-2; Tyler Beal (Ke) d Evan Miller (Co) 3-1.


106: Ryan Carlson (By) md Munsee (Cy) 10-0; Michael Lineman (Gv) d Ryan Kube (RV) 8-2; Gavin Park (Bv) d Dominic Vadala (Hi) 2-1; Gage Bayless (Re) d Guariello (FL) 8-3.

113: Faris Messai (Ja) d Walter (Hi) 8-3; Seth Hogue (Re) p Casey Vollmer (PA) 1:11; Austin Woolcock (Ka) by forfeit; Taylor Ortz (Bv) p Paxton (Gv) 2:47.

120: Jarrette Carter (FL) d Hauck (Re) 7-3; Cole Aaron (Bv) d Matt Wheeler (NW) 3-2; Bingbong Elizon (Sa) d Jon Gelsick (Ka) 4-2; Willis Gruver (RV) p Gray (NE) 1:37.

126: Cody Blankenship (Ka) p John Mott (CP) :27; Austin Alfreno (Sh) d Tanner Altobelli (RV) 5-1; Tyler Kuzma (FL) d Cole Clever (Bk) 1-0; Michael Bartolo (Re) p Glasl (By) 1:14.

132: Tyler Vath (Sa) d Reynolds (Gv) 5-2; Mason Lindenmuth (By) d Luke Walter (GC) 5-4; Kyle Lukowich (Ct) d Darren Brown (Ka) 8-4; Dalton Zimmerman (Bv) d Hibbler (Se) 6-4 OT.

138: Brock Zacherl (Bv) tf Fish (Se) 25-10 (5:19); Nick Monico (Sa) d Luke Gallo (RV) 7-0; Gavin Wilkerson (Gv) md Adam Shunk (Sm) 12-0; George McGuire (FL) md Tomcho (UC) 8-0.

145: Zach Vroman (Bv) inj. def. Steetle (Fr) :01; Mitch Blose (RV) p Taylor Ellis (Ct) 5:19; James Duffy (Sm) d Matt Humes (Sa) 5-0; Levi Stoyer (Re) p Jared Sample (GC) 3:24.

152: Robert Boozer (Co) md Head (Ei) 10-2; Brad Malinowski (FL) md Drew Burdick (Sm) 8-0; Mason McCollum (Re) d Paul Zacherl (Cr) 9-2; Brodie Zacherl (Bv) d Jeremy Parsons (Ma) 7-3.

160: Gage Gladysz (Gv) d Truitt (RV) 3-2; Jimmy Miller (Bv) md Kenny Bable (GC) 12-3; Samuel Colebert (OV) md Matt Newara (HC) 17-6; Kyle Bova (Cp) inj. def. over Miller (Re).

170: Evan Delong (Ka) tf Bryan (NE) 16-0 (2:27); Mike Millero (Re) d Dalton Sheasley (Ri) 7-3; Anthony Benson (By) d Zach Miller (Gv) 8-4; Dakota Geer (Fr) d Parsons (Ma) 8-1.

182: Dylan Reynolds (Sa) p Dignall (Sh) 3:50; Justin Reynolds (Gv) d Sam Delhunty (Ri) 7-0; Austin Moffett (Re) md Kaven Hornberger (RV) 15-5; Zachary Bruce (Cr) md Messai (Ja) 10-2.

195: Morris (Cy) d Forest Tuttle (Cp) 8-3; Marquis Spence (La) d Ethan Budd (PA) 8-3; Zach Stafford (CS) p Brylee Shumaker (RV) 1:00; Garrett Reinwald (FL) d Burkhart (Cl) 9-2.

220: Phelps (NE) d Bryce Town (Bv) 9-7; Cole Rickert (Re) p Keaton Rounsville (Ka) 3:29; Jason Shappee (Ja) d Cal Haines (RV) 7-4; Connor Overman (Ct) d Sintobin (Cl) 3-1.

285: Sam Breese (La) p Beal (Ke) 2:28; Nate Conti (FL) p Dylan Dinch (Sm) 1:32; Jack Karsten (CC) d Gene Ringer (Re) 2-1; Ben Carillo (RV) p Lipps (Ct) 3:28.


106: Nate Munsee (Cy) d Hunter Goodlin (Ja) 5-3; Abe Guariello (FL) d Joshua Hancock (Cr) 3-2.

113: Justin Walter (Hi) md Harrison Keenan (Cr) 13-0; Jase Paxton (Gv) p Sam Svetz (NE) 4:22.

120: Chaise Hautz (Re) d Drew Baumgratz (Ri) 7-0; Logan Gray (NE) tf Dustin Weilacher (UC) 15-0 (4:07).

126: John Mott (CP) md Brandon Moss (Gv) 10-0; Jack Glasl (By) d Adam Ballew (North East) 5-4.

132: Blake Reynolds (Gv) d Brandon Saline (CC) 4-0; Chris Hibbler (Se) p Joel Leise (Re) 4:34.

138: Adam Fish (Se) d Alex DiGregorio (Re) 4-2; Dustin Tomcho (UC) p Brian Fries (Sf) 6:58.

145: Derek Steetle (Fr) d Derek Watt (Gv) 6-5; Jared Sample (GC) d Doug Grubbs (Sf) 7-3.

152: Louie Head (Ei) d Cody McClintick (By) 4-0; Jeremy Parsons (Ma) d Garrett Zuver (Sa) 6-0.

160: Keshon Truitt (RV) d Lance Neuscheler (Sa) 3-2; Kegan Miller (Re) d Colton Noble (CS) 5-1.

170: Jordan Bryan (NE) md Brad Carlini (Co) 11-1; Jacob Parsons (Ma) p Zach Stiglitz (Ke) 4:54.

182: Beau Dignall (Sh) p Austin Hulings (Ka) :42; Mohamed Messai (Ja) md Kyle Panko (NW) 16-8.

195: Ryan Morris (Cy) d Chris Mueller (Sv) 7-2; Alexander Burkhart (Cl) d Isaiah Stearns (Ma) 7-4.

220: Andrew Phelps (NE) p Tony Pusateri (Se) 2:09; Zach Sintobin (Cl) p Randall Peabody (Gv) :58.

285: Tyler Beal (Ke) d Mike McCool (Fr) 9-2; Brian Lipps (Ct) d Evan Miller (C0) 4-3.

– John Dudley

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Posted: January 17th, 2014

–Tom Reisenweber

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Posted: January 12th, 2014

Nathan Tewell, Northwestern

Nathan Tewell, Northwestern

Northwestern sophomore Nathan Tewell put together an outstanding performance Saturday in Denver to win the 14-15-year-old NFL Punt, Pass & Kick national championship. On Sunday, Tewell’s amazing weekend continued as he was honored between the third and fourth quarters of the AFC divisional playoff game between the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos. Tewell was voted the all-region first team as a defensive back and second team as a punter this past fall. Click here for the story on Tewell winning the national championship.

–Tom Reisenweber

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Posted: December 18th, 2013

The Cathedral Prep swimming team defeated rival McDowell 105-65 on Wednesday night at Penn State Behrend’s Junker Center natatorium.

Following the first of the rivals’ two Region 3 duals, Ramblers coach Mike Doyle was asked about holding their first meeting at the site of the District 10 meet instead of East High School’s pool:

“It’s a bigger pool and a fastest pool around here … well, until 2015.”

Doyle’s coy aside was in reference to Tuesday’s announcement that an anonymous Prep graduate donated $10 million to his alma mater. Some of that money will be used to build a gymnasium and a natatorium on the Cathedral Prep Events Center’s existing green space.

Doyle said he was told the facilities are currently expected to open in July 2015.

– Mike Copper

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