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Posted: November 23rd, 2013

Greenville Trojans
Coach: Todd Nehlen (2nd season, 5-17)
2012-13 overall record: 5-17
2012-13 region record: 1-11 (seventh)
2012-13 playoff results: Did not qualify for the District 10 Class AA playoffs.
Top players lost: Chad Ferguson, Daniel Addison
Top returning players: Luke Houpt, Matt Jones, Tyler Fattman
Assistant coaches: Ron Mutinelli, Jeff Wallace, Brian Brown, Joel Wentling, Kyle Wentling, Chris Clark
Outlook: Greenville is looking to take a step forward this year with its second year under coach Todd Nehlen. The Trojans won five games last year but have plenty of experienced players back. Greenville will have to replace graduates Chad Ferguson and Daniel Addison. Ferguson averaged 5.3 points per game, while Addison scored 3.4 ppg. The Trojans return three starters in seniors Luke Houpt, Matt Jones and Tyler Fattman. All three are at least two-time letter winners and gained valuable experience in the fall during football season. Greenville also returns senior Trey VanAken along with juniors Andy Jones, Ben Reiser, Christian Riggle, Devan Zavala and sophomores Aaron Emmett and Trent McErlane. The 10 returning players could all battle for playing time this winter. Houpt led the Trojans in scoring last season at 9.1 points per game, while Matt Jones scored six points per game. Fattman averaged 5.8 ppg, and Emmett averaged 5.2 ppg. The Trojans have one of the more experienced teams in Region 2 this season and could surprise along the way. Greenville has the talent to improve on its five-win season from a year ago and could contend for a playoff spot.

6 Sharpsville tournament
7 Sharpsville tournament
10 at Rocky Grove 7:30
13 Commodore Perry 7:30
20 at Lakeview* 7:30
27 Greenville tournament
28 Greenville tournament
2 at Conneaut 7:30
4 Reynolds* 7:30
7 Mercer* 7:30
10 West Middlesex* 7:30
14 at Wilmington* 7:30
17 Sharpsville* 7:30
21 Lakeview* 7:30
24 Kennedy Catholic 7:30
28 Erie First 7:30
31 at Reynolds* 7:30
4 at Mercer* 7:30
7 at West Middlesex* 7:30
11 Wilmington* 7:30
14 at Sharpsville* 7:30
18 Conneaut 7:30
*Region 2 games

2012-13 overall record: 7-15
2012-13 region record: 3-9 (sixth)
2012-13 playoff results: Did not qualify for the District 10 Class AA playoffs.

Note: A preview was not submitted by the head coach. Once a preview is submitted, this post will be updated.

6 Grove City tournament
7 Grove City tournament
11 Oil City 7:30
12 at Jamestown 7:30
16 at Lakeview* 7:30
27 Greenville tournament
28 Greenville tournament
2 Sharpsville* 7:30
6 at West Middlesex* 7:30
8 Cochranton 7:30
11 at Sharon* 2:30
13 Mercer* 7:30
18 at Slippery Rock 12:30
20 Wilmington* 7:30
23 Lakeview* 7:30
25 Seneca 11 a.m.
27 at Sharpsville* 7:30
30 West Middlesex* 7:30
3 Sharon* 7:30
5 at Mercer* 7:30
11 at Strong Vincent 7:30
13 at Wilmington* 7:30
*Region 2 games

–Tom Reisenweber

Posted: November 6th, 2012

Greenville Trojans
Coach (season): Todd Nehlen (1st season)
2011-12 overall record: 10-12
2011-12 region record (place): 4-6 (fourth)
2011-12 playoff results: Did not qualify for the District 10 Class AA playoffs.
Top players lost: Sean McErlane, Jake Hunker, Nico Zahniser
Top returning players: Chad Ferguson, Daniel Addison, Luke Houpt, Matt Jones, Tyler Fattman
Assistant coaches: Gary Wilson, Brandon Busch, Joel Wentling
Outlook: Greenville will look for some stability under new head coach Todd Nehlen. With two coaches resigning in the past year, the Trojans have been in transition for most of the past 12 months. Greenville is also looking to get back into the playoffs after missing out last winter. The Trojans will have to replace Sean McErlane, Jake Hunker and Nico Zahniser. All three graduated and are big losses, including Zahniser, an all-region selection. Greenville returns a strong group, including starters Chad Ferguson, Luke Houpt and Matt Jones. Daniel Addison and Tyler Fattman are also back to provide depth, while Trey Van Aken and Devin Savala could contribute as well. The Trojans have a lot of experience back and will need to be aggressive this year while staying disciplined on offense and defense. Greenville is in a tough Mercer County region but the Trojans have the talent to compete for the region title. This season could come down to how quickly the players adapt to a new coach and a new system.

7-8 Cambridge Springs tournament
10 Conneaut 7:30
12 Rocky Grove 7:30
14 at Commodore Perry 7:30
21 at Lakeview* 7:30
27-28 Iroquois tournament
5 at Reynolds* 7:30
8 at Mercer* 7:30
11 at West Middlesex* 7:30
15 Wilmington* 7:30
18 Sharpsville* 7:30
22 Lakeview* 7:30
25 at Kennedy Catholic 7:30
30 at Conneaut 7:30
1 Reynolds* 7:30
5 Mercer* 7:30
8 West Middlesex* 7:30
12 at Wilmington* 7:30
13 at Jamestown 7:30
15 at Sharpsville* 7:30
*Region 2 games

Coach (season): Kristin Richards (1st season)
2011-12 overall record: 21-5
2011-12 region record (place): 11-1 (champion)
2011-12 playoff results: Defeated Cambridge Springs 26-23 in the District 10 Class AA quarterfinals before losing to Girard 31-24 in the semifinals. Greenville then defeated Seneca 36-33 in the third-place game. Greenville lost to Seton-La Salle 77-31 in the first round of the PIAA playoffs.
Top players lost: Brooklyn Taylor, Morgan Marshall, Kanako Soejima, Katie McMillan, Emily Paxson
Top returning player: Jessica Burnett,
Assistant coaches: Jen Fagley
Outlook: Greenville will be starting over this year. The Trojans graduated four of their five starters, including all-time leading scorer Brooklyn Taylor. Taylor was named to the all-district team, was voted the Region 2 co-Player of the Year and to the all-region first team. The Trojans also lost second-team selection Morgan Marshall as well as Kanako Soejima and Katie McMillan. With those four gone, new head coach Kristin Richards will look to fill in some holes with young players. Richards can rely on the senior leadership of returning starter Jessica Burnett. She was voted to the all-region second team last year and brings speed and experience this season. Casslyn Holder, Rebecca Fagley and Molly Montalvo could contribute right away for the young Trojans. Greenville returns only two seniors this year with a large freshman class. The Trojans will have to rebuild this season in order to stay competitive over the next few years.

7-8 Grove City tournament
11 at Kennedy Catholic 7:30
14 Jamestown 7:30
17 Oil City 7:30
19 Lakeview* 7:30
4 at Sharpsville* 7:30
8 West Middlesex* 7:30
10 Sharon* 7:30
14 at Mercer* 7:30
16 at Commodore Perry 7:30
19 at Oil City 12:30
21 at Wilmington* 7:30
24 at Lakeview* 7:30
28 Sharpsville* 7:30
31 at West Middlesex* 7:30
4 at Sharon* 7:30
6 Mercer* 7:30
8 at Reynolds 7:30
12 Strong Vincent 7:30
14 Wilmington* 7:30
*Region 2 games

Tuesday: Grove City

–Tom Reisenweber

Posted: November 9th, 2011

Greenville Trojans
Coach (season, record): Mark Batt (4th season at Greenville, 5th season overall, 30-36 at Greenville, 37-51 overall)
2010-11 overall record: 7-15
2010-11 region record (place): 2-8 (fifth)
2010-11 playoff results: Did not qualify for the District 10 Class AA playoffs.
Top players lost: Garrett Blaschak, Kenny Surano
Top returning players: Sean McErlane, Matt Jones, Luke Houpt
Assistant coaches: Alan George, Mike Shannon
Outlook: Greenville was down during the 2010-11 season but the Trojans could be back this winter. Greenville lost Garrett Blaschak and Kenny Surano to graduation but the young Trojans have experience back. Sean McErlane is a senior point guard that provides leadership, while sophomores Matt Jones and Luke Houpt could be big-time players this year. Both saw plenty of playing time as freshmen. Nico Zahniser is back this winter after lettering his freshman and sophomore years. He didn’t play last year but is back for one more season. One of Greenville’s more interesting games is Dec. 19 against Northwestern. The Trojans could be on the bubble for a postseason spot and a win over a non-region Class AA team could be important. Three days later the Trojans host Seneca in the same scenario. Greenville is young but experienced this season and could be a contender in Region 2 as the season goes on.

9-10 Cambridge Springs tournament
12 at Jamestown 7:30
16 Commodore Perry 7:30
19 Northwestern 7:30
22 Seneca 7:30
27-28 Greenville tournament
3 at Kennedy Catholic 7:30
6 West Middlesex 7:30
10 at VisionQuest 7:30
13 at Wilmington* 7:30
17 Mercer* 7:30
20 at Sharpsville* 7:30
24 Lakeview* 7:30
27 at Reynolds* 7:30
31 at Conneaut Lake 7:30
3 Wilmington* 7:30
7 at Mercer* 7:30
10 Sharpsville* 7:30
14 at Lakeview* 7:30
16 Reynolds* 7:30

Coach (season, record): Scott Taylor (6th season, 69-50)
2010-11 overall record: 14-9
2010-11 region record (place): 8-4 (third)
2010-11 playoff results: Lost 41-22 to Girard in the District 10 Class AA quarterfinals.
Top players lost: None
Top returning players: Brooklyn Taylor, Morgan Marshall, Emily Paxson, Kanacko Soejima, Katie McMillan, Jessica Burnett
Assistant coaches: Karl Rupert, Kristin Skelley
Outlook: Coach Scott Taylor is back for one more go around as head coach. The Trojanettes ran into a red-hot Girard team in the playoffs and couldn’t handle the YellowJackets’ defensive pressure. Taylor is hoping Greenville learned from that game as the Trojanettes didn’t lose anyone to graduation. Brooklyn Taylor is back for her senior season and committed to St. Francis in the offseason. She has 1,188 career points and is on pace to catch Larae Tymochko’s school record of 1,420. Seniors Morgan Marshall, Emily Paxson, Kanacko Soejima and Katie McMillan are back but other than Taylor at 6 feet, the Trojanettes have height issues. Greenville has experience and a quick team but developing a post presence that can box out will be important. Caslyn Holder is new to varsity this year and at 5-9, she could be the post player Greenville needs. Taylor has coached this senior group since they were in fourth grade and is looking for it to go out on a high note.

9-10 Grove City tournament
12 Sharpsville* 7:30
15 at Lakeview* 7:30
19 at Commodore Perry 7:30
21 at Reynolds* 7:30
23 at Sharon* 7:30
28-29 McDowell tournament
3 Meadville 7:30
5 Mercer* 7:30
12 Wilmington* 7:30
14 at Oil City 7:30
18 Farrell 7:30
23 Lakeview* 7:30
28 at Sharpsville* 7:30
31 Commodore Perry 7:30
2 Reynolds* 7:30
6 Sharon* 7:30
9 at Mercer* 7:30
14 Oil City 7:30
16 at Wilmington* 7:30

Thursday: Grove City

– Tom Reisenweber

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