District 10 football rankings

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Erie Times-News District 10 football rankings
Class A
Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Sharpsville 4-0 2
2. Mercyhurst Prep 4-1 1
3. Mercer 4-1 3
4. Youngsville 5-0 NR
5. Farrell 3-2 4
Dropped out: Linesville

Class AA
Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Wilmington 5-0 2
2. North East 5-0 3
3. Hickory 4-1 1
4. General McLane 3-2 4
5. Harbor Creek 3-2 NR
Dropped out: Sharon

Class AAA
Rank School Rec. Prv
1. Cathedral Prep 4-1 1
2. Grove City 5-0 2
3. Slippery Rock 4-1 5
4. East 3-2 3
5. Meadville 3-2 4

— Tom Reisenweber


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21 Responses to “District 10 football rankings”

  1. Garett says:

    takes a lot of nerve to keep MP at number 2 above Youngsville. Can we say bias?

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      There is no bias in these rankings. You can’t go off just one game when rankings teams over a season. Youngsville put together a quality win and earned a top 5 ranking but I don’t think you can drop a No. 1 team all the way down because of one loss. If MP loses again and Youngsville keeps winning, you could see the Eagles hop over the Lakers. Let’s keep in mind MP has a huge win over Mercer earlier this season, which could be the Region 1 champion.

      Thank you for the thoughts,
      Tom Reisenweber

  2. mucols says:

    Anybody that watched the prep-youngsville game knows that it was a totally dominating performance! If youngsville’s recievers would have caught the ball they would have scored at least 2 more touchdowns!we don’t expect any respect from anyone in erie county….we will earn it on our own! See you in the playoffs!

  3. William says:

    Using that logic Tom I would say Mercer should be number 2 since they are in first place in the tougher region. If head to head means nothing Mercer should be higher then Mercyhurst.

  4. Tom Eggleston says:

    I disagree wjth your statement. I am no great fan of Youngsville and am actually an Eisenhower grad but I believe there is bias in this ranking.What better way to measure the teams than a head to head competetion. Youngsvill came out in the second half and controlled that game with their defense and won by 12 points. It is midpoint in the year and you still wont grant Youngsville the credit they deserve.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      There is no bias in these rankings at all. Head to head means something but not everything. The MP-Youngsville game is important but if you rank teams based on one game the rankings would be out of whack. Can you imagine the NCAA rankings if they were based on one game? I’ve been touting Youngsville all year in the magazine and on local radio shows. The Eagles are getting respect this year but taking a team that was ranked No. 1 in the district and dropping them below a team that was unranked because of one game is too drastic of a change in one week. If Youngsville continues to win and beats Saegertown for the region title on Nov. 4 you might see a change going into the playoffs. Or if MP loses again and Youngsville keeps winning, there might be a change.

      Rankings can’t have emotion involved and while we understand that was one of the biggest wins in Youngsville’s history, the rankings can’t overreact to it. Hopefully, both teams have good second halves and long runs in the playoffs.

      Thank you,
      Tom Reisenweber

  5. Tom Eggleston says:

    Let me see if I have this straight. MP was ranked over Mercer based on their HUGE win against Mercer head to head, since Mercer COULD(might,maybe,sort of)be the Region 1 winner.
    So if you substitute Youngsville for MP in the above paragraph it would seem Youngsville should be ranked above MP.
    Any honest person that saw that game knows that Youngsville should be ranked above MP.Maybe the fact that Youngsville was not ranked prior to this, just shows how much you know about ranking non-erie teams.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      I think we both know Region 2 is down this year and doesn’t compare to Region 1. Beating the top team in that region is a big accomplishment. I guess we have to agree to disagree.

      Thank you for the comments,
      Tom Reisenweber

  6. Warren County says:

    Par for the course for Warren County teams. A real shame, since Youngsville is the real deal and they beat MP hands down.

  7. j tracy says:

    It seems like these rankings are based on past performances and where the writer believes teams will finish. And that’s okay. I wouldn’t want to predict the future (well actually i would but not in the case of HS football in Western PA….lol).

    If these were true “Power Rankings” then there is no way MP would be ranked one spot ahead of Youngsville. I like fluid rankings and thought Mercer should have leaped past Farrell after they beat Farrell. And now they have just a week later than I thought.

    To use your example of NCAA rankings Tom…….I hate those things and think they shouldn’t be released until after week 4. We place teams (initially) somewhere in those standings based on PAST performance. Past (years past) performance should have ZERO bearing on how a team is performing this year. That’s why I dislike the NCAA rankings. For example Clemson will have a hard time cracking the top 5 regardless of what they do now. But if the AP or coaches were to rank the teams for the first time as we see them now – how could Clemson not be in the top 3?

    As they say it all comes out in the wash people. These aren’t true weekly power rankings. Tom is trying to base a teams performance on what he predicts will happen. That’s cool.

    Personally I would have no problem dropping a team four spots. They have the chance to earn their way back into the rankings. Fluid rankings are a good thing – and a more accurate reflection of how teams are playing currently and have played since the start of the current season.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Warren County,
      Just a quick note, I have the Warren boys soccer team ranked No. 1 in Class AA.

      J Tracy,
      Thank you for the thoughts. It is interesting on how people view rankings and the way they are done. I agree that the NCAA shouldn’t have anything out until at least midseason. My process adds in several factors. Head-to-head, season performance and a little bit of where the teams might finish. I look at Youngsville’s season, which has been great so far. The Eagles routed Maplewood and Iroquois as they should and beat Seneca. It is a little surprising Youngsville only beat Union City 5-0. That is a small red flag.

      Mercyhurst has beaten every Region 2 opponent by at least 30 before last week and beat first-place Mercer. Mercyhurst and Youngsville have pretty impressive resumes. It is tough to separate the four teams at the top of D-10 Class A with a lot of them being equal. It should be a fun playoff bracket to keep an eye on.

      In the end rankings have to be taken for what they are, rankings that have no bearing on the playoffs. Youngsville can easily climb a spot or two by continuing its big season. Maybe Mercyhurst falls at Oliver on Saturday. Maybe Eisenhower gives Youngsville a run for its money in a rivalry game. Maybe Saegertown knocks off MP and Youngsville to win the Region 2 title. Who knows how good Sharpsville is this year with games against Farrell and Mercer left to play.

      It should be a fun five weeks to end the regular season.

      Thank you everyone. Without you and your thoughts, the blog wouldn’t be what it is. I encourage everyone to keep posting.

      Tom Reisenweber

  8. matt says:

    Your rankings for this week are perfect.

  9. soccer says:


  10. mucols says:

    Tom , your Warren soccer reference doesn’t hold much water as they are the defending District 10 champs! So they have a past record!

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Yes, but if I were “biased” toward Erie, I could easily put an Erie County team in the top spot.

      — Tom Reisenweber

  11. mike says:

    you have to understand, mercyhurst prep is an erie team… this is an erie newspaper… there is always going to be bias toward erie teams in any sport that is played… it is the nature of the beast..

  12. mucols says:

    Tom , don’t get me wrong I’m not claiming bias! I believe respect is earned….and Youngsville’s track record hasn’t earn that YET!(since I played on one of the last younsville teams to make the playoffs and I’m 41) don’t mind us we don’t get much to crow about so we have to when we can! It will all be settled on the field!

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      I don’t mind discussion at all with the rankings in all of the sports. I just take issue with the thought of “bias”. I hope everyone trusts me that the area these teams are in has nothing to do with how we rank them. In fact, some of the Erie County teams have been upset in the past when we have ranked teams outside of the county in front of them.

      — Tom Reisenweber

  13. Miller says:

    Just take a look at pafootballnews.com they thought Yville beating MP was important enough to give Yville a state ranking and move MP to honorable mention.

  14. Jeremy Gurdak says:


    I agree with your rankings, and my brother even plays on the Youngsville team. When an unranked team beats a top team in the NCAA the unranked team doesn’t move ahead of the top ranked team. Youngsville should be happy that we are finally ranked. We have five games left this season, and if we win out and are not ranked ahead of MP then there should be this discussion. For now we are ranked in the district and the state, so people should just be happy!

  15. Jeremy says:

    I am a Youngsville graduate and I agree with the rankings for one reason. The Eagles previous 4 wins have come against four teams with a combined record of 2-18. I can’t believe they are considered for state ranking just based on that alone. I could see some complaining at the end of the season if things kept going the way they are, but hey, are they going to miss out on a bowl game or some sponsorships because of some mid-season rankings? Who cares! Play some ball, prove your worth on the field, forget the rankings!

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