District 10 football playoff projections

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Here is a look at the projected football playoff fields in District 10. Projections are based off the D-10 site, stating eight teams in Class A and AA and six to eight in AAA. Projections are also based on what has happened through eight weeks and can change in the final two weeks.

Class A
(1) Sharpsville vs. (8) Eisenhower
(2) Youngsville vs. (7) West Middlesex
(3) Mercer vs. (6) Saegertown
(4) Mercyhurst Prep vs. (5) Linesville

Class AA
(1) Wilmington vs. (8) Harbor Creek
(2) North East vs. (7) Sharon
(3) Hickory vs. (6) Northwestern
(4) General McLane vs. (5) Greenville

Class AAA
(3) Slippery Rock vs. (6) Meadville
(4) East vs. (5) Corry
Byes: (1) Grove City, (2) Cathedral Prep



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5 Responses to “District 10 football playoff projections”

  1. Jeremy Gurdak says:

    If both Sharpsville and Youngsville finishing undefeated how does District 10 decide who is the #1 seed and the #2 seed?

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      The difference between the 1 and 2 seed is basically meaningless. D-10 matches up Region 1 and 2 equally. So the top seed in each region will face the fourth seed in the other region. The only time seeds would come into play would be in Class AA or AAA if D-10 doesn’t balance the region participants. Also, the top seeds could meet in the D-10 championship, but at that point, D-10 usually makes the site equal so seeds wouldn’t matter.

      Tom Reisenweber

  2. FLB Fan says:

    So, If LeBoeuf upsets East Thursday night then Corry and Meadville both lose..Does LeBoeuf get into the playoffs due to equal representation of Regions (3 from each)?

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      FLB Fan,
      Possibly but a 3-6 team is a hard sell for a playoff spot. I think East was around that mark last year and they left East out to go with a fourth team from Region 5. It’s also asking a lot for LeBoeuf to upset East, 0-8 Franklin to beat Meadville and Corry to lose to both Titusville and Warren but I guess stranger things have happened.

      Tom Reisenweber

  3. FLB Fan says:

    LeBoeuf was not getting any love from the paper or LeCorchick when we played Prep but when you play on grass in late Oct. you are correct, stranger things have happened…lol

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