District 10 soccer and volleyball playoff updates

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8:43 p.m. - It’s a final. Prep claims a 4-2 victory and wins the Class AAA title.

8:36 p.m. - Mercyhurst wins its third straight District 10 Class A title with a 3-1 win over rival Fairview. Prep now leads 3-2 with four minutes left.

8:32 p.m. – Prep takes a 3-1 lead on a Greg Roos goal with 11 minutes left. Only four minutes left in the MP-Fairview game with MP up 3-1.

8:25 p.m. - The physical play has really picked up as Fairview is coming to life. 10 minutes left with MP ahead 3-1.

8:22 p.m. – Greg Berdis cuts the MP lead to 3-1 with 12:34 left with a nice goal.

8:15 p.m. – Dez Cifelli scores to cut Prep’s lead to 2-1 with 22 minutes left. Mercyhurst takes a 3-0 lead on an Eric Campbell goal. 19 minutes left in the game.

8:09 p.m. – 24 minutes left and MP hasn’t slowed down. The Lakers are staying aggressive and limiting Fairview’s chances.

7:59 p.m. – Fort LeBoeuf holds off Harbor Creek in three sets to lock up a spot in Saturday’s volleyball semifinals. The other spot will be decided at 9 p.m. between Harbor Creek and Meadville.

7:55 p.m. – Jose Abdala goes through three defenders and drills a shot! 2-0 MP with 38:03 left.

7:48 p.m. – John Chereson drills a 50-yard shot from the left side to give Prep a 2-0 lead with nine minutes left in the half. That match is now at the half as well as the MP-Fairview match with the Lakers up 1-0.

7:42 p.m. – Update from Meadville, Slippery Rock beats Titusville 25-18, 25-14. Slippery Rock and General McLane advance from Pool B. The two powerhouses meet at 8 p.m. in a pool play match.

7:34 p.m. - 13 minutes left in the first half and Cathedral Prep leads McDowell 1-0. Sean Culver scored in the seventh minute from 10 yards out.

7:25 p.m. – Gabriel Loret fires a shot from 35 yards that goes into the top of the net! 1-0 Mercyhurst with 16:40 left in the first half.

7:18 p.m. – Greg Berdis has a breakaway but can’t get a shot off as Mario Perez comes up in time. 23 minutes left in the first half, still scoreless.

7:12 p.m. – 10 minutes into the Fairview-MP match with not much going on yet.

7:01 p.m. – The Mercyhurst Prep-Fairview game is underway. From Meadville, General McLane beat Hickory 25-18, 25-18 and Meadville beat Franklin 23-25, 25-21, 25-19.

For more updates from earlier in the day, click below.

— Tom Reisenweber

6:38 p.m. – McDowell beats Strong Vincent 7-0 to win the D-10 Class AAA title, while Wilmington wins the Class A girls title 3-2.

6:28 p.m. - Kyler Lum circles around two defenders and scores! 3-2 Wilmington with 8:10 left in this one.

6:22 p.m. – Mackenzie Hiers drills a 30-yard shot that ricochets off the keeper into the net! 2-2 with 12:48 left in this one.

6:17 p.m. - Sophomore Kyler Lum drills a shot from the top of the goalbox for Wilmington with 16:46 left to cut Iroquois’ lead to 2-1.

6:11 p.m. – Iroquois has sunk back to play defense and Wilmington is having trouble breaking through. Still 2-0 Iroquois with 22:44 left. The ‘Hounds best chance came on a corner that hit off the post.

6:01 p.m. – McDowell leads 7-0 with 36 minutes left and Iroquois is ahead 2-0 with 32 minutes left.

5:58 p.m. – From Meadville, General McLane wins its first match by taking out Titusville 25-13, 25-14.

5:54 p.m. – The second half is underway and Iroquois is 40 minutes from the PIAA playoffs.

5:43 p.m. – Halftime at Linden Field with Iroquois up 2-0.

5:42 p.m. – With three minutes left in the half, McDowell leads Strong Vincent 7-0.

5:39 p.m. – Jasmin Khoo drills a perfect corner kick from Kara Wozniak! Iroquois leads 2-0 with 3 minutes left in the first half.

5:35 p.m. - At the volleyball tournament, Harbor Creek defeats Franklin 25-18, 25-18

5:33 p.m. – Courtney Mentley grabs a rebound and scores! 1-0 Iroquois with 8:32 left in the first half.

5:17 p.m. – McDowell leads 3-0 early against Strong Vincent in the girls Class AAA title game.

5:13 p.m. – 28 minutes left in the first half and we are still scoreless between Iroquois and Wilmington.

5:05 p.m. – No score in either soccer match yet but from Meadville, Slippery Rock defeated Hickory 25-20, 13-25, 25-18

5:00 p.m. - We are underway at Linden Field. Iroquois and Wilmington are meeting for the second-straight season in the District 10 Class A girls championship. First update from Meadville is the Fort LeBoeuf girls volleyball team knocking off Meadville 25-18, 25-15.

— Tom Reisenweber


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3 Responses to “District 10 soccer and volleyball playoff updates”

  1. Hound Dog says:

    Congrats Lady Hounds on your repeat D-10 Class A Championship! Good Luck in your journey to States!

  2. Hound Dog says:

    I read in your article about District 10 Committee decisions that in the future you may write about the Committee’s decisions on soccer playoff game sites. Don’t forget to include a discussion about Wilmington, the #1 seed, having to travel 1 hr 15 min to play Iroquois, who had to travel 20 min. Guessing it probably had to do with the Committee wanting to schedule a double-header and 3 of the 4 teams playing were from Erie. I didn’t hear any complaints from Wilmington fans, though. I think we were thankful to not have to travel all the way to Harbor Creek, which is what had been rumored before the site was announced.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Hound Dog,
      Not sure I will ever write about site decisions unless it is really out of left field. There is usually some explanation for all site selections. Like you said, 3 of 4 teams from Class A from Erie didn’t help Wilmington. The ironic thing is Wilmington could have affected Tuesday’s sites. With Wilmington’s win, the Class AA boys champion tomorrow might have to play in the south with Wilmington in the first round of the PIAA playoffs. Of course the PIAA could make Wilmington come north again if General McLane wins but who knows.


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