District 10 realignment live chat

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  1. Jerry Nowakowski says:


    Thanks for the District X updates, it is surprising how fast one can get out of the loop once retired.


  2. BC says:

    How do you think AAA D10 teams schedules will be affected by realignment? Now there are only 4 teams, not 5 as last year. PLay every Region AAA team twice, and schedule more independent games?

  3. BC says:

    Soccer was I was referring to in BC comment.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      They will likely get some crossover games with the Erie County AA region. Also, ADs are welcome to schedule as many non-region games they can before reaching the maximum number of games.


  4. m_huh says:

    I agree with the volleyball discussion about the unbalanced regions, in AA it is obviously unfair to give each of the 4 wildly unbalanced regions with AA teams an automatic berth, and what makes it worse is that playoff spots are difficult to come by as D10 only takes 8 of the 23 teams – many many other sports qualify over half of the classification teams to the D10 playoffs. Furthermore there can be no discussion about “playoff worthy” teams each year because after the region automatic qualifiers, the 4 at-large teams are chosen strictly by region winning percentage – and obviously some regions have 2 more teams than others, thus 4 more games to effect percentage.

  5. crawfordcounty says:

    i think it is absolutely ridiculous to put cambridge in the region they were selected into. how do you get a program to the next level like kevin kurt is trying to do when you have to play these cupcake teams and have no room for a non region schedule. take union city out of that region where they have no business being anyway and switch them with cambridge springs. They are becoming a top team in AA and will not be able to get better in a region like this. no respect in crawford county, someone needs to do something about this. People wonder why erie county is always in the D-10 championship, is regions like this that give crawford county no edge come playoff time.

  6. crawfordcounty says:

    id like to hear your opinon on this tom, and geography cannot be the issue because youngsville and ike and t-charter are not next to cambridge, and titusville is right next to maplewood and they are not in that region

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      There will probably be some changes coming in boys basketball. Tidioute Charter is likely not going to be in a region and if/when Conneaut School District consolidates, the region will become Cambridge Springs, Cochranton, Eisenhower, Youngsville, Maplewood, Saegertown and Conneaut. The reason is geography plain and simple. With seven region teams, Cambridge would have 12 region games. That leaves 10 non-region spots open for the Blue Devils to play whatever teams they can find.


  7. crawfordcounty says:

    say conneaut doesnt combine, that leaves 4 non region games. what do you do then?

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      If they don’t consolidate, Cambridge’s region would be Maplewood, Saegertown, Union City and Titusville, leaving 14 region games. D-10 didn’t make it clear on the site that there were two scenarios approved. In Scenario 1, no consolidation is made and there are two regions: Region 3 (A) Cochranton, Conneaut Lake, Conneaut Valley, Eisenhower, Linesville and Youngsville with maybe Tidioute Charter; Region 4 (AA) Cambridge Springs, Maplewood, Saegertown, Union City and Titusville

      Scenario 2 is consolidation with the new region becoming Cambridge Springs, Cochranton, Eisenhower, Youngsville, Maplewood, Saegertown and Conneaut with Union City and Titusville joining the Erie region.


  8. crawfordcounty says:

    Okay well that makes it much better, thank you for clearing things up tom. thats why i come to you for answers lol

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