Region 6 possible tiebreaker

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Region 6 seems like an impossible situation and could take the District 10 Committee most of its meeting on Sunday to figure out. Here is a possible solution for seeding. When looking at Franklin, Sharon, Meadville and Hickory, the committee could designate the second seed to the team that did the best against the other three. Here is each team’s record against the other three:

Hickory 4-2
Franklin 3-3
Sharon 3-3
Meadville 2-4

If Hickory gets the 2 seed and Meadville is in the No. 5 slot, we still need to break Franklin and Sharon up. The two teams split this season so it would be up to the D-10 Committee to decide the third and fourth seeds.

Another question is if five teams are in from Region 6, do you have a play-in round or only take three teams from Region 7? Harbor Creek and Girard are tied for fourth place in Region 7. Maybe two play-in games on Tuesday is the way to go. Have Girard and Harbor Creek play with the winner taking on Grove City and have Meadville play either Franklin or Sharon and the winner gets General McLane.

There are still numerous questions in other classes as well but nothing will be decided until Sunday afternoon.

— Tom Reisenweber



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  1. bob says:

    Just another scenerio
    How bout Girard and Harborcreek play Meadville/Franklin or Sharon Thus they can justify taking 3 in one region and 5 in the other or it might just turn out 4 in each region

  2. Corey says:

    The tie-breaking rules should have been decided and published prior to the start of the season so all teams know their status at all times. “Who gets in/Who’s left out” and “Seeding” decisions should not be made arbitrarily after the games have been played. Unless, of course, D-10 elects to seed all brackets 1-thru-8 based on season performance regardless of which region teams play in.

  3. Sigh says:

    If they have to follow rules
    GC is the 1 seed
    Hickory is the 2 because of 4-2 record vs. Sharon, Franklin, & Meadville

    Sharon 3 seed because they are 3-1 vs. Franklin and Meadville

    Franklin is 4 seed because of split with Meadville and Sharon- While Meadville split with Franklin, but Meadville lost both to Sharon

    Unless once they determine Sharon is the three seed- they might go to Franklin vs. Meadville in which case Franklin & Meadville split but Meadville swept GC while Franklin split with GC. That could put Meadville in and Franklin out- or They make them two have a Play in game and have Girard & Harbor Creek have a play in game up North to make things look fair, but there is no such rules in here about any play in games, and things can be determined without any play in game

    Article XIV: Tie Breakers
    Section 1. Region Tiebreaker (revised January 2008) (December
    A. The best record from league games will identify Region champion. Tied teams will be declared cochampions.
    Best record to be defined as the best winning percentage in league play (number of wins divided by total
    number of games played). In those sports where ties are possible, any tie is to be counted as a half win.
    (December 2009)
    B. Tiebreaker determination, if necessary, to determine post-season automatic qualifier: All other
    qualifiers are through the at-large selection process contained on page 41. In any case where more than 2
    teams are tied and one team is eliminated after any individual point listed then return to the Head to Head
    tie- breaker for remaining teams.
    1. Best record head to head played among tied teams: If still tied,
    2. In Mixed classification Regions: a, b and c below applies. In pure classification Regions c
    below applies.
    a. record against teams of similar classification in region: If still tied,
    b. best won/loss record against teams above in their order of finish. If still tied…
    c. best won/loss record against teams below in their order of finish. If still tied go to
    point 4 for football only and for other sports to point 3 :
    3. Playoff (except football and those sports where everyone competes in the district tournament.
    (i.e. cross country, track, wrestling, etc)
    Playoff to be used only in cases where all tied teams will not qualify for playoffs and where
    individual tournament procedures do not determine qualifier. In that case continue with the
    a. best winning percentage
    b. coin toss
    Continuation for Football in cases where three or more teams tied
    4. Point system (football) (see point system below)
    if more than 2 teams are tied and one team is eliminated through the point system,
    return to the Head to Head tie- breaker for remaining teams
    5. Coin toss.
    1 through 2 followed until a team is determined, (i.e. the determination could be made
    after point # 1.) For football 1, and 4 through 5 are followed in order until a team is
    determined (i.e. the determination could be made after point # 1.)

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      One problem. You are using the region tiebreaker. Grove City is the region champion. You have to scan down to the at-large section for the four-way tie.


  4. Sigh says:


    you are right. At Large is on page 41. However everything is pretty much the same because its head to head- common opponnents, then they can consider region balance ETC. If they considered the latter than they may take 5 from region 6. If not then I think they stick to 1. GC 2. Hickory 3. Sharon 4. Franklin in using their own printed rules. How do you read it?

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      I really don’t know what they are going to do. The logical course is probably take five from Region 6 and three from 7. If they wanted to keep region balance, the smart money would be on have HC-Girard play Tuesday with the winner getting Grove City and the 4 and 5 seeds in Region 6 play Tuesday for the right to take on General McLane.

      At this point, it is a guessing game until the brackets get released.


  5. Sigh says:

    There is no play in game criteria written in those rules, and you can figure out the seeding from the criteria that they have written. Hickory 2 seed- Sharon 3 seed- I believe after looking at this a little more that Meadville will be the 4 seed because after they can seed Hickory & Sharon thru the tie breaking process- you go head to head with Meadville & Franklin and they split with each other so you can go to the fact that Meadville swept the top seed GC while Franklin split with GC which would make Meadville the 4 seed from region 6 it would appear… The rules were in place before the season so every team had their opportunties to have a better record vs common opponnents so it is what it is. The only thing that I would think the committee could do that would make sense is to leave Girard out & take either Franklin or Meadville and have them as the 4 seed to play GC in the first round. Both Meadville & Franklin teams are far superior teams with much better records than Girard. Not a slight against Girard, but this is not one of their better teams. Very unlikely that they will take 5 from region 6 however even though it seems to be the most logical thing to do.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Play-in games can be created, as they have in the past, if they can’t break ties. Not sure how you are getting Sharon as the three seed. There is a four-way tie for second and if you go head-to-head, Sharon and Franklin are tied for third with Meadville behind them. Franklin and Sharon split this season.


  6. Sigh says:

    You were right with play in games. With the rules they have in place they could have broken the ties with no play in games however. I dont mind the play in games with with Meadville & Franklin Playing Girard & Harbor Creek, but I dont see that in the rules as something to replace the rules. Seems to me they did what they wanted to do rather then simply follow the rules Meadville should have been the 4 seed because after you can seed Hickory & Sharon thru the formula- Meadville would have beat Franklin out for the 4 seed from the fact they beat the highest seed GC twice and Franklin would be out because they only split with GC. However it seems they are trying to be fair and allow possibly 5 Region 6 teams in by having these play in games.

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