Which county is best for basketball?

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Fans from all around District 10 have their opinions. But the question remains, which county is best in basketball? Here is a look at how each county has done in the first round of the D-10 basketball playoffs, including play-in games. We will include Wilmington and Slippery Rock in Mercer County because of the close proximity of the schools to the county line and the competition for both is mainly Mercer County.

Playoff record (winning percentage)
Venango 3-1 (.750)
Erie 12-6 (.667)
Crawford 3-4 (.428)
Warren 1-2 (.333)
Mercer 5-11 (.313)

Teams left
Erie 13 (6 boys, 7 girls)
Mercer 7 (4 boys, 3 girls)
Crawford 5 (2 boys, 3 girls)
Venango 2 (1 boys, 1 girls)
Warren 1 (1 boys)

Think the numbers don’t matter? Leave a comment on why a certain county is better than the rest.

— Tom Reisenweber



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17 Responses to “Which county is best for basketball?”

  1. Erie coutny fan says:

    erie county is the king. the players are bigger and stronger and faster.

  2. mark b says:

    You’re really trying to stir the pot now Tom! You have a great blog here and have done a good job of reducing the chatter about private vs public schools. County vs County vs County can turn out to be just as bad. After all its high school hoops!

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Mark B,
      Thank you. Honestly, I love all high school sports discussion, especially when people are more concerned about making valid points than insulting others lol. I also love getting a feel for what each county thinks. You don’t get any high school discussion on ESPN and media outlets like that so why not the blog?

      Thanks again,

  3. mac says:

    I think District X basketball has a different “type” of basketball in each of its counties. For example

    Erie: maybe the most physcial county for basketball let’s call them the Big East

    Crawford : appears to me to be like the SEC ..anyone can suprise you in any given season but Meadville always seems to be the measuring stick

    Mercer : has always appeared to me to have the feel of the Old Big 5 (Temple, Drexel, St. Joes, La Salle, and for one bonus point name the 5th team)alot of close to home rivials and a lot of hard nosed players.

    Venango : kinda like the PAC 10 … every once in a while they have a team from start to finish that is heads and shoulders better but for the most part they are overlooked. (no disrespect intended)

    Warren : Like the University of Hawaii in the WAC every once in a while they travel to the mainland for a great matchup which allows the true fan to appriciate the benifits of a distant rival.

    Overall I would have to say that basketball in District X offers a style or “type” of basketball that will appease any high school basketball fan.

  4. mattpalmero says:

    First off erie county fan, lose the ego. Erie county is the best county when it comes to basketball. They have solid programs that start at a young age. Mercer and Crawford just are not there yet, but are working there way up there. The biggest problem most programs have in other counties are getting coaches to stick around longer than a couple years. The district will start to get more competitive in a few years and erie county will not be ‘king’ over everyone. But as of right now, Erie county is the dominant basketball area

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      That is a valid point about coaches. If you look at the sustaining programs like North East (Tom Pyle), General McLane (Andy Schulz), Girard (Darrin Mayes), Central Tech (Tom Koval), Fairview (Keith Nies) and the list goes on and on. A lot of these coaches are there for the long haul and hopefully crawford county can get there soon.


  5. Corey says:

    Curious why county vs county is OK to debate, but public vs private seems to be off limits. I’m from Corry. With Villa moving up to AAA and the PIAA likely to cut D-10 AAA girls state playoff berths from 3 to 2, our Corry girls have virtually no chance on the current unlevel playing field to make the state playoffs regardless of how well our coaches can rebuild the program. Yet we can’t discuss the R word.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Public vs. private could be a good debate if it didn’t get malicious and insulting the entire time. We don’t allow that discussion because it gets out of hand quickly. County vs. county can be a fun debate where fans can show their pride in their county.


  6. Corey says:

    I agree that some people get out of control (and get there quickly) when the topic turns to public vs private. It ruins the chance to have a thoughtful discussion. So let me throw out this idea:
    At some point between seasons when you expect to have a slow day, I would like you to host a discussion/blog on the subject. You can make the ground rules very clear — no insults, nothing mean spirited, etc. You can read each post as it comes in. If it violates the spirit of the discussion, you delete it before anyone can see it. I obviously believe the playing field is not equal, but I don’t believe the situation needs a radical fix. I would like to see a moderate solution that all schools could live with going forward. I’ve seen some good ideas, but I’ll bet there are even more good ideas out there. Please give it some thought.

  7. Corey says:

    Now, as for your original question, I believe location means little and coaching means a lot. Erie County has some veteran coaches who produce solid teams in their poor years and extremely good teams when the talent is there. Mercer County has a strong wrestling background which draws many of its outstanding athletes at an early age. But they also have programs that are very good year in and year out because of strong, veteran coaching. Warren County only has one AAA school and a couple A schools. The Eisenhower girls had a nice run with a long-time coach and both the Warren boys and Warren girls are, in my opinion, among the most underrated teams in D-10 every year. (I believe your predictions for their playoff games were WAY off the mark last week, right?) In Venango County, Franklin is a basketball town. Their other sports are generally poor. And in Crawford, Meadville is dangerous most years in both boys and girls. The the former FCVC schools usually produce one or two very solid teams thanks in no small part to long-time coaches.
    Here’s a couple questions (with obvious answers): Why are fewer and fewer teachers in coaching these days? And why do we have fewer and fewer coaches serving for 10+ years these days?

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Not sure about way off. I did have the Warren boys losing, I take my medicine on that one. But I had the Warren girls losing by 17 and they lost by 11. Not sure six points is way off.


  8. Corey says:

    C’mon Tom. That girls game was OT and you figured Hickory would win in a blowout. I think it was Bobby Knight who said “When you get beat in OT, you’ve lost by a point.”

  9. Corey says:

    I don’t have a horse in that race, so if you believe that game played out close to what you thought when you made your prediction, that’s good enough for me. Our Corry teams play Warren twice every year in the region and we struggle to beat them. I don’t believe they get the respect they deserve from fans or the media. I root for our region teams in the playoffs and keep hoping Corry will be back in there soon. I only saw the Warren teams play once each this year and twice each last year. You’ve probably watched them a lot more and had reasons to think they would lose big. I will stand by my thought that 17 points is a blowout in a girls game.

  10. mark b says:

    I saw the Warren Hickory girls game. I was expecting a 20 point Hickory win. I was way off base. Warren is quick, athletic and they played much harder than Hickory. The Hickory girls have a higher skill set than Warren and it paid off in the long run. But i was really impressed w/Warren and they missed a lay in (that was contested) at the buzzer in regulation. By then it was clear to everyone that it would be all Hickory. Warren had their shot and made the most of it. This game was NOT a blowout regardless of the end of game score. Warren played harder.

    Erie County clearly rules basketball in boys and girls. For the most part I think they have established programs, coaches in place for awhile and administrative support. The boys and girls make basketball a priority (I know not at every school). I think that’s why Mercer County tends to rule in football. It’s a priority sport for the kids and admin.

  11. tom says:

    northeast bested lakeview congrats lakeview did go 3-1 against erie teams this year. so it was a fair showing. i would think those four coaches know they were in a ball game. it could have easily been 4-0 or 2-2 with one bounce of ball though good luck to all AA teams

  12. DK says:

    Erie County has the best programs right now. High school basektball is 90% coaching/program building and 10% talent. GM and Fairview this year are great examples of program building. This year GM has great talent to plug into the program and they are undefeated. Fairview, by their standards, was in a rebuilding year with a very young team and still made the playoffs. With those programs a down year is a playoff birth and a great year is D10 championship game. So with that said, more good programs in Erie Co. right now….football on the other hand..

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