PIAA volleyball sites, times set

   November 7, 2012 1:57 pm    6


District 10 has three remaining volleyball teams and all three will play at Sharpsville on Saturday. Maplewood will take on No. 1 Clarion in Class A action at noon before Fort LeBoeuf battles Hopewell at 2 p.m. in the Class AA quarterfinals. Mars and Meadville conclude the action with a Class AA match at 4 p.m.

–Tom Reisenweber



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6 Responses to “PIAA volleyball sites, times set”

  1. FLB Fan says:

    Sharpsville HS for State Volleyball action, are they serious? D10 committee throwing darts on locations?

    1. It’s small and dark
    2. Has a low ceiling
    3. Do they really think they can squeeze that many people into that gym?

    3 games in a row and Meadville, Maplewood and LeBoeuf travel well..so lets pick a single A school gym and see what happens?

    I’m sure there are bigger gyms between Erie and Pittsburgh that can handle Saturday’s event..especially since the PIAA winter sports teams can’t “officially” practice until Nov. 16th..your thoughts?

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      FLB Fan,
      I couldn’t tell you for sure what the exact thinking was on that gym. I know SRU was discussed as well as Franklin and Oil City. I do know this was more of a PIAA decision than D-10. I haven’t been to Sharpsville so I have no idea what the gym looks like.

      Hopefully, D-10 does well and we can have another Meadville-FLB showdown in the semifinals.


  2. Down South says:

    Sharpsville is smaller than Cochranton. But it’s not that bad FLB lol. I have to admit I’m surprised PIAA put it there too….doesn’t make a whole lot of sense especially w/a triple header. There are only two lockerrooms! Not sure about the ceiling height question.

    I believe State playoff teams deserve a bigger atmosphere. And if i remember correctly their gym floor is horrible. Like running on ice.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      What surprises me is Sharon is right now down the road and Sharon hosts PIAA basketball games all of the time. I know parking might be an issue with construction but it wasn’t enough of an issue last winter for the PIAA not to put basketball games there.

      –Tom Reisenweber

  3. Down South says:

    Sharon parking is even worse off now as construction on the school is moving at a good pace. It’s not worth peoples time to even think of going to Sharon. They did put playoff games there for hoops but that doesn’t mean that most people didn’t complain.

    Parking at Sharpsville is really good. They have 3 lots in the same complex. The gym though does leave something to be desired.

    Part of the appeal of States is playing in nice, big, gyms….no small A gyms that aren’t even big enough to host basketball playoff games (not enough seats).

    It will be crowded. With all due respect the one side of the bleachers at Cochranton was about 20% filled. The other side was about 75% filled. And that’s with both games. So, I’m sure Sharpsville will have an adequate amount of space for parents.

  4. FLB Fan says:

    Our AD called the PIAA office and Sharpsville recommended their gym and the PIAA went with it? So, I say Cathedral Prep should recommend their gym for all wrestling and basketball playoffs this winter.. not a knock on Prep but they do have a really small gym…lol

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