Wednesday's playoff basketball scores

   February 20, 2013 2:00 pm    15


District 10 Class AAA boys quarterfinals
Strong Vincent 73, Meadville 41
General McLane 70, Farrell 55
Girard 47, Sharon 43
East 46, Hickory 43

–Tom Reisenweber



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15 Responses to “Wednesday's playoff basketball scores”

  1. BBall Fan says:

    Well, I can’t wait to hear Erie County Fans take on that Girard game. The refereeing in that game was less than fair. It’s really too bad for Sharon.

  2. North Homer says:

    North counties did pretty well against the South, I would say. So much for vaunted Hickory

  3. Guest says:

    I would have to agree with Bball fan. The refs took that game from Sharon. But, I’m sure most of Erie County is happy with the outcome because everyone is hoping for another Girard/GM rematch.

  4. BBall Fan says:

    I’m very objective – I don’t care who wins, I just go to games to watch good basketball – I don’t cheer for anyone. First game was well officiated, but the second game was pretty awful……but I know, it’s just complaining.

  5. True Fan says:

    I was the at the game as a basketball FAN ONLY! That game was VERY well officiated. Sharon GAVE the game away to Girard. There were two GREAT 5 second calls agaist Sharon in the last 4 minutes (that many agrued, but were GOOD). Sharon played NOT to lose and that will lose the game everytime! If you know the rules… ALL the rules not just the easy ones. You will know that the game was very well officated and Sharon made mistakes down the stretch.

  6. Jon B says:

    I didn’t stay for the Girard game last night so I can’t comment on the officiating in that one. But I was disappointed with the way Farrell played. They definitely can beat Mcclane but they just didn’t show up (and no, the refs weren’t totally fair in that game either). But GM won’t win the district anyways.

    I was surprised with the Hickory score as well. East must be a dangerous team who could possibly end up being the sleeper team to take the title. So it looks like an All City final and an All County consolation.

  7. old time fan says:

    I would like to ask a question concerning officiating. How come certain players (usually) the stars seem to get away with more than the non-stars?

    Two of the most prolific scorers in D-10 really use their elbow to clear out and very rarely does it get called? Yet, it seems too get called on the non-stars on a more frequent basis.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      old time fan,
      You may think that because they always have the ball but basketball is a physical game. I don’t see a problem with the way Mason or Dogan play.


  8. BBall Fan says:

    true fan, I do know the rules, not just the easy ones…..If you are calling me out, I have passed the officiating exam, so you must be talking about other people.

  9. Whitney says:

    Any word on 2nd round dates/times/locations for all playoff teams? Nothing updated on the brackets.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Probably nothing until Sunday. If everything is the same as last year, they will be playing Tuesday and might have some combo doubleheaders with AA or girls. I am assuming a DH at Edinboro with the two Class AAA boys teams, but you might see Girard-SV moved and maybe Mercyhurst Prep-Lakeview, if that is the second-round matchup. It all depends on what happens tomorrow and Saturday.


  10. NoZoneD says:

    What happened to Meadville ? They looked ill-prepared for SV.

  11. FLB FAN says:

    BBall Fan, just because you can pass the test and know the rules..doesn’t mean you can be a good official..I seen too many bad Baseball umpires that passed the test but never played the game or have done games at a Little League

  12. BBall Fan says:

    U R right…..I never claimed that I would be a good official though. I just proclaim to be a non-biased high school hoops fan with a knowledge of the game and the rules. That is all.

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