Franklin-Villa Maria girls basketball highlights

   March 3, 2013 8:25 pm    3




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3 Responses to “Franklin-Villa Maria girls basketball highlights”

  1. Fan says:

    What a finish…wow. That reach at the end did look like a foul. Your thoughts Tom?
    Two great teams going at it.

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      I did think it was a foul. Just a tough situation all around to decide D-10 on it lol. I was talking to a few Franklin parents and they were happy but at the same time wish it would have ended with a jumper or something lol.

      Either way, it wouldn’t shock me if these two meet in the quarters if both keep playing well.


  2. Fan says:

    Yeah that is a tough way to end it. I’m glad the official called it though – it seems like officials have gotten away from calling legitimate fouls on the last shot of a game because they “want to let the kids decide it”. I think that is somewhat of a cop out on the officials part, regardless the kids are deciding it on that foul call.

    So, credit to the official for making the correct call.

    I am w/you and wouldn’t be surprised if they make it meet each other again.

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