Ticket update for Cathedral Prep-New Castle game

   March 15, 2013 12:01 pm    5


Here’s an update on the Cathedral Prep-New Castle ticket situation for Saturday’s PIAA playoff game: This afternoon, the PIAA allotted 1,000 extra tickets to both Prep and New Castle.

About 500 unsold tickets were returned to the PIAA later in the afternoon.  As a result, the PIAA will sell 500 tickets to the game starting at noon Saturday at Edinboro’s McComb Fieldhouse, District 10 vice chairman/treasurer Gus Picardo said this evening.

The ticket procedure was changed this afternoon when the PIAA moved the Lakeview-Beaver Falls game at McComb back to 4:30 p.m., freeing up tickets for the Prep-New Castle game.




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5 Responses to “Ticket update for Cathedral Prep-New Castle game”

  1. Fan says:

    While I don’t know all the details of picking a venue to play in…..i do know that both of these games will sell out in any location within western pa (the usual locations for PIAA playoff games). The PIAA sometimes doesn’t have the pulse of the schools or communities while scheduling. They would come darn close selling 3,000 for each of these games let alone for both combined. That’s alot more money!!

    I want to go watch LV but wasn’t going to drive up and stand in line at 10 a.m. Now i’ll consider going.

  2. JC says:

    You’re 100% correct. New Castle filled up Slippery Rock on Wednesday virtually by themselves.

  3. BBall Fan says:

    So if I get tickets for the Prep game and watch that, are they going to clear the gym and make me buy another set of tickets for the Lakeview game?

  4. Southern D10 Fan says:

    I’ve heard that yes the gym will be cleared after the Prep-New Castle game. If you want to watch both, you’ll have to buy tickets to both.

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