Bracketology: Softball projections

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Here is the first edition of the District 10 softball playoff projections. Remember, nothing is official and projections are based on what District 10 has done in the past. Fans are welcome to post their own projections or comments. Projections are based on the current standings and could change daily.

Class A
West Middlesex (at-large) vs. Cochranton (at-large)
Byes: Saegertown (Region 3), Sharpsville (Region 1), Iroquois (Region 5)

Saegertown vs. West Middlesex-Cochranton winner
Sharpsville vs. Iroquois

Class AA
Mercer (Region 2) vs. North East (at-large)
Maplewood (Region 3) vs. Wilmington (at-large)
Fairview (Region 4) vs. Franklin (at-large)
Titusville (Region 5) vs. Harbor Creek (at-large)

Class AAA
Corry (Region 6) vs. Warren
Fort LeBoeuf (Region 7) vs. Hickory

Class AAAA
McDowell (Region 7) vs. Strong Vincent (at-large)

–Tom Reisenweber



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2 Responses to “Bracketology: Softball projections”

  1. Brad says:

    How many teams from each class make it into the state tournament?

    • Tom Reisenweber says:

      Class A gets 2, Class AA gets 1 this year and 2 next year, Class AAA 1 and Class AAAA champion moves on to a subregion game.


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