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PCN to air Conneaut-Saegertown wrestling match

   January 2, 2013 12:31 pm    0

The Pennsylvania Cable Network will air wrestling each Saturday after this week. The “Match of the Week” segment will begin Friday with a replay of the Powerade tournament at Canon McMillan High School. The tournament took place last week and the broadcast will likely feature only championship and third-place bouts. Saegertown’s Devan Brown finished second…


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Miss a Weigh-in?

   November 29, 2012 9:59 am    0

Below are links to every Weigh-in preview: Sharon, Mercer, Youngsville and Cambridge Springs Maplewood, Lakeview and West Middlesex Saegertown, Girard and Sharpsville East, Jamestown and Fairview Harbor Creek, Iroquois and Franklin North East and Conneaut Fort LeBoeuf and Warren Corry and Eisenhower Strong Vincent and Northwestern General McLane and Grove City Central Tech and Reynolds…


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Weigh-in: Sharon, Mercer, Youngsville and Cambridge Springs

   November 28, 2012 8:00 pm    0

Sharon No information submitted by school Schedule December 11 at Hickory 7 13 at Slippery Rock 7 18 Lakeview 7 20 at Sharpsville 7:15 28-29 at Redbank Valley Tournament January 3 Mercer 7 9 Franklin 7 12 at South Side 10 a.m. 16 at Reynolds 7 18-19 at North East Tournament 23 Grove City 7…


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Weigh-in: Maplewood, Lakeview and West Middlesex

   November 27, 2012 8:00 pm    0

Lakeview Coach (season/record): Tom Tingley (3rd/24-19) 2011-12 overall record: 14-4 2011-12 region record: 5-4 Top wrestlers lost: Landon Clayton Top wrestlers returning: Evan Clayton, Jake Heim, Dustin Schleifer, Sam Breese Assistant coaches: Cortney Roberts, Adam Gadsby Outlook: Breese, a junior, was a state qualifier at 285 pounds last season and finished 30-10. He leads a…


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Weigh-in: Saegertown, Girard and Sharpsville

   November 26, 2012 8:00 pm    0

Saegertown Coach (season/record): Jim Mulligan (5th/49-9) 2011-12 overall record: 11-2 2011-12 region record: 8-1 Top wrestlers lost: Justin Mitchell, Branden Stafford, Josh Tomiczek, Jerod Young Top wrestlers returning: Dylan Auck, Quinton Ross, Bing-Bong Elizon, Tyler Vath, Nick Monico, Lucas Smith, Garrett Zuver, Matt Humes, Lance Neuscheler, Aaron Jackson, Andrew Boylan, Jeremy Mitchell, Dylan Reynolds, Brock…


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Weigh-in: East, Jamestown and Fairview

   November 25, 2012 8:00 pm    0

Fairview Coach (season/record): Ben Corbin (3rd/NA) 2011-12 overall record: 2-7 2011-12 region record: 2-7 Top wrestlers lost: Derek Rozantz, Derek Kruse Top wrestlers returning: Sam Lehman, Ryan Cardman, John Anderson, Shawn Nerthling Assistant coach: Leroy Oglesby Outlook: Corbin views the upcoming season as “very promising.” The Tigers have plenty of experienced starters returning and Corbin…


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Weigh-in: Harbor Creek, Iroquois and Franklin

   November 24, 2012 10:00 pm    0

Harbor Creek Coach (season/record): Derek Chew (5th/NA) 2011-12 overall record: 9-4 2011-12 region record: 6-3 Top wrestlers lost: Kevin Nowakowski, Cody Bratt, Jake Newara, Parris Warner, Adam Sallot Top wrestlers returning: Matt Newara, Adam Pearson Assistant coach: Mike Benson Outlook: Chew says the Huskies are very young and will have to deal with heavy graduation…


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Weigh-in: North East and Conneaut

   November 23, 2012 12:00 pm    0

North East Coach (season/record): Dana Gorton (1st/0-0) 2011-12 overall record: 7-7 2011-12 region record: 1-7 Top wrestlers lost: Alex Svetz, Austin Phelps Top wrestlers returning: Jordan Bryan, Andrew Phelps, Tyler Stapp, Corey Voorhis Assistant coaches: Mark Hughes, Alex Svetz Outlook: Gorton takes over a program that will miss Phelps and Svetz, a regional runner-up who…


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Weigh-in: Fort LeBoeuf and Warren

   November 22, 2012 8:00 pm    0

Fort LeBoeuf Coach (season/record): Tim Simon (4th/52-13) 2011-12 overall record: 18-3 2011-12 region record: 8-0 Top wrestlers lost: Kody Pace, Brandon Puckly, Riley Smith, Craig Cihon Top wrestlers returning: Tyler Kuzma, Adam Borgia, George Mcguire, Brad Malinowski, Taylor Harrington, Taylor Fox, Jack Middleton, Evan Daley, Nate Conti Assistant coaches: Steve Waite, Scott Waite, Dan Baney,…


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Weigh-in: Corry and Eisenhower

   November 21, 2012 8:00 pm    0

Corry Coach (season/record): Greg Barnett (2nd/6-5) 2011-12 overall record: 6-5 2011-12 region record: 6-4 Top wrestlers lost: Levi Catalfu, Zac Morris, Cody Bailey Top wrestlers returning: Ryan Morris, Shane Taubert, Tim Suydan, Alex Suydan Assistant coaches: Jarred Johnson, Brandon Edwards Outlook: The Suydans and Taubert each won at least 15 matches last season and along…


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Weigh-in: Strong Vincent and Northwestern

   November 20, 2012 8:00 pm    0

Strong Vincent Coach (season/record): Dennis Clemente (12th/not submitted) 2011-12 overall record: 4-15 2011-12 region record: 1-10 Top wrestler lost: Maxx Swoger Top wrestlers returning: Jared Carlson, Dijon Deboe Assistant coaches: Scott Burbee, Andy Henry Outlook: The Colonels were senior-heavy last season and lost every starter from 152 pounds up, including Swoger, a District 10 runner-up…


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Weigh-in: General McLane and Grove City

   November 19, 2012 8:00 pm    0

General McLane Coach (season/record): Ryan Cook (9th/103-42) 2011-12 overall record: 15-3 2011-12 region record: 8-1 Top wrestler lost: Tim Wheeling, D.J. Myers. Top wrestlers returning: Joe Wheeling, Keller Watkins, Deane Twitchell, Ken Stoll, Parker McDermott, Tyler Hendricks, Cody Lentz, Alex Thayer, Chris Laird, Jake Baker, Nick Soboleski Assistant coaches: Hunter Harrison, Kevin Welsh, Curt Hendricks,…


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Weigh-in: Central Tech and Reynolds

   November 18, 2012 8:00 pm    0

Central Tech Coach (season/record): Kevin Pastewka (7th/28-72) 2011-12 overall record: 8-6 2011-12 region record: 4-6 Top wrestlers lost: Nick Karnes, Ernesto Laureano Top wrestlers returning: Andrew Welton, Santos Guerra, Paul Mancuso Assistant coach: Matt Wakefield Outlook: Welton was a regional runner-up who went 28-4 at 220 pounds last season. He’ll move up to 285 this…


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Weigh-in: McDowell and Cochranton

   November 17, 2012 8:00 pm    0

McDowell Coach (season/record): Shane McChesney (4th/40-9) 2011-12 overall record: 17-2 2011-12 region record: 10-0 Top wrestlers lost: Steve Spearman, Khlique Harris Top wrestlers returning: Paul Deitz, Benji Yates, Coleman Cousins, Nick Gibson, Noah Burkhart, Shawn Spearman, Cody Nolan, Tyree Spearman, Scott Augustine Assistant coach: Tom Lenox Outlook: McDowell enjoyed a historic season in 2011-12 with…


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