Company offers way to spread internet access, share the cost

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A shocking one-third of Americans don’t have broadband internet service at home.

GOOD Magazine reported that the cause of today’s digital divide is not lack of computers but the rising cost of internet service.

For that reason, Adam Black and his company KeyWiFi are looking to revolutionize the way people access internet service, reports GOOD.

Their idea: sharing is caring (and profitable).

“The way we look at the world is there’s lots of spare bandwidth out there, just like there’s lots of cars parked on the street and lots of spare rooms,” said Black to GOOD.

Here’s how KeyWiFi works:

Rarely do people use all of their internet bandwidth (or so Black says).

KeyWiFi allows users to share that bandwidth at a price of, say, $10 a month to users of their choice.

The result: everyone accesses the internet for less.

Those with plenty of bandwidth to spare can even turn a profit.

Heavy internet users, however, may find that multiple users slows the speed of the internet.

Black says his program offers realistic incentives for people to give (kind of) to those in need.

As the KeyWiFi’s mission states:

By making efficient use of community, underused infrastructure, and peer-to-peer technology, KeyWifi democratizes the internet, opening up thousands of high-bandwidth hotspots for low-income communities so that they, too, can participate in shaping the future.

KeyWiFi is relying on members of the community to step up and take the lead in spreading access to the internet.

KeyWiFi is vague on its website about a start date. There is a reference to March 15.

Will it be successful? My guess is that it will put the “sharing is caring” model to the test.

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  1. Catherine Cloutier says:

    A Twitter follower forwarded me to Fon, a similar service. Check it out at:

  2. Nina says:

    Usually a dare like this would be overlooked in my book, put off for a day that I have more time for eoulntevring and when I can find an organization and so on. But about an hour after I had looked at todays dare my mom came home fairly stressed out about her second job, complaining about how she doesn’t have the time to help her boss’s like they need, and how they don’t have the money to pay her either. The perfect opportunity was right in front of me to offer my services in any way I can. Now that I’m graduated and summer is here, I have plenty of time to be a volunteer at Northwest Christian Sports League and I’m really excited knowing that they desperately need the help. I love how quickly and perfectly everything fell together and can’t wait to get started!

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