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Posted: January 15th, 2013

Ask the trainer

Ali-StocktonI am originally from Corry, PA and moved to Erie following graduation from Mercyhurst University in 2011 with a Bachelors of Science in SportsMedicine. I then continued my education at the California University of Pennsylvania, earning my Masters of Science in Exercise Science. I became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and have been a personal trainer at Best Fitness for a year an a half now. Since then I have expanded into teaching group fitness classes. I have had a passion for the fitness industry my entire life and strive to help people become better in every way possible. I’m so excited for the opportunity GoErie.com has given me to help everyone I come in contact with to live a healthier lifestyle and help make Erie the healthiest city in America.

Submit your questions in the comments section below and I’ll respond as soon as I can.  Thanks!

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  1. peg says:

    doing P90X everyday and eating healthy will this help me lose weight

    • Ali Stockton says:

      P90X is designed for muscle confusion. The workouts are intense and not for everyone. Of course it will help you lose weight because your body will not be able to adapt to what is coming next. The biggest thing you need to work towards is consistency in the gym and changing your eating habits. You say you are eating healthy, but do you know what eating healthy really means? Six smaller, balanced meals per day, enough protein, monitored sodium and sugar levels.. Things like that will make a much longer lasting impression than a 90 day workout. But if P90X is motivating for you and you can keep yourself consistent with the program everyday I wish you the best of luck with your training!

  2. THarv says:

    I did it:)

  3. Sharon says:

    It would be a motivation for me to know how many started, and how many continue on after each weigh-in. Also, was the 204.6 lbs lost for all contestants or just those in the top 10 which are listed?

    • julie says:

      I was asking the questions thay you are. How many contestants are left? Also it it the largest amount of weight each week or to date? Also, what amount was lost by these top five?

      • Ali Stockton says:

        As of now we have only had approximately 20 people drop out of the contest. The amount of weight posted under the Top 10 will be additional, every other week when it is posted will be the grand total of weight lost throughout the contest. I do not have an exact calculation of what was lost by the top 5, but my advice to you would be to continue to work as hard as you can to reach your weight loss goal regardless of where other people are!

  4. to Ali, just was wondering where i fell into the weigh in category could you tell me thanks! and also if i am eating less than my calories and exercising doing zumba close to 5 days a week and doing threadmill and bike three times a week also doing Brian’s exercises that he showed me should i loose good amounts? Can you drink too much water? because i drink water all day and night i only drink water and cup of juice in the morning a glass of milk here and there mostly milk is in my cereal.

    • Ali Stockton says:

      If you are making healthy diet changes, including enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you will start to see results without any activity. Since you are adding activity, and a variety at that, you should continue to lose weight. My question to you is what will you do over the duration of the contest and even after that? Your body is smart, it will start to figure out your routine and plateau. This is when you will stop losing weight. Adding variety to your workouts and continuing to do resistance training is going to help you build muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat even when you are not exercising.
      There have been several different articles I have read about being “water drunk” if you take in too much water during the duration of a day. This is EXTREMELY hard to do unless you have a medical condition that causes you to retain large amounts of water. As long as you are excreting normally I would say no, you cannot drink too much water in a day.

  5. Also do you now what this week sunday class is??

  6. Gonna try to make it this week at 100 havent been able to attend but want to. I plan to work out even after the contest like i have been and i am gonna try to keep up the healthy eating also. Since i started the way in. I have tried to stay away from alot of breads, also my biggest down fall was putting salt on everything mostly that i ate no i am staying away from adding salt to anything. which i thought it would be hard for me but it really has not. thank you for all your information that you pass on it is very helpful and i try to get on just for that reason plus to put in my food and my workout putting in is not working don’t now how to do if u could write it down maybe that would help step by step.

  7. Also was wondering if there was a way that u could talk to the other contestants through the weigh in and if so how?

    • Ali Stockton says:

      Unfortunately there is no way for us to have contact between contestants, but you are more than welcome to talk to anyone at either the free class held every week at 1pm at class (members and non members are welcome!) or at the Weigh Ins every other Sunday.

  8. healthy girl says:

    i really like your blog.

  9. Anna says:

    I currently workout at Best Fitness and I love it there. But I have a couple questions to help me improve in this contest:

    1. I try and do at least 30 minutes on the bike or treadmill while at the gym. Typically 3 days a week. Is this good enough to help lose weight or do I need to do more and/or use weights?

    2. I know I need to burn more calories than I eat in order to lose weight, but how do I know what calories are ‘ok’ to eat and which ones are ‘empty calories’?

    Thank you so much, Ali!

  10. Mary Tatara says:

    How can it be that someone has lost 80% of their body weight in 4 weeks? (If I am stating this correctly). I spoke to a representative at Wegman’s health fair (I think they were nurses from UPMC/Hamot) and they said this is not healthy.???!!! Feedback appreciated!!

  11. Mary Tatara says:

    I am sorry 18.87% of bodyweight, if they weigh 400 lbs would be 80 pounds in 4 weeks!!! What???

    • Ali Stockton says:

      Typically, a healthy pace to lose weight is 1-2 lbs per week. A pound of fat is 3,500 calories, therefore a calorie deficit of 500-1000 calories a day, plus an exercise program specifically tailored to you is going to be your biggest benefit to losing the weight and being able to keep it off. Each workout, aim to burn at least 250-500 calories and make small adjustments to your diet choices, (taking out sodas, juices, eating more fruits and vegetables, staying away from fast foods). In a weight loss competition sometimes you will see faster pace of weight loss depending on how many times a day a person is exercising and how dramatically they have made diet changes.

  12. Cynthia Schwartz says:

    Was just wondering when we first started the weigh in they took before pictures on the last day will they be taking after pictures also and what do u do with these pictures and do we get these at the end of the contest? also the last weigh in will it be whenever from 9 to 5 or will it be at a certain time?

    • Ali Stockton says:

      I have been trying to find the right answers for you before I replied. You will be receiving an email shortly about details on the final weigh-in.

  13. Paige Wheeler says:

    When are you posting the final results for this contest?

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