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Posted: February 3rd, 2013

Healthy Party Decisions

Just because you are in a weight loss competition does not mean you can’t go out or stay in and have a good time watching the game today. Make sure you are making healthy decisions on what you are putting into your body. With holidays and special occasions, people tend to overeat, make bad decisions and skip meals to justify eating more when they are with family and friends. My biggest piece of advice for you is EAT BEFORE YOU GO OUT. This will prevent overeating and making bad decisions when you get there. Take a smaller plate and smaller servings of foods instead of piling your plate sky high. Stay away from dips and don’t add additional salt and seasonings to your foods.

Adding alcohol helps bring your intuition down and eating poorly becomes much easier. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, empty calories to your diet that your body doesn’t need. There is no nutritional value and it can be destructive to your new diet and lifestyle change. Its also a diuretic that causes you to become dehydrated and feel as though you need to continue to drink more. Alcohol is a depressant and has a tendency to hurt your confidence as well, especially the day after. It can alter sleep patterns and keep you from exercising the following day from being hungover, exhausted and sluggish.

To avoid weight gain and help yourself stay on track think about your goals. Drink plenty of water between drinks and eat a healthy meal before you go out to celebrate or to watch the game. Enjoy yourself but stay in control and stay motivated to keep improving and feeling better.

         Drink        Serving      Calories

Red wine                   5 oz.         100
White wine               5 oz.         100
Champagne              5 oz.         130
Light beer                 12 oz.        105
Regular beer            12 oz.        140
Dark beer                  12 oz.        170
Cosmopolitan           3 oz.         165
Martini                       3 oz.         205
Long Island tea        8 oz.         400
Gin & Tonic               8 oz.          175
Rum & Soda              8 oz.         180
Margarita                  8 oz.         200
Whiskey Sour           4 oz.         200


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  1. Jenny says:

    I think that this is something that a lot of people have questions on, so this is great knowledge to have!

  2. Anna says:

    This information was very helpful to me during my superbowl party. I even talked about it with my guests! I will definitely keep these ideas in mind during my everyday life. I have already started using smaller plates and can notice a big decrease in the food I am comsuming. Suprisingly I do not get hungry shortly after even though I am consuming less food! Great tip!

  3. Numbers Bel says:

    This is certainly a terrific write-up. Thanks a ton for spending some time to explain all of this out for folks. It is a great guide!

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