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Posted: February 7th, 2013

Our Apologies…

When the participants in Weigh-In Erie stepped on the scale Jan. 27 to measure their combined weight loss for the first time, we were proud to announce they’d shed 204.6 pounds in the first two weeks of the program. Turns out there’s reason to be much prouder; they actually lost a combined 1,248.4 pounds. An audit of the statistics has turned up five entrants whose combined 1,043-plus pounds at the start of the contest shouldn’t have been included in the initial computation. The error is ours, and we apologize for the confusion. The amazing weight loss belongs entirely to the contestants, who have apologies to make to no one.

The next weigh in is this Sunday February 10th at Best Fitness. We can only imagine what the number will jump to then!

7 Responses to “Our Apologies…”

  1. thats awesome hope i did well this week didn’t get to exercise as much as i would of like to was sick with broncitis,sinisitis,and a ear infection. went and exercise on saturday and i couldnt take it anymore i guess i will see what the results are on feb 10th.

  2. jean johnson says:

    I’m not sure how you came up with the top ten when we got weighed in they didn’t take our bmi 2 weeks ago I asked and she said we will take it in 3 months when the contest is over……I didn’t understand that…my boyfriend lost 15 lbs the first 2 weeks we will ask again tomorrow butI don’t understand how you came up with the top 10

    • Ali Stockton says:

      The top 10 was determined by the largest percentage of weight loss. Using BMI was a miscommunication and is not the way that the contest is being conducted.

  3. matt says:

    So, seeing that mistakes may have been made, can I get a Mulligan this weigh period, (what with all the Super Bowl parties and birthdays I attended) and just carry my weight from the first weigh-in to this weigh-in? Just wonderin’.

    • Ali Stockton says:

      Unfortunately no, we can’t ignore your weight changes from the first week until now. The reasons for the checkpoints are for us to check in on your progress but also make you aware of it as well! But the good news is that there is plenty of time left in the competition to really commit yourself and get back on track!

  4. Jemell says:

    Hey out of curiousity… how do i calculate those percentages?

    • Ali Stockton says:

      The percentages are calculated from the original weight minus the checkin weight, divided by the original weight. For example, if a person weighed in at 220 initially and 210 at the first check in their percentage would be (220-210)/220, for 4% of body weight lost.

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