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Posted: February 20th, 2013

The Benefits of Interval Training

Q: What is Interval Training?
A: Interval training is bursts of activity, switching back and forth between intense activity and light activity.

Q: What are the benefits of interval training to regular training?
A: There are several benefits to changing up your regular routine to incorporate interval training such as improving cardiovascular conditioning, burning more calories and keeping your workouts fun and exciting as well as continuing to burn calories even after you have finished working out. Interval training even helps to avoid injuries from repetitive overuse.

Q: How do I design an interval training program?
A: Consult a doctor, athletic trainer or personal trainer before starting any new program to ensure that you are doing it safely and properly. Increase intensity or duration, but not both at the same time. Start with short intervals, such as 30 seconds to start and start to continually build up your endurance. As with anything, start out slow and don’t overdo it! Getting injured and not being able to continue exercising isn’t worth it.


A basic interval for treadmill running:
5 min warmup jog
1 min run
30 sec sprint
Repeat run/sprint for 20 min
5 min cool down jog


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