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Posted: March 13th, 2013

Incentive to Lose Weight

This morning as I was catching up on emails before heading to work for the day I was listening to the Today show. There was a new hot topic “Dieting for Dollars,” a weight loss competition that you can receive money or owe money depending on if you lose the amount of weight you bet you can within a determined amount of time. A game of gambling for weight loss. But depending on where your weight is at the moment, aren’t you already taking a risk? Being overweight adds risk factors to your health everyday. Take this investment in your life to stay motivated and make a change in your life. Stick to it, you CAN do it. Nothing is impossible when you are determined and won’t take no for an answer.

This sparked a thought in my mind, what was your incentive to lose weight? Why did you join the gym? Is it for the same reasons it was when you started Weigh In Erie a few months ago? What I find with clients, and even other members in the gym, is that once they have established their routine they tend to get bored and lose interest, which is my job to keep them excited about exercise and making changes in their lives, but I have found it is much easier for some people rather than others. The importance of continually setting short term goals is to accomplish milestones on your way to reaching your long term goal. Keep your head down and keep pushing through. Although the competition is coming to a close within the next month, will you keep yourself moving and continuing to reach your weight loss goal and finally start looking and feeling better?

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  1. Mary McLaughlin says:

    I intend to continue. I am thankful for this competition coming at the time it did. I am already feeling better and it has been a nice incentive. I did not expect to win but it has been fun to check in every two weeks.

  2. Cynthia Schwartz says:

    Yes i will be coming and working out and eating healthy even after the weigh in because i am enjoying my workouts and my goal is to loose 100lbs and i don’t now when i will reach that goal but i have a start on it already i have lost 23 lbs in the weigh in contest and right now i am on the 5th out of top 10 trying to get to the number one spot. last week was at four i am gonna try to work harder than i am thank you very much for your motivation with all the postings that u do it is very helpful and some of the trainers as well even though i don’t have a trainer been doing the sunday classes and they are on me all the time which i think that motivates me even more again thank u Cynthia

    • Ali Stockton says:

      You’re welcome Cynthia! Even though you don’t have your own trainer doesn’t mean that we aren’t all there to help! If you ever have any questions please let us know (even after the contest) and we will be more than happy to help. I saw you yesterday, you definitely work hard and it shows! Great job on your weight loss so far and good luck in keeping up with your goal!

  3. Diane Himelein says:

    I definitely intend to continue beyond the contest. I don’t think I am even close to having a chance at winning.. I’m not in it to win (Though that would be nice!) I am in it to transform my body and start leading a healthier life style.

    • Ali Stockton says:

      Good for you! I’m glad to hear the contest inspired you and you have learned that this is not an overnight change. Losing weight, eating right and just being healthy is a lifestyle change. Great job. Keep with it!

  4. Was wondering if you are still having the weigh in class this sunday? Also for the last weigh in will it be the same from 9 to 5 or at a certain time??? and will you be having the weigh in class on the last day also?

    • Ali Stockton says:

      The class will be held this Saturday, March 30th at 1pm instead of on Sunday due to the holiday. The last weigh in will be from 2-4pm April 7th, and there will be a last chance class from 1-2pm on that Sunday as well.

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