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The Erie Times News, GoErie.com, and Best Fitness present to you "Weigh in Erie". This is a 12 week contest to see not only how much weight Erie can lose as a community, but at the same time, showcase the male and female that have lost the highest percentage of body weight. These individuals will be awarded with fabulous prizes!

Best Fitness will offer two free classes at their facility for all contestants every Sunday at 1pm! This will be a first come first serve basis so once the classes are full, they're full. (So we recommend coming a little early to reserve your spot!)

Posted: January 23rd, 2013

5 Easy Steps to Adjusting Your Diet

5 Easy Steps to Adjusting your Diet

1. Drink water, drink water, drink water. Cutting out sodas and juices with high sugar content will curb your craving for other bad sweets during the day. If it is the boring taste that is holding you back, add a fresh lemon, lime or an orange slice to your glass. Even a few squirts of Mio would be acceptable.

2. Eat on a regular schedule. Eating sporadically throughout the day or even skipping meals will make your body start to believe it is in starvation mode and begin to conserve all of the fats you take in instead of burning them off.

3. Snack during the day rather than eat 3 huge meals. Eating smaller meals and snacking in between will keep your metabolism up and burn more calories throughout the day. Waiting to eat lunch and dinner tends to cause overeating until feeling “stuffed.”

4. Just because it says “diet” doesn’t make it healthy. Artificial sweeteners added to diet sodas can disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake, therefore tricking it into feeling the need to eat more than necessary.

5. Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast will kick start your energy levels and boost your metabolism. People who skip breakfast tend to eat more at the following meal and tend to eat high calorie, high fat foods.

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