Finalists For The Toy Hall Of Fame Include Bingo, Lite-Brite, And Nerf.

Voting for the toys that should be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame this year began on Wednesday. Bingo, Breyer Horses, Catan, Lite-Brite, Nerf Toys, Masters of the Universe, piñata, Phase 10, Pound Puppies, Rack-O, Spirograph, and the top are the finalists for the class of 2022.


Top 12

“These 12 items represent the evolution of play. Bingo has been played for 100 years. The top is as ancient as civilization itself, according to Christopher Bensch, vice president for collections at The Strong Museum in Rochester, where the hall of fame is located.


Online voting is open to the public until September 21. A single “Player’s Choice” ballot will include the top three toys in the public voting. This ballot will be tallied with the others submitted by a national selection committee of academics, business professionals, and other experts.


On November 10, the inductees will be revealed.


All 12 of these toys are capable of competing for a spot in the class of 2022, according to Bensch.

Anyone can nominate a toy for the yearly award, but to be honored by the hall of fame, it must have become an icon, have endured for a long time, and promote learning or exploration. Additionally, they must have modified play or toy designs.


The National Toy Hall of Fame is a hall of fame in the United States that honors the contributions made by games and toys to their long-lasting popularity. Icon status (the toy is widely known, regarded, and remembered), longevity (more than a transitory trend); discovery (fosters learning, creativity, or discovery); and originality are among the requirements for induction (profoundly changed play or toy design). It was founded in 1998 under the guidance of Ed Sobey and held at A. C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village in Salem, Oregon, before being transferred to Rochester, New York’s Strong National Museum of Play, in 2002 after outgrowing its first location.


See The Frontrunners:


The lottery game that gave rise to American bingo was initially played in Italy around 1530. The game, known as lotto, was used as a teaching aid in France and Germany. A marketer created bingo after being modeled by the American carnival game beano from the 1920s. It has now become a popular adult game and a popular way to generate money for charities and churches. Bingo is played in many variations worldwide but is particularly well-liked in Mexico.

Breyer stallions

The Breyer Molding Company first unveiled Breyer Horses in 1951, which faithfully captured the spirit and charisma of living things. The hand-crafted, distinctive horses captured children’s imaginations, peaked collectors’ attention, and became prized heirlooms for equestrians. Even after more than 70 years, the brand remains popular.


The Settlers of Catan, now simply referred to as “Catan,” was first released in 1995 in Germany by Kosmos. This one is one of the first German-style board games to become very well-liked outside of Europe. It is a cooperative game in which players take on the role of settlers, and by spending resources acquired through trade and dice rolls, they create a settlement on an island. 


Children can make illuminating images using the 1966 invention Lite-Brite by using backlit plastic pegs on a black background, either by copying pre-made designs or by coming up with their own. 

Masters of the Universe

Maker Mattel credits the usage of comic books, television, and the big picture for the success of its Master of the Universe line of action figures, which features the recognizable He-Man and She-Ra. The 1983–1985 animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe developed a unified, fantastical world, allowing Mattel to add new characters and toys to the line. Mattel has branded everything from toothbrushes to sleeping bags throughout the years.

Nerf Toys

Nerf toys, which were first produced in the 1960s as foam balls safe enough to use indoors, have developed into a series of blasters that fire safe foam darts for outdoor entertainment that promotes activity, engagement with others, and strategic thinking.


A piñata is a paper mâché object that is raised high with rope and used as the focal point of a party game. It is filled with little toys, confetti, fruits, candies, or coins. Both kids and adults can participate in the game; while blindfolded, players swing a stick and attempt to crack open the piñata so guests can be showered with the candy inside. 

Phase 10

Black game creator and entrepreneur Ken Johnson released Phase 10 in 1982. The object of the card game, which was modeled after the game of rummy, was for players to gather various sets of cards to finish 10 phases before their rivals. The game gained popularity, giving rise to sequels, spin-offs, and a well-liked mobile app game. It is currently the world’s second most popular card game after Uno, which was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Pound Puppies

In 1984, Pound Puppies first appeared on the market. Parents were ecstatic to satisfy their children’s desire to care for a puppy without the obligations of an actual canine. Children were happy and adored their pets. Tonka introduced Pound Puppies to the US in 1985.


In 1956, the Milton Bradley Company released the card game Rack-O. Rack-O belongs to the pattern-building subgenre of card games. Players swap the numbered cards in their racks to read from lowest to highest throughout each round.


Spirograph combines play, art, arithmetic, and education for more than 50 years to produce distinctive patterns and pictures. Spirograph was initially intended to be a toy where “gears” would direct special pens into geometric designs, but it was much more.


The spinning top has been a favorite kid toy in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia since ancient times. Even grownups have enjoyed the toy form. More than 2,000 years ago, women were depicted playing with tops on ancient Greek pottery.


Previous Winners

In 1998, The Strong became the new home of the National Toy Hall of Fame. There have already been 77 toys added to the list, ranging from more commonplace items like the stick and cardboard box to more basic favorites like the paper airplane, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk.

The winners from the previous year were American Girl Dolls, Risk, and sand.

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