Former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan survives a plane crash.

Imran Khan, the former Pakistani prime minister, was aboard the plane when a technical issue forced it to make an emergency landing on Saturday. Imran Khan was on a particular plane headed to Gujranwala to speak at a rally on Saturday, according to Daily Pakistan, which cited a local tv channel report. According to the article, the plane’s pilot contacted the control tower and managed to land the aircraft without incident. It should be noted that after the emergency landing, Khan continued his journey to Gujranwala by road. Imran Khan was being transported to the rally on a particular aircraft. He then used the road to get to his final destination.

A technical glitch or terrible weather conditions?

Daily Pakistan reported, citing PTI leader Azhar Mashwani, that Khan’s plane returned to Islamabad shortly after take-off due to bad weather.

The PTI leader tweeted, “Reports of any technical fault in the aircraft are incorrect.” The chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has urged citizens and workers to gather on Saturday in various parts of the nation to show their support for him.

The Pakistan chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf addressed the establishment directly during his speech at the Gujranwala rally and threatened to hold it accountable if the nation and economy “plummet any further” under the current administration.

At the Jinnah Stadium, he declared, “I am addressing the people who have the power.”

“I have a question for the business, how the government is destroying the nation’s economy. Even though you describe yourself as neutral, this country will still hold you accountable for how the country is developing. They will hold you accountable because you had the opportunity to stop the nation from becoming enmeshed in this swamp, but you chose not to act,” he continued.

The incident occurred a few days before Imran Khan’s pre-arrest bail expiration in a terrorism-related case. Imran Khan and his supporters are currently involved in legal proceedings in which various charges, from sedition to terrorism, have been brought against them. According to a publishing website, Khan is accused of making threats against the Islamabad police chief and a female judge after he talked about how the police were torturing an assistant who was charged with sedition for allegedly inciting mutiny in the military.

Imran has been at his most aggressive despite being in a judicial bind at the time. The PTI leader warned earlier this week that he would become even more dangerous if he were imprisoned.

Imran Khan, former prime minister of Pakistan, warns, “I will be more dangerous if jailed.”

Imran Khan, the ex-prime minister of Pakistan, is approaching the current administration with increasing aggressivity and audacity. The leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) warned that if the authorities imprisoned him, he would become more dangerous, days after hinting that he might march on Islamabad.

Imran Khan claimed that the opposition had been attempting to imprison him for a long time before appearing for a court hearing. He vowed to become even more dangerous after being imprisoned. Khan continued by saying that the police had stationed a sizable contingent outside the Islamabad High Court because they were worried about who had committed the crime.

Though the former PM adopted a rather measured stance following the hearing where Imran was charged with contempt of court, he said: Each statement is made in its context. The International Monetary Fund published a report that claims that the nation is slipping backward daily. They can do what they want, but new elections are the only way to calm the situation down.

Imran reportedly made reference to the terrorism charge that led to his arrest. The allegations against Khan stem from remarks he made regarding police abuse of an aide charged with sedition for allegedly inciting mutiny in the military, which police claim constituted a threat to the Islamabad police chief and a female judge.

Imran Khan’s pre-arrest bail on terrorism charges stemming from a speech was extended by Pakistan’s anti-terrorism court last month for an additional two weeks, as was widely reported. But the mentioned immunity ended on Monday. Imran has previously used an incredibly aggressive strategy for his offense and defense. It’s expected that Imran Khan will order a march toward Islamabad once the floodwaters subside, according to an earlier statement by former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed last week.

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