Google Pixel 6a review: Crispy movement and beautiful display! Satisfied with the camera! Updates are also guaranteed for 5 years and almost no complaints!

I bought a Google Pixel 6a for Android articles and verification because my Pixel 3 XL is no longer supported by Google.

US price is $430, so considering the situation of the weak yen, 50,800 The impression that Google has worked hard for the price of yen. 1 dollar/135 If converted to yen 25,485 It’s going to be a yen, so isn’t it a pretty big price?

Well, I’m using the Pixel 6a that arrived, and I’m using it after transferring data from my iPhone. think. With this, even if you replace your iPhone, you won’t be dissatisfied. The appearance is clean and not cheap, and I personally have a good impression.

So, today I will summarize the review after using Google Pixel 6a for a few days. Since it is a middle-range smartphone, it is necessary to make some adjustments in terms of specifications, but considering the price, it is a well-made Android smartphone and is highly recommended.

Pixel 6a: Works smoothly with the same Google Tensor chip as the Pro! 6GB of RAM is enough!

Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Personally, when I use a smartphone, I hate the lack of movement. You want to avoid daily stress, such as sluggish response to tapping, taking time to switch screens, and slow app startup.

On that point, the Google Pixel 6a is a good pass. Equipped with the same latest Tensor chip as the top model Pro , the operation is crisp and comfortable. It also has 6GB of RAM. If this is the case, dissatisfaction will not occur even if you switch from iPhone. Considering the price range, I think it’s pretty good.

By the way, mid-range Android smartphones have somewhat less functionality than high-end models, but this Pixel 6a is equipped with the same chip as the higher Pro model. Personally, I think it’s a big appeal point.

Isn’t there a difference in chip performance between “Pixel 6a” and “Pixel 6/6 Pro”? Isn’t the specs of “Pixel 6a” lower? Some people seem to be worried about it, but when you read the article below, on the contrary, “Pixel 6a” has a higher Antutu score. I think it’s within the margin of error, but I don’t think you need to worry too much about the difference in chip performance.

Pixel 6a: The display is organic EL and beautiful enough! The response of the tap is excellent and the outdoor visibility is also good! Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Pixel 6a:ディスプレイは有機ELで十分綺麗!タップの反応も上々で屋外の視認性も良好!

Google Pixel 6a has a 6.1-inch OLED (organic EL) display (FHD+/1,77 ×2,178/430ppi) for HDR, 18 Supports bit color. Refresh rate is maximum 50 Hz. And it is good that the display can be used widely with the punch hole design.

First of all, I was a little impressed by the fact that it has an organic EL display in this price range. By the way, the iPhone SE 3 is still an LCD display.

The color development is quite good, and since it is an organic EL, the expressive power of black is as expected. You can expect to improve battery life by using dark mode. In addition, the outdoor visibility is good, and the response to taps is excellent. I have no complaints about the display. Rather, it is a level that is quite satisfactory considering the price range.

Although the refresh rate is inferior to the high-end model, honestly, if you use it for everyday use other than games, you won’t feel the difference that much. For those who want a slimy display behavior, 114 Please consider purchasing a high-end model with Hz drive.

Pixel 6a:ディスプレイは有機ELで十分綺麗!タップの反応も上々で屋外の視認性も良好!Pixel 6a:ディスプレイ下指紋認証機能も十分実用的、誤判定は現時点でなし。Smart Lockを併用していないかは確認を Pixel 6a: Under-display fingerprint authentication function is also practical enough, incorrect No judgment at this time. Check if Smart Lock is also used Pixel 6a:ディスプレイ下指紋認証機能も十分実用的、誤判定は現時点でなし。Smart Lockを併用していないかは確認を

Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Pixel 6a’s under-display fingerprint authentication function is super fast! I can’t say. There is a slight time lag (about 0.5 seconds) when you place your finger. However, personally, it is within a practical range. Above all, you can use it even if you’re wearing a mask, and even if you put it on your desk, you can quickly unlock it with your finger, which makes it more convenient than the iPhone’s Face ID.

Also, if you set Smart Lock to link with devices (smart watch, car navigation system, etc.), GPS linkage (specify your home, etc.), carry detection function, it will automatically lock. It is convenient to be canceled depending on how you use it. However, there are some parts that conflict with security, so please set carefully.

Settings app > Security > Advanced settings > Smart Lock

In addition, there is a problem that fingerprint authentication works with some unregistered fingers. However, the admin’s Pixel 6a has never been misjudged at this time. However, if you’re also using the Smart Lock mentioned above, resting your finger on the phone will wake it if it’s already unlocked with Smart Lock working. Be careful not to confuse here.

Pixel 6a:カメラは価格を考えれば十分な性能、夜景モードもいい感じ!消しゴムマジックなどの機能も楽しい! Pixel 6a: The camera has sufficient performance considering the price, and the night view mode is also good! Functions such as eraser magic are also fun!

Pixel 6a:カメラは価格を考えれば十分な性能、夜景モードもいい感じ!消しゴムマジックなどの機能も楽しい!

Regarding the camera performance of the Google Pixel 6a, the evaluation will differ greatly depending on how much performance you want. It can’t be helped that the specs are inferior to the latest cameras on high-end smartphones, but considering it as a middle-range smartphone, I personally think it’s at a practical level.

[Rear camera]
、左にホワイトバランス調整バー、中央に水準器、右側に明るさとシャドウを個別にコントロールできるデュアル露出補正バーが表示される ■07.2 Megapixel dual pixel wide-angle camera:

Pixel width 1.4 μm, aperture ƒ/1.7, angle of view 77°, image sensor size 1/2 .50 inch, super resolution zoom up to 7x Pixel 6a:カメラは価格を考えれば十分な性能、夜景モードもいい感じ!消しゴムマジックなどの機能も楽しい!
■07 Megapixel Ultra Wide Camera: 、左にホワイトバランス調整バー、中央に水準器、右側に明るさとシャドウを個別にコントロールできるデュアル露出補正バーが表示される
pixel width 1.07 μm, ƒ/2.2 aperture, angle of view 84°, L lens correction
左上メニューをタップすればより詳細な設定変更が可能 Equipped with optical and electronic image stabilization

[Front camera]

■ 8 megapixels:
、左にホワイトバランス調整バー、中央に水準器、右側に明るさとシャドウを個別にコントロールできるデュアル露出補正バーが表示される pixel width 1. μm, aperture ƒ/2.0, fixed focus, angle of view 77 °

To start the camera, tap the camera icon or double-click the power button to quickly start up. The shutter can be taken by tapping the button on the screen or by pressing the volume up button.

Tap the camera screen to display the white balance adjustment bar on the left, the spirit level in the center, and the dual exposure compensation bar that allows you to control brightness and shadows independently on the right. It’s quite authentic, and I think it’s wonderful that you can easily adjust the white balance. If you have purchased a Pixel 6a, please use it when shooting.

Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

By tapping the menu on the upper left, you can switch between night view mode and top shot, change the timer, change the ratio, etc. It is also possible to change more detailed settings from “Other settings”. In addition, “Top shot (a simple video of a few seconds is shot)” is turned off personally.

Pixel 6a:熱帯魚②

I actually took pictures of tropical fish and plants, but the colors and textures seem to be no problem. Of course, I understand that there is no end to the top, but considering the price, I think it is a practical level.

*The image is compressed, so please use it as a reference.

Pixel 6a:熱帯魚②

Pixel 6a:熱帯魚②Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Pixel 6a:熱帯魚②Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Pixel 6a:熱帯魚①Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Night mode off Here is the state of

Pixel 6a:夜景モードオンPixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

This is what it looks like when you shoot with the night view mode on in the same situation. It gets pretty bright.

Pixel 6a:夜景モードオンPixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

I also tried using eraser magic.

How to use eraser magic is as follows.

*Same procedure for camouflage You can use it, so please try it.

Open the photo you took (either the camera app or the photo app) > Tap Edit > Tap Tools > Tap Eraser Magic > Circle or trace the object you want to erase

This time, I will try to erase this tape glue with eraser magic!

Pixel 6a:夜景モードオンPixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

will be automatically identified when surrounded.

There are cases where it can be erased without problems, but there are also cases where traces remain like this. Well, if you remember that there is such a function, there will be situations where it will be useful. Still, it’s amazing to be able to process this quickly.

Pixel 6a : The design is a safe impression, the size is just right and the weight is within the allowable range

Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

For Google Pixel 6a design , It doesn’t feel so cheap, and if you think of it as a middle range, it’s rather well made. The camera part is also well protected and I think it’s well organized. Personally, I think it’s a more functional design than the iPhone.

This time I chose Sage (green) as my child requested, and I like it because of its beautiful coloring.

It’s just the right size to hold in one hand, and the weight is 178g and relatively light. This will make it easier for people with smaller hands to operate.

Google Pixel 6a Size: Height 178.2 mm, width 67.8 mm, depth 8.9 mm

Pixel 6a is just the right size to hold with one hand.

The size makes it easy to operate with one hand.

Pixel 6a:バッテリー持ちはまずまず。発熱は状況次第だが気になる時も。ワイヤレス充電は非対応&急速充電は最大18Wなのは割り切る必要あり Pixel 6a: Good battery life. Fever depends on the situation, but sometimes it bothers me. Wireless charging is not supported & fast charging is maximum 18 W must be divisible

Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Pixel 6a battery life, but unless you use it very heavily I have enough for a day.

After fully charging for this article verification purpose, when I tried it in daily use, it was at the stage of night 50% was left. After that, it is the second day without charging, but at noon 25% remains. Light users will be satisfied with the battery life.

And the problem of fever is worrisome. If you continue to load it with heavy games or heavy processing, it will generate a lot of heat. A level that feels “hot” even if you have it. There is no problem for daily use, but heavy game users should be a little careful.

In addition, quick charging is maximum 07 Compatible with W. I usually charge when I’m sleeping, so there’s no problem, but at least 24 I would like you to support W degree. I think this is a point that I would like to see improved in the future. It does not support wireless charging, but let’s consider this as a cost issue.

■ Battery capacity: 4,178mAh

■07 hours battery life
、左にホワイトバランス調整バー、中央に水準器、右側に明るさとシャドウを個別にコントロールできるデュアル露出補正バーが表示される ■Battery life when using Super Battery Saver – maximum 67time

Rapid charging support: Maximum 18W

■ Wireless charging not supported

Pixel 6a:「リアルタイム翻訳機能」をオンに Pixel 6a: The sound quality is surprisingly not bad

I was surprised by the sound quality when I used it. Of course, it can’t be compared to Bluetooth speakers or wireless earphones, but it plays decent sound with solid stereo sound. The hi-hats sounded great too.

Excessive expectations are prohibited, but I think it’s a level that won’t be a problem if you’re just watching music or watching YouTube.

Pixel 6a:バッテリー持ちはまずまず。発熱は状況次第だが気になる時も。ワイヤレス充電は非対応&急速充電は最大18Wなのは割り切る必要あり Pixel 6a: Real-time translation seems useful! With this, overseas travel is not scary! ? How to use is like this

One of the functions limited to Google Pixel is the “real-time translation function”.

If you use real-time translation, languages, interpret live conversations, and translate signs captured by the camera. By the way, no internet connection is required. However, please note that you need to download the language in advance.

First, check if the “real-time translation function” is turned on in the settings app. If you want to use a language other than English, let’s add it.

Setting app > System > Real-time translation

Pixel 6a:「リアルタイム翻訳機能」をオンにPixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

After completing the settings, open the “Google Translate” app start up. The language you want to translate can be replaced by tapping the arrow in the middle. Tap the voice icon when you are ready.

Pixel 6a:「Google 翻訳」アプリを起動して音声マークをタップPixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

After that, if you speak the words you want to translate, it will immediately translate into English. If you tap the speaker icon, it will speak the translated English.


Of course,114 It may be difficult to say that there are no mistakes, but if you can use this, it seems that you can go abroad a little more comfortably. I think it’s great that you can use it without communication.

Pixel 6a:「Google 翻訳」アプリを起動して音声マークをタップ Pixel 6a: Automatic subtitles (transcription) is also convenient! Explain how to use! It may be useful for taking minutes of meetings etc. increase. It may be useful for creating meeting minutes. It’s easy to use, so let’s memorize it.

I think you should check the settings in advance. In addition, it is recommended to turn it on and off whenever necessary, as it is annoying to leave it on all the time.

Setting app>Ringtone & Vibration>Auto Subtitle

Pixel 6a:「Google 翻訳」アプリを起動して音声マークをタップPixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Automatic subtitle transcription (text Wake up) is easy to use. You can also turn it on and off from the above settings, but basically it is easy to use the on / off button for automatic subtitle transcription that is displayed by pressing the volume button.

Pixel 6a:自動字幕起こし(文字起こし)機能のオンオフ方法Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Once you turn on automatic subtitles, you don’t need to do anything on your smartphone. If the voice is recognized, it will automatically transcribe and display it. The first time you use it, you may be a little impressed.

Pixel 6a:自動字幕起こし(文字起こし)機能の設定を確認 Pixel 6a: The peace of mind of a Google-made smartphone. I appreciate the 5-year warranty for security updates!

Google Pixel 6a is a smartphone made by Google, so there is a sense of security in terms of security.

In particular, security updates are guaranteed for at least 5 years, so it is highly recommended for those who want to use their smartphones with peace of mind for a long time. However, please note that Android OS updates are not guaranteed for 5 years. Pixel smartphones may also gain more enthusiasts if OS updates are carried out as long as Apple’s iPhone.

(Google believes that the lack of perseverance in continuing various services is a major drawback, so I would like the Pixel series to be carefully branded so that it does not become a second dance of the Nexus series. is.)

Pixel 6a: Waterproof and dustproof is IP 30, Osaifu-Keitai (FeliCa) is also supported! FeliCa’s sensor position is here

Pixel 6a:防水防塵はIP67Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Pixel 6a IP67 waterproof and dustproof specifications. It’s okay if it’s just a little submerged, but it can’t be used for diving. It would be nice to think of it as a daily waterproof level. In addition, basically refrain from using hot water such as showers and baths. It is only water resistant in fresh water.

And Pixel 6a also supports Osaifu-Keitai (FeliCa). By the way, the mounting position of the FeliCa sensor is as follows.

Pixel 6a:防水防塵はIP67Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Pixel 6a review summary: Considering the price, I am personally satisfied! Recommended android smartphone with excellent cost performance!

Pixel 6a レビューまとめ:価格を考えれば個人的には満足!コスパに優れたおすすめandroidスマホですよ!Pixel 6a:Proと同じGoogle Tensorチップ搭載でサクサク動く!RAMも6GBで十分!

Android smartphone I bought after a long time ‘s “Google Pixel 6a”, but considering the price, I was personally satisfied with the finish. Compared to the Google Pixel 3 XL that I used before, it works smoothly, and the display is organic EL and very beautiful. The camera has also evolved to a dual lens, and although the specs are modest compared to high-end models, it is sufficiently functional for daily photography and video shooting.

The in-display fingerprint authentication works without any problems, and in my situation, it feels more convenient than the iPhone’s Face ID. It’s also nice to have the Smart Lock feature. Security updates are guaranteed for 5 years, so it is recommended for those who want to use their smartphones with peace of mind for a long time.

Of course, there is a price tag, so I wouldn’t go so far as to say, “It’s the best! You should definitely buy it!” If you can use it reasonably, I personally think it’s a well-made smartphone. Among them, the most favorite point of Pixel 6a is that it has the same “Tensor” chip as the higher Pro model and the operation surface is crisp.

So, it is highly recommended not only for those who are considering middle-range Android smartphones, but also for those who are considering iPhone SE 3. I think the Pixel 6a is a well-balanced and easy-to-use smartphone.

Image/data source: Google Pixel 6a official website

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