How to display the iPhone app icon list & how to delete unnecessary apps from the list



iPhone has There are many useful apps, and I think that many people have installed more and more free apps and apps that are on sale.

If you keep unnecessary and unused apps installed on your iPhone , Not only does it waste the free space of your smartphone, but depending on the app, it may run in the background and waste the battery.

Therefore, delete unnecessary apps regularly. is recommended. Also, if you organize your apps before changing models, you can shorten the migration time when migrating data and secure free space after migration.

So today is

How to display a list of iPhone app icons and how to easily delete/uninstall apps from the icon list will be introduced, so please refer to it if you like.

    There are 3 ways to display the iPhone app icon list

There are three ways to display the iPhone app icon list. Try your favorite method.

      Check from [Settings > General > iPhone Storage] 設定アプリから一般をタップ

        Check from [App Library]
          【App Check from [Purchased] in Store

          • iPhoneストレージをタップ How to display the app list and delete the app from [Settings > General > iPhone Storage]: You can also check the data size of the app

              Individual If you want to display the list of iPhone apps and delete unnecessary apps that you do not use, it is recommended to check from [Settings > General > iPhone Storage].

The method of deleting the app is also easy, and above all, it is used by the app. You can also check the size of the data stored in the file at the same time, making it easier to secure free storage space. Please remember this method.

First, launch the [Settings] app on your iPhone and tap [General]. .


Next, tap [iPhone Storage].


As shown below, the apps installed on the iPhone are listed in order of storage capacity used. After that, tap unnecessary apps that you are not using.



A confirmation screen will be displayed again, so tap [Delete App] if there is no problem. Repeat this process to clean out unnecessary apps.


If you use [Remove App], the space corresponding to the size of the App will be released, but the data used by the App will be retained. Please use it when you want to keep the data of the application that you are not using now but may use in the future. Appライブラリの上部の検索窓をタップ How to display the application list from [App Library]