Pixel 6a Appearance Review: The design is neat and the camera part is well protected, and the glass on the back feels nice without being cheap!

Pixel 6a 外観レビュー:デザインすっきり&カメラ部分もうまく保護されており、背面はガラス採用でチープさもなくいい感じ!Pixel


The Google Pixel 6a I bought the other day is working smoothly, the display is beautiful with an organic EL, and the camera performance is good. It’s not bad, and the in-display fingerprint authentication function works well, and I personally like it. The actual feeling of use has already been reviewed Since it is already done, I will introduce a review of the appearance today. The design is straight and clean, and the camera part is well protected. The back is made of glass, so it doesn’t feel cheap, and considering the price, I think it’s pretty well made.

Please read it along with the review from the other day Please try it.

Google Pixel 6a appearance review

Pixel 6a:パンチホールデザイン採用

Pixel 6a:パンチホールデザイン採用

There are left and right speakers at the bottom, and a USB-C port in the middle. By the way, fast charging is maximum 18 W is supported.

Google Pixel 6a:下部

Google Pixel 6a:電源ボタンと音量ボタン

Google Pixel 6a:上部

The top looks like this.

Google Pixel 6a:上部

There is a SIM card slot on the left side. Although it supports nanoSIM, it does not support microSD.

Google Pixel 6a:SIMカードスロットあり

Google Pixel 6a:左側面

Google Pixel 6a:nanoSIMに対応

Then the back. Although it is a low-priced model, it uses Gorilla Glass 3, so it doesn’t feel cheap. Rather, the design is quite good for a smartphone in this price range.

Google Pixel 6a:Gorilla Glass 3を採用

I think the camera part is handled well. It is well protected, so you can feel safe.

Pixel 6a:片手での操作もしやすい丁度良い大きさ

The thickness is like this. It’s not uneven, so it’s nice that it’s stable even if you put the camera part down.

Pixel 6a:片手での操作もしやすい丁度良い大きさ

It feels like this when you hold it in your hand. It is easy to hold even with one hand.

Pixel 6a:片手での操作もしやすい丁度良い大きさ

Large enough for one-handed operation. I personally think it’s just the right size, not too heavy and not too big.

Pixel 6a:片手での操作もしやすい丁度良い大きさ

Pixel 6a available in Google store53,664 for sale in yen. Softbank and au also handle it, and various price reduction sales campaigns are also being held. If you are interested, please check it out. Personally, it’s not a high-spec smartphone If you’re looking for a middle-range smartphone, it’s a highly recommended Android smartphone.

Pixel 6a:片手での操作もしやすい丁度良い大きさ

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