Vegan condoms that fit perfectly are the new rage

Two millimeters thick and equipped with seams and loops: When a certain Charles Goodyear had a temperature- and tear-resistant rubber cover made for the first time in 1855, which went into series production 15 years later, it only had the remotest connection to what we are today Know and use¬†condoms .¬†As for the rubber comparison: Today’s standard condoms have a wall thickness of around 0.06 mm, extra-thin models even 0.025 mm – not to mention the processing and quality.

And yet: Goodyear’s hard rubber patents made of caoutchouc, which were later to play an even greater role in the auto industry, paved the way for the most widely used contraceptive in Germany after the pill.

First of all, the most important thing: A condom should be safe – and protect as well as possible against unwanted pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases or greatly reduce the risk in this regard.

However , the condom must also fit perfectly . The good news is you no longer have to settle for poorly made one size fits all. Because whether short and thick, long and thin, with or without curvature, large or small front – there is now the right model for everyone. Many manufacturers also rely on sustainable, vegan and extra thin . A lot has also happened in the Billy Boy business.

We present the best alternatives to the 0815 condoms from the drugstore and explain what you should look for in a condom.

The fair keeper (there are certainly worse puns) from Projekt Sexmuseum are available in three material strengths (nature lover, summiteer and strong as a bear). Made in Germany, these premium condoms are not only made from 100 percent fair trade latex , they are also vegan and individually electronically tested . That’s really fair!

Hands down, we would only choose these condoms based on their appearance. Designed by artists like Oliver Rath, the bright chip bags from Einhorn from Berlin do not have crackers inside, but instead have vegan rubber made from natural rubber latex – making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

And: No animal testing and animal ingredients – we think it’s fantastic! The wider cut in the upper area also provides more opportunities for creative play . Uniquely designed condoms that raise the bar with wit, charm and modern standards. #makemagicappen

In the meantime, the skinny discipline is down to 0.02 millimeters, i.e. really wafer-thin. Nevertheless: The tightrope walk between feeling and safety is getting narrower and narrower – the balancing act has to be mastered first. We came across the ultra-thin hex condoms from Lelo :

The condoms are like the flawless white, breathable summer sneaker , which is extremely delicate at 0.045 mm , but remains extremely tear-resistant and non-slip . Thanks to the innovative honeycomb structure , the lightly moistened high-end condoms have an excellent fit that nestles perfectly like an invisible, second skin.

The manufacturers of My.Size , among others, have tackled one of the biggest problems of common standard products from the supermarket . Since, to the disappointment of some, it is not the length that counts, but the skills and above all the breadth, the brand provides a remedy in this area.

Of course, the condom should not only be half pulled on, but there are all too often problems with the fit, especially with the circumference. The width of the My.Size condoms can be individually selected between 47 and 69 millimeters . Hopefully everyone will find the right size. You can easily determine this with the tape measure – or with the in-house app from My.Size.

Material, fit, wall thickness: you should pay attention to this with a condom

Material: Most models are made of natural rubber , i.e. latex . However, since animal softeners such as casein are often used for the production of the rubbery substance , which in turn is indirectly related to animal testing, i.e. animal cruelty, the trend is clearly towards vegan condoms . So if it’s latex, then please fair trade natural rubber , which was obtained under ecological and sustainable production conditions. If you use a lubricant in addition to the condom , check beforehand whether it is compatible with the condom – some gels attack the material and make the condom unsafe.

Fit: When choosing the right condom, its size is fundamental, i.e. above all the diameter (standard 56 mm). Since only the length is standardized for many models, you should measure the circumference of your best piece and then choose the right model. There are also versions that offer more space at the front, for example.

Wall thickness: The thinner the condom, the more you can feel, of course. However, the higher the risk of tearing. It is therefore essential to pay attention to reputable manufacturers with high-quality products. In some cases, however, a thicker wall with greater tear resistance is desired, for example in the case of anal intercourse – or oversensitive men.

Special features: There is a lot of variety here. There are variants with a taste and/or smell, nubs or rings, lube or anesthetic (benzocaine-containing gel) in the tip, even condoms with a luminescent color bring (the) illumination into the bedroom. Have fun, whatever it takes!

Allergy: If you suffer from a latex allergy, you can switch to latex-free condoms . These are mostly made of plastics such as polyurethane or polyisoprene , which are also safe and guarantee good transmission of feelings.

Attention: The combination of condom and lubricating gel can cause complications on the skin due to certain ingredients – therefore always refer to the specific product description on the packaging.

Shelf life: That’s right, condoms also have an expiry date . This must also be observed. If the use-by date on the case has passed, the condom loses its protective effect . It is therefore better to dispose of expired condoms and replace them with new ones.

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