Why is the Internet Dissing Game’s Diss Song?

Rapper Eminem is again under the headlines after another American rapper, The Game, launched his new album Drillmatic: Hardt vs. Mind, revealing a diss track of 10 mins wholly dedicated to Eminem, called The Black Slim Shady. Similar to his 2005 14-minute diss track “300 Bars and Runnin’,” The Game aims to get under Eminem’s skin by mimicking the Detroit rapper’s flows and delivering a plethora of pointed bars throughout the 10-minute tune. In verses three and four, Game escalates his disdain.

The Feud Between the Rappers

In 2005, The Game rose to prominence after the launch of his debut album, The Documentary, which was executive produced by his then-close friend Dr. Dre. Eminem has been a strong booster of The Game’s career, even appearing on the song We Ain’t, giving listeners the notion that he endorses the latter’s ascent to popularity. There seemed to have been a rift between the two over the years. The Game declared that he would never criticize Eminem since he thought he was one of the finest rappers in Hip-Hop during an interview with Sway Calloway of MTV News in 2021. So, what exactly went awry between the two?

Fans speculate that the feud began after The Game stated in a Drink Champs interview in February 2022 that he had not been asked to join his mentor Dr. Dre for the Super Bowl Halftime Show earlier that month. Dre instead brought 50 Cent as the featured guest. And while The Game was slightly disappointed that he was not invited to the one-time reunion, he also had an issue with Eminem emerging out of the Compton courthouse during his performance.

The Internet Mad at The Game

The Game attacks Eminem throughout the whole 10-minute track. He criticizes the career of the rapper of the Rap God and challenges his relevance. The Compton rapper also asserts that he prefers 6ix9ine. He raps, “I never heard you at the club / I never heard you in the bar / I’d rather listen to Snitch 9 like 69 times……than listen to you / You’re a Karen, call the cops.” He even describes Sean Don as the most famous rapper in Detroit. But that was not the end to it, The Game also dragged Eminem’s daughter into his track, which the internet was not at all happy about. He goes on in his verses, “Dear Slim, Hailie’s with me, and she’s unharmed for now (Dad, I’m really scared).” Furthermore, he discusses Eminem’s rumored fast connection with Mariah Carey.

The Game seems to be baiting Eminem to answer with the bars in the outro verse, “Mr. Shady, don’t be Shady/Pick that pen up, don’t be lazy/Call up Dre and get that Dre beat/Jump off stage if shit gets crazy.” The Game has been insinuating for months, seemingly without provocation, that he wants to take down Eminem. Fans criticize the Game for annoyingly pursuing Eminem, even though the latter has not yet done anything. It is unclear why Game is attacking Eminem’s helmet with such fervor, other than bravado. Several years back, he expressed nothing but appreciation and affection for Slim Shady.

Throughout 2022, The Game, alias Jayceon Terrell Taylor, waged a solitary conflict with Eminem, asserting that he is a superior rapper. Earlier this year, he challenged the real Slim Shady star to a Versuz duel. Fans are currently awaiting Eminem’s response to The Game’s diss track, despite the rapper never responding to The Game’s verbal assaults.

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