Windows 10/11: After applying the optional patch in June, an XPS file containing non-English languages ​​such as Japanese cannot be opened.

Windows 10/11:6月のオプションパッチ適用後、日本語などの非英語言語を含むXPSファイルが開けない不具合が発生Microsoft Tips


Microsoft August 8 Date, 1803 June optional patch (commonly known as C patch) and later updates applied Windows 06/10 environment, Japanese and Chinese characters We have clarified that an XPS (XML Paper Specification)/OXPS (Open XML Paper Specification) format document that contains non-English languages ​​including encoding cannot be opened with the “XPS Viewer”. When this issue occurs, the “XPS Viewer” may display a “This page cannot be displayed” error, become unresponsive, experience high CPU usage, or continue to increase memory usage. case.

However, “XPS Viewer” is Windows 10, version1803 is no longer installed by default, so it will have to be installed manually and won’t affect many users, Microsoft said. says.

XPS with non-English characters Sometimes the document cannot be opened

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